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Freediving, Yoga and Desert Adventure in Dahab, Egypt

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Free-diving, Yoga and a breeze of Adventure! This unique original Dahab experience retreat with professional free-diving coaches, lets you learn a new skill to relax and dive deep into yourself, the sea and the desert. Train with the deepest Swiss free-diver and profit from her 9 Years of intense training and 5 Years of coaching knowledge.

With a wish to combine embodied practices like yoga and meditation, with the athletic sport of free-diving, founder Julia, has created fascinating retreats that combine both yoga, free-diving and a breeze of adventure, giving clients the optimal environment to develop as a free-diver as well as on a personal level. Her goal is to send people home with a bigger sense of balance in life, tools to relax and come back to ones true self throughout their daily life and a sense of connectedness with their surroundings.

Julia's strength lies in the exact observation on where ones leaks might be, where ones relaxation is lacking, and how to ultimately create space to widen ones own comfort zone.

Client's will learn how to build more confidence and to program their minds into guiding their body into deeper depths. Technical advice is provided on finning, free falling and equalisation, when needed. Sessions take between 2-3 hours in total with dry sessions sometimes taking less.

This unique experience entails living in a beautiful Charming Villa in the Heart of Dahab, which is right on the beach. Client's can expect to get up in the mornings with some yoga and a light breakfast before heading off to dive - in the Blue Hole or in the local bay (visibility and conditions are at a world class level here, which is why Dahab is known as the Mecca of free-diving).

After diving, client's will lunch together and have time to relax before an evening of free-diving.

Guided by Julia's Bedouin Hosts, client's get to explore the breathtaking, wild and vast landscapes of the Sinai desert, sleeping under the stars and getting spoiled with Bedouin food around the camp fire. Framing the days with Yoga and Meditation, client's can expect to form a community of support and growth. Each host is a professional free-diving coach with many years of experience, both as athletes and teachers, Dahabians and world traveler's, who are more than ready to share their wisdom.

Community is vital in free-diving, and this retreat not only forms its own community, but also provides insight into the local free-diving community.

How to - in Dahab


There are a lot of accommodation possibilities in Dahab. From beachfront chic to spartanic Beduin huts, there is something for every taste and budget. Client's need to keep in mind that they're in a small and remote desert town, where standards of service are not the same as in Europe, for example. It is therefore not a place for perfectionists. If you're someone that is happy to relax and take things as they come, you will find the locals to be super hospitable and friendly, where they want to ensure you have a great stay.

The Sybarite is able to find the most suitable accommodation for you.


From Sharm el Sheik Airport (SSH) it is a one hour Taxi Ride to Dahab. The Sybarite is happy to organise your transfer for you.

Getting around

Dahab is a relatively small place. It's also completely flat, therefore the usual way to go around is by bicycle. For longer distances a taxi us advised. Here, you have to wave at them on the road and for a small fee they will bring you to your place of choice.


Hygienic standards are different in Dahab than in Europe. However in the last few years, there has been a sudden influx of new 'fancy' restaurants, below are the recommended ones:

Red Cat - Russian owned with Russian and international cuisine. Located right in the heart of Lighthouse Place.

​Lemongrass - Thai cuisine, recently opened in 2022, serving some spicy curries and an amazing Pad Thai. Located in Lighthouse Area next to the butcher and Marine Garden.

Zanooba Slowcooking - Egyptian slow cooking cuisine where the duck is to die for. As it is slow cooking, guests need to reserve their table by 1pm on the same day.

Price available on enquiry

More information available upon request. Minimum duration may apply.
Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

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