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The Light Salon, London's leading skin expert, known for offering distinctive, results-driven LED treatments, is adding Full Body and Head-To-Toe LED light treatments to their extensive offering.

From Royalty, supermodels, actresses, TV presenters, Radio DJs, and beauty industry insiders to acne-suffering teens, and burned-out busy mothers...

The Light Salon has prided itself on making LED accessible to all and firmly putting it on the map.

Now, with the launch of two more treatments, those who have enjoyed achieving super skin in half the time can bask under the glow of near-infrared LED light to pause, repair and reset the entire body.

LED light therapy can help provide the perfect foundation for great everyday skin when used as part of an intelligent skincare regime. A full-body LED treatment can help balance the body and supply equilibrium. In addition, it also benefits the circulatory system and nearly every tissue and organ through reactions triggered by correct wavelengths of light.

When creating The Light Salon full-body and top-to-toe treatments, Co-Founder Laura Ferguson said, 'We wanted to differentiate ourselves from the full-body beds, considering the treatment experience and results. Combining nurturing touch with the incredible benefits of light, we've succeeded in creating a full body cellular workout and all- encompassing well-being treatment'.

Your treatment 

Your LED light treatment starts with your therapist treating the back area by applying a layer of moisture-boosting hyaluronic acid serum on the entire body length. They'll then work with the unique infra-LED light, targeting the base of the neck, spine and the back of your knees. The treatment sends a response signal to the hindbrain, which helps control our sensory neurons and helps ease aches and pains. 

Laura adds: 'targeting the dorsal entry zone (base of the spine) will trigger a cascade of activity that travels systemically up through the spine to the brain and around the body, treating all areas and both nervous systems (peripheral and central). The nervous systems are in charge of voluntary and involuntary actions within the body, such as breathing, blood flow and experiencing pain or an ache. Supporting these systems will help manage pain and general repair and relaxation of the body.

Once the back has been treated, the client turns for the Top-to-Toe, the face is cleansed while the light is on the feet, hands and face. Using the lights in the front of the body will boost the immune and lymphatic system, stimulate blood flow, carry nutrients and oxygen around the body, further support the nervous system and encourage repair – all whilst the light's warmth allows the mind to switch off.

While the treatment is not a sleep aid, it does good things to enable your body to go through the correct process to get into a natural rhythm. Photoactivation of a cell will boost the production of nitric oxide* throughout the body, release feel-good endorphins and reduce cortisol, triggering a positive feeling in the body and offering a better sense of well-being.

The treatment's final element involves applying hyaluronic acid and light to the décolletage, tummy and legs, during which your head, face, and shoulders are massaged, completing a luxury and uplifting experience, resetting the body and mind.

Both treatments take place in a private treatment room. Co-founder Hannah Measures says: 'We are delighted to expand our menu with these two additional treatments.

Clients have asked for it, and we have wanted it for ourselves and are very proud of the unique offering. Those who experience the treatment have shared with us they come out of the treatment room feeling like they are floating in the air from a sense of well-being and feel stronger.

Benefits of the Head-To-Toe and Full Body Signature Treatments:

• A top-to-toe well-being treatment that resets the mind and body

• Lowers blood pressure and slows brain movement

• Improves our body systems, muscle repair, aches and pains

• Supports and regains bone density whilst repairing tissue - great before and after surgery

• Wonderful holiday pre and post-treatment – will release antioxidants to fight free radical damage and repair the cells from within

• Contributes to better skin tone and texture

• Stimulates lymphatic drainage, removing unwanted toxins and therefore improves the appearance of cellulite

• Heals and improves the appearance of fresh scars, and stretch marks

• Great for mothers post-birth as it will help repair and strengthen tissue and minimise fresh stretch marks

• Calms, corrects and strengthens compromised skin, supporting conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis

• Assists napping, which helps reset the mind (a 20min nap is ideal for enhancing motor skills and attention)

• Helps the body adjust to time zones quicker, reducing jet lag

• Detoxifying, so great for someone who has been on antibiotics or burning the candle at both ends

• Perfect for after sports/running a marathon. LED is used by elite sports people for recovery

Price available on enquiry

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