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Wellness in a Costa Rican rainforest

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A land of simmering volcanoes, tropical rainforest and sandy, palm-fringed beaches, Costa Rica is the perfect playground for couples seeking a mix of adventure and total relaxation.

Arriving in San José you will be greeted by your host who will transfer you to your private charter flight to Puerto Jimenez, and the gateway to the marvellous Osa Peninsula. From here, trade the sky for the water as you set out into the Golfo Dulce on a traditional boat to reach your luxury eco-lodge, secluded amongst the jungle. One of the most remote, biologically intense places on Earth, you will delve into this astounding ecosystem. Hike through the luscious jungle, thriving with exotic flora and rare wildlife and take a romantic, secluded swim beneath a waterfall that cascades into a vibrant jade rock pool.

Head to the South Pacific waters to get involved in exclusive marine conservation efforts. Accompanied by marine biologists and scientists, come face to face with mysterious hammerhead sharks and grab the unique opportunity to tag a young shark, before returning it to the ocean. As the sun sets, prepare to witness an extraordinary natural phenomena as the micro-organisms of Golfo Duce alight with your motion, making the waters glow with ethereal beauty.

Swim with your partner in the bio-luminescent water as it shimmers around you reflecting the star-filled sky. Home to a thriving population of pelagic life, the waters surrounding the Osa Peninsula offer some of the best marine encounters in the world. Dive below the surface to witness various shark species, manta rays, turtles and schools of large exotic fish residing amongst the coral reefs. Back on the boat you will cruise the ocean searching for pods of acrobatic spinner dolphins that play in the waters.

Fly north into the Guancaste Volcanic Mountain Range, where the country’s topography changes from dense jungle to soaring mountains and immense volcanoes. Landing in the heart of the rainforest, jump into your awaiting raft to embark on a thrilling white water rafting experience. Pause to swim in secluded waters and delight in a private, romantic riverside picnic in utmost privacy, with the sound of chattering monkeys as your soundtrack.

Take to the skies and soar over some of Costa Rica’s impressive volcanoes, hovering above as the smoke rises from their simmering craters. Landing alongside a volcano, hike into the unique cloud forest ecosystem, and swim in the fresh water pools and waterfalls. Explore the stunning Tenorio National Park on foot alongside an expert guide. Keep an eye out for the elusive mammals hiding within this verdant jungle.

Your honeymoon adventure ends on the Gulf of Papagayo. From a private yacht, spend the day cruising the waters as you search for dolphins and whales amidst the tranquil environment. Stop in intimate and secluded coves and enjoy a romantic picnic in the complete privacy of sandy shores that can only be reached by boat. Dive below the surface and explore the underwater world, or undertake an afternoon full of exhilarating watersports. As a world-class surfing destination, no trip to Costa Rica would be complete without learning the art of this famed sport. You and your partner can hone your surfing skills with a private instructor, before heading into some of the world’s most iconic wave breaks. Your final days will be filled with beach relaxation, explorative walks, and ocean swimming as you sink into the blissful romance of Costa Rica’s stunning coast.

The ideal itinerary is suitable for 10 days with April to December being the best times to experience this.

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