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The Louvre to Yourself

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Ever wanted to have the Louvre all to yourself without hoards of tourists getting in the way of your visit?

This is an absolute exclusive tour with an expert Guide, namely one of the long time Louvre exhibitions’ curators director.

This rare experience lets you see the Louvre after-hours. View the world’s most famous masterpieces as if they’re hung up and waiting just for you. Enjoy them for as long as you like with no crowds jostling you, no one in the way of your photos, and never being moved along if you spend too long looking. Take advantage of this exceptional experience; seeing the Louvre completely privately after the doors are closed to the public.

Expect to enter the museum through the Pyramid, an entrance typically closed to the public, and discover the world’s most famous gallery. This private visit will give you exclusive access to some of the 350,000 pieces of art currently residing at the Louvre. Be shown around by one of their most senior curators.

You will also gain access to exclusive areas, discovering what goes on behind the scenes with the museum itself and the people who keep it running. Finally, take a private tour to theexhibition rooms with your curator guide to uncover the masterpieces of acclaimed artists such as Da Vinci or Delacroix and end your visit by leaving via the exit reserved for the private use of the directors of the Louvre.

Visit the public and non accessible to the public quarters and enjoy the world renown masterpieces of the Louvre. Browse among collections of different galleries sections while being explained the logistics of such a museum. Find out about the preparation of an exhibition, the maestros featured in classic and contemporary exhibitions. Discover in and around and beneath the glass Pyramid, the underground Louvre city, its tunnels allowing the path for a daily subterranean life. Includes an overall view of the museum taking short cuts & access to secret passages.

This experience is available for up to 6 persons*

Price available on enquiry

More information available upon request. Minimum duration may apply.
Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

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