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The ultimate Easter travel inspiration

Experience Easter – the ultimate travel inspiration luxury outdoor pool relax.

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Travel restrictions are finally easing, giving us ample time to make travel plans this Easter weekend and experience more blue skies rather than holiday blues.

And although many of us aren't anticipating the idea of travelling just yet, The Sybarite have carefully collated all of the world's most luxury, Easter travel locations, offering a sweet escape. 

From oysters in Dazzling Dubrovnik, to Easter-egg hunting in the depths of paradise, Maldives.  See where our luxury, handpicked experiences take you this Easter.

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More Africa

Akwaaba akoko africa food crab restaurant. Akwaaba-akoko-africa-restaurant-dining-table. Flag of United_kingdom

Review of Akwaaba Akoko – welcoming a true taste of West Africa in...

Ikoyi’s West African influences warmed our hearts, but we were yet to find a restaurant that fully celebrated all of the amazing ingredients, spices and simple joy that West African cuisine brings. With strong ties to Ghana, we have high expectations, and although we understand that these are hard to meet off the continent, the search never truly stopped. Enter, Akoko. Akoko offers West African cuisine, reimagined. Located on Berners Street in Fitzrovia, the open kitchen welcomes you in with a buzzing kitchen staff and the delicious smells transport you straight to the bustling streets of Accra/ Lagos. Opened by British Nigerian Aji Akokomi last year (a year later than planned, thanks to Covid), Akoko has gone from strength to strength. Opening initially with Masterchef’s William Chilila, world renowned chef Theo Clench joined the Akoko family permanently as head chef this summer. Akokomi’s aim was to merge art and food, and the restaurant is an exemplary example of how the two mediums can work so well together. With artists from all over the continent, including Niyi Olagunju and Rahman Akar, the earthy wooden tones, yet contemporary setting, creates the perfect backdrop for the delicious bite-size food flying around the restaurant.

The Sybarite Speaks with Angolan Artist Cristiano Mangovo. Cristiano Mangovo sitting on a chair. Flag of France

The Sybarite Speaks with Angolan Artist Cristiano Mangovo

The Sybarite interviewed Cristiano Mangovo on his first solo show in France, Humano e a Natureza at AFIKARIS Gallery. Cristiano shares his experience as an artist, how art has helped him throughout his life and his long term goals.

Ghana art. Ada   contemporary art gallery 1655480018. Flag of Ghana

Featuring ADA \ contemporary art gallery present a solo exhibition...

After the successful inaugural opening of the gallery and sold out exhibition, titled Gindin Mangoro: Under the Mango Tree, by portrait artist Collins Obijiaku, ADA \ contemporary art gallery presents its next show, The Politics of Shared Spaces, the debut solo presentation by Nigerian artist Eniwaye Oluwaseyi (b. 1994).

Cameroonian Artist Jean David Nkot art. Cameroonian Artist Jean David Nkot artwork. Flag of United_states

The Sybarite Speaks with Cameroonian Artist Jean David Nkot

Jean David Nkot is the Cameroonian artist and creative mind behind the success of The New Hercules, his latest series and new exhibition at AFIKARIS Gallery in Miami Beach. The Sybarite spoke with Jean David about what made him become an artist, his current work and what success means to him.

Ajarb-atwega-bernard-a-family-something-feature. Gallery. Flag of Central_african_republic

Featuring What to look out for at 1–54 art fair 2021

Back with a bang this year, keep your eyes for the below galleries and the exceptional artists they are highlighting this year.

Visit-matera-with-this-exclusive-sybarite-experience,-in-partnership-with-il-palazzotto-residences-and-winery. James-bond-location-turkey. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring James Bond’s favourite spots; and now they can be yours too

Since creating the character in 1953, Ian Fleming has taken us round the world through an array of adventures, car chases, romances and incredible locations. For the last 15 years Daniel Craig has been the embodiment of the British secret service agent and although he wasn’t the first, nor the last, his departure is the perfect time to reflect on a film franchise - and more importantly, filming locations - that have had audiences captivated since 1962. Want to live like James Bond? Let us show you exactly where to go.

Artist-Ajarb-Bernard-Ategwa-Gallery. Artist-Ajarb-Bernard-Ategwa-Artwork-a-family-something-Gallery. Flag of France

The Sybarite speaks to Cameroonian artist Ajarb Bernard...

The Sybarite  interviewed Ajarb Bernard Ategwa on his new show Kwata Saloon at AFIKARIS Gallery. Exhibition will run until September 28th  in Paris. Tell our readers a bit about yourself I am Ajarb Bernard Ategwa, a self-taught artist. I am inspired by daily life scenes and I seek to transcribe the bustle of Douala and the richness of the Cameroonian culture. My work is inspired by scenes from everyday life. As an artist, I feel that I have a duty to mark my time. It is therefore important to me that my paintings project what I experience in my time. Also, if my painting lasts for 200 years, people who see it at that time will be able to project themselves back 200 years ago and understand a past era. I find this interesting, because I am not sure that the scenes we see today will be the same in two centuries. Painting scenes from everyday life is therefore a way for me to mark my time and, I hope, future eras.

Ajarb-bernard-ategwa/Douala. Fredric Snitzer Gallery Ajarb Bernard Ategwa. Flag of France

Afikaris gallery / Kwata saloon by artist Ajarb Bernard...

Kwata Saloon, presented from August 28—September 28, 2021, pays tribute to the ephemeral hair salons popping up each year in Cameroon between November and December, and from which Atwega's new body of work draws its inspiration. August 2, 2021 (Paris, France) – After having brought visitors to the mines of the Democratic Republic of the Congo with Cameroonian painter Jean David Nkot’s [email protected] (May 29—July 7, 2021) and reflected on power by confronting the gazes of John Madu and Ousmane Niang (Figures of Power, July 10—August 24, 2021), AFIKARIS Gallery turns to the site of a cultural and social practice that binds generations and genders alike: hair salons. Kwata Saloon unveils a new body of work by Ajarb Bernard Atwega (b. 1988, Kumba, Cameroon), focusing on hairstyling as a source of social connection. On view from August 28—September 28, 2021, the gallery transforms into an immersive beauty parlor as the large, acidic canvases and smaller portraits that populate its walls – echoing the posters traditionally displayed in salons and the headshots shared on social networks – project scenes of togetherness, conviviality, and cultural bonding.

James-barnor-accra-london-retrospective-serpentine-gallery. James-Barnor-Accra-London-retrospective-Serpentine-Gallery-3. Flag of United_kingdom

Review of James Barnor: Accra/ London, a retrospective at...

The exhibition, named Accra/ London, a retrospective, shows the ease and warmth of Barnor’s photography in drawing together the era of Ghana’s pre to post colonial independence, and the Black British culture that was booming in swinging London in the 60s.  His work, perhaps not as well known in his active years, shows the images he captured in both Accra and London from the 1950s to 1980s. The retrospective begins in Accra in the 1950s, where Barnor set up the Ever Young Studio, a photography studio known for its impeccable retouching skills. Barnor referred to Ever Young as a sort of ‘community center’, drawing in people from all walks of life.  And from the get-go it is clear Barnor is a master at capturing the joy in near independence Ghana, and the ease of the highlife era in Ghana. If you have ever visited Ghana or spent a significant amount of time there, you will know Ghanaians to be abundantly friendly and incredibly welcoming people, and this sentiment is felt through all of Barnor’s photography.

Gallery1957 could you be loved eric tawiah david borlabi artwork 1. Gallery1957-Could-you-Be-Loved-Eric-Tawiah-David-Borlabi-artwork-2. Flag of Central_african_republic

Featuring Gallery 1957 presents ‘Could You Be Loved’, by Eric...

For the inaugural exhibition, “Could You be Loved” we will be presenting new works by Ghanaian figurative painters Eric Adjei Tawiah and David Aplerh-Doku Borlabi. 14 May – 17 June 2021 About David Aplerh-Doku Borlabi (b.1987, Ghana)  Aplerh-Doku Borlabi was formally trained at Ghanatta College of Arts and Design, the alma mater of his mentor,acclaimed contemporary artist, Amaoko Boafo. Borlabi’s early works applied his foundational learning in academic painting, creating naturalistic compositions, and for years he grappled with finding a visual language that felt authentic. After 7 years of painting, Borlabi turned to his natural environment to embody his own culture and ethnic identity. Growing up in the CoCo Beach area of Accra, the coconut tree and fruit is a part of the artist’s daily visual experience, and after spending a day sketching at the beach recently, the thought of using the coconut in his work emerged. From a distance, the mixed media works of oil paint and coconut husk on canvas, appear as richly toned brown skin. The intrinsic properties of the coconut husk’s multiple layers, long hairs, and varying shades of brown whimsically renders skin texture and bone structure, while emulating the way natural light surfaces on skin.

Rachael Palumbo Nobu VP of sales and marketing, on Nobu’s ethos Kokoro. Rachael Palumbo Nobu VP of sales and marketing, on Nobu’s ethos Kokoro. Flag of Morocco

Rachael Palumbo Nobu VP of sales and marketing, on Nobu’s...

The Sybarite speaks to Rachael Palumbo, the VP of Marketing and Sales for the Nobu brand. We chat to her about what exactly ‘lifestyle luxury’ is, the highly anticipated Nobu opening in Marrakech and how Nobu’s ethos ‘Kokoro’ runs through all the Nobu restaurants and hotels. 

Dolly-Kola-Balogun-Abuja-based -young-Nigerian-gallerist-girls-like-you. Dolly-Kola-Balogun-Abuja-based-young-Nigerian-gallery. Flag of Central_african_republic

Dolly Kola-Balogun, the Abuja-based young Nigerian gallerist

A gallerist, hotelier and entrepreneur, she describes herself as always having been the youngest person in the room, but not in a negative way. Calling in from Abidjan, Ivory Coast, she tells The Sybarite all about her quest to scout the African continent for artistic talent, the importance position art has in social movements worldwide and the advice she has for young people trying to make it on their own.  What brings you to Abidjan? I'm here for work. One of my gallery partners is a gallery based in Bamako and we are doing a lot of collaborations together. We've done previous ones, but now we are starting to do more to ensure that there's more artistic exchange between the Francophone and Anglophone world. So I came from an exploratory visit. I was in Bamako just a week ago and now I'm in Abidjan for a series of meetings. Abidjan reminds me of a smaller, Francophone Lagos.

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