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A Scot’s Guide to Luxury Gin

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In celebration of International Scottish Gin Day, contributor Kevin Pilley introduces Scotland's first nationwide immersive gin tour.

The owners of mainland UK’s most northerly mainland distillery will be welcoming gin tourists on Scotland’s first nationwide chauffeured gin-immersive tour. 

Luxury Scotland represents twenty-six luxurious and exclusive Scottish properties including the country’s floating hotel, Fingal, next to the Royal Yacht Britannia. In celebration of International Scottish Gin Day, they are offering a seven-day...

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Ffern   owen mears & emily cameron   photo credit elena heatherwick (2). Lipr   ffern, autumn 22. photographer kednal noctor (11). Flag of United_kingdom

Exclusive Organic Perfumes made in the Heart of the...

Ffern, an organic perfumery, appears four times a year, always in a different form with different base and head notes and new ingredients and accords. Created in both Somerset and east London by brother and sister Owen Mears and Emily Cameron, they are counting down the days till the release of their fragrant autumn equinox and winter solstice scents. Somerset’s self-described “quietly disruptive perfumers”, blend, barrel-age, bottle & release their organic, small batch, limited-run fragrance four times a year. “We’re really proud of finding the sense of each season’s fragrance,” says Owen. “We don’t try and reinvent the wheel every season - we try to evolve and build on what has come before.” For each fragrance, Ffern sources the best in organic, sustainably harvested natural ingredients and distils at source wherever possible. Sustainability has been woven into every area of Ffern which is one of the first perfume makers to create entirely recyclable bottles.

Screenshot 2022 09 14 at 17.48.55. Samuel regan asante qols6zdp_ci unsplash. Flag of United_kingdom

The Second Elizabethan Age: Reflecting on Queen Elizabeth...

My first real memory of Queen Elizabeth II is reminiscent of a wide-eyed 4 year old who, after being dragged out the house in a pink tutu by my dear mum, stood gawking in the Tower of London at what was laid out before me. Who could be so lucky to own something so profoundly breathtaking? Almost indescribable, the Crown Jewels' dazzling beauty imprinted an ever lasting image in my mind, and began a (rather embarrassing) obsession with British history. Princesses, knights, kings, queens, battles, bloodshed & the (occasional) beheading - I couldn't get enough of it. For me, Queen Elizabeth represented so much more than just our head of state; she embodied centuries of deep religious and cultural significance in our nation’s history. So, whilst out at an art gallery event on Thursday 8th September, and only a stones throw away from Buckingham Palace, the sudden news notifications that began to fill my phone screen was a moment that felt so incredibly surreal.

2. william and kelsey seymour with their st maur elderflower liqueur. William seymour the mixologist. Flag of England

Drinks with the Earl of Yarmouth, Founder of St Maur Liqueur

Having first created St Maur to serve at their wedding, William and Kelsey Seymour turned the elderflower liqueur they poured lovingly into the glasses of guests into a multi award-winning premium, small-batch drinks business. The four international industry awards the liqueur has won in its first years of business, The Great Taste Award 2 Star rating; International Spirits Challenge Silver Award; The World Liqueur Awards ‘Best English Floral’ and, most recently, Gold at Las Vegas Global Spirits Awards, show just how well-loved the product is. “St Maur” is, in fact, the name by which the family was known in medieval times but by the time Jane Seymour married King Henry VIII, it had become “Seymour.” Leaving behind a life of aristocratic privilege to create a new legacy for his sons to be proud of, Lord Seymour spills the tea on his rich family history, mixology, and what’s next for St Maur Liqueur, which he’s used to create a bespoke cocktail especially for The Sybarite.

Aleisha kalina g2cxnrermkm unsplash. Corinne portraits  17. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring The Best of British Elegance at Exton Park Vineyard......

Described as “60 acres of Hampshire, bottled”, Exton Park prides itself on being locally sourced, ensuring the consistent, high-quality production of exceptional English sparkling wines. As a single vineyard producer, their unique approach to sustainable winemaking and commitment to creating a natural ecosystem situates them in a niche position. The importance placed in the distinct “magic” chalky soil found in all nine plots is carefully nurtured by the vineyard director Fred Langdale and his team, who use the most natural methods possible to meticulously cultivate their 120,000 vines and, come harvest time, select the ripest grapes to be swiftly transported to the purpose-built winery at the top of their vineyard. The grapes are pressed plot-by-plot, in order to retain the variety of distinctive flavours and then the fresh juice is fermented for the first time, creating still wines which are added to Exton Park’s special reserve library.

Queen elizabeth ii. Ferdinand stohr fc cx8dfuze unsplash. Flag of England

A Royal Farewell: What to Expect From the Queen’s Funeral

Throughout her record-breaking 70-year reign, she brought the people of Britain and the Commonwealth a sense of pride, purpose, and unrivalled devotion. As flags across the royal residences and government buildings were lowered to half mast, the UK entered a period of national mourning. Now, with Her Majesty’s funeral scheduled for Monday 19th September, we will observe the subsequent phases of “Operation London Bridge”, the long thought out plan for Elizabeth’s funeral, unfolding in real-time.

The queen and duke of edinburgh. Philip auld 4pwues9bytu unsplash 1662735084. Flag of England

Best of Britain: Queen Elizabeth's Most Beloved Places

As we move through this time of transition together, we wish to honour our late Queen's spirit of adventure. Throughout her long and impactful reign, Her Royal Highness travelled the world in service of the Commonwealth but here, we explore her most beloved places in the nation she called home. Click through to see the places closest to Elizabeth's heart, right here in the United Kingdom.

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