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Sustainable Sybarite

La Dolce Vita in Sicilia

Diego gennaro mz6t330_ntg unsplash.

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Did season 2 of HBO's The White Lotus fail to quench your thirst for an Italian summer of great food, sunshine and spoiler alert, a bunch of murders taking place on a yacht? Whilst we can't ensure that the latter won't happen, contributor Pete Thompson is here to warrant that you most definitely will experience la dolce vita at the ADLER Spa Resort in Sicily.

On a Saturday evening in serene Sicily, my pulse is racing at a rate of knots as sweat trickles down my face and the temperature continues to rise. I feel like I'm sweltering away in a furnace; an exuberant man wafts a towel in front of me as chill-out tunes play in the background. Taking deep breaths as the towel is swung around frenetically to whip my heart rate even higher in searing heat, I know that I...

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Screenshot 2022 12 05 at 19.01.34 1670266939. Screenshot 2022 12 05 at 19.01.42. Flag of England

Sustainable Cocktails at The Churchill

We recently interviewed Gaston Fusco, the new bar manager at The Churchill who, along with his team, have created a new sustainable cocktail menu that highlights environmental issues - each of the cocktails aiming to inspire through innovation and education. The menu features twelve curated drinks centred around ten themes of environmental concern to explore how the bar industry can take steps to be more environmentally friendly. It’s not only the drinks themselves that have been considered but the vessels and garnish, as well as the partnering organisations chosen to support the relevant causes. Perfect for the slightly colder and darker evenings, I recently visited the bar for cocktails & nibbles.

Screenshot 2022 11 30 at 16.08.48. Shutterstock_488385976. Flag of England

What COP27 means for the future of fashion

A few weeks ago, global stakeholders gathered in Egypt for the annual Cop27 summit (United Nations Climate Change Conference), where attention quickly turned to the fashion industry. Considered by several sources to be the second-most polluting industry after the oil and gas sector – (fashion accounts for up to 10% of global carbon dioxide output — more than international flights and shipping combined), it’s unsurprising that discussions pivoted towards fashion and its impact on the environment during the summit. Source: Bloomberg

Co founder michael isted of phyto nectars copy feature 1669725147. Co founder michael isted of phyto nectars. Flag of England

Michael Isted on Supercharging Superfoods, Sustainably

Michael Isted, co-founder of Phyto Nectars - a new breed of superfood drinks made from functional blends of plant and mushroom powders - speaks to The Sybarite about what practises the business has embraced to ensure that consumers, the community, and our environment all come out on top. The drinks company has invested in small, community-based cooperatives and farmers, where it sources the plants and mushrooms used in its blends. These cooperatives support the farmers and the wellbeing of their families by providing them with food, clothes, medicine, and transport. They also support the biodiversity and regeneration of the land by encouraging and working with the farmers to ensure that different plant species are planted. Additionally, all of the Phyto Necars packaging is entirely recyclable and the business has every intention of upgrading and evolving into more sustainable solutions alongside technological advancements in this area.

Nathan dumlao nbjho6wmrww unsplash. Nathan dumlao y3aqmbmtlqi unsplash. Flag of United_kingdom

Celebrating UK Coffee Week: The Coffee Politik

Since the 17th century, coffeehouses have been central to British cafe culture, depositing political importance due to their popularity as places of debate. Known as "penny universities", the crowds that they attracted were synonymous of scholars and students alike, and anyone with a penny could enter and sit in on a lecture or have access to books or print news. Coffeehouses boosted the popularity of print news culture and helped the growth of various financial markets including insurance, stocks, and auctions, as they became arenas for culture and politics.

Ffern   owen mears & emily cameron   photo credit elena heatherwick (2). Lipr   ffern, autumn 22. photographer kednal noctor (11). Flag of United_kingdom

Exclusive Organic Perfumes made in the Heart of the...

Ffern, an organic perfumery, appears four times a year, always in a different form with different base and head notes and new ingredients and accords. Created in both Somerset and east London by brother and sister Owen Mears and Emily Cameron, they are counting down the days till the release of their fragrant autumn equinox and winter solstice scents. Somerset’s self-described “quietly disruptive perfumers”, blend, barrel-age, bottle & release their organic, small batch, limited-run fragrance four times a year. “We’re really proud of finding the sense of each season’s fragrance,” says Owen. “We don’t try and reinvent the wheel every season - we try to evolve and build on what has come before.” For each fragrance, Ffern sources the best in organic, sustainably harvested natural ingredients and distils at source wherever possible. Sustainability has been woven into every area of Ffern which is one of the first perfume makers to create entirely recyclable bottles.

Aleisha kalina g2cxnrermkm unsplash. Corinne portraits  17. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring The Best of British Elegance at Exton Park Vineyard......

Described as “60 acres of Hampshire, bottled”, Exton Park prides itself on being locally sourced, ensuring the consistent, high-quality production of exceptional English sparkling wines. As a single vineyard producer, their unique approach to sustainable winemaking and commitment to creating a natural ecosystem situates them in a niche position. The importance placed in the distinct “magic” chalky soil found in all nine plots is carefully nurtured by the vineyard director Fred Langdale and his team, who use the most natural methods possible to meticulously cultivate their 120,000 vines and, come harvest time, select the ripest grapes to be swiftly transported to the purpose-built winery at the top of their vineyard. The grapes are pressed plot-by-plot, in order to retain the variety of distinctive flavours and then the fresh juice is fermented for the first time, creating still wines which are added to Exton Park’s special reserve library.

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