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Views of planet Earth by Bloon

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What is a ‘bloon’?

It’s a near-space flight that takes you to the edge of the atmosphere, now bookable at a price tag of €110,000 and lifting off as early as 2016 (or 2017 at the latest).

The journey takes approximately four hours, commencing with a countdown to vertical lift-off lasting about 10 minutes, as the bloon begins its ascent from the Earth’s surface to an altitude of 36km. At this point the bloon cruises at...

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More Tech

Emirates. Emirates 1656061869. Flag of United_arab_emirates

Featuring Emirates takes to new heights

It will be the “world's longest non-stop flight and the only one to offer First Class service” The Dubai based airline will commence its first non-stop flight from Dubai to Panama City come 1st February 2016 and will take approximately 17 hours and 35 minutes. Our question is, how does one keep themselves entertained on a 17-hour flight? Well, forget about popping those sleeping pills, as the airliner is one of the world’s longest-range jetliner - Boeing 777-200LR, capable of flying 10,817 miles and can even carry up to 15 tonnes of cargo. The flight will outstrip Qantas as being the longest overhaul flight, which flew from Sydney to Dallas. This will be an experience in itself. The flight is also going to prove a great connector to Central America, especially for travellers leaving from Dubai and heading onto the Caribbean to the northern parts of South America.

Velocity black. Velocity 1655722082. Flag of United_kingdom

Velocity – The restaurant-billing app

Or ever caught yourself trying in vain to even catch a waiter’s attention that by the end of it, you are quite literally fed up and take it upon yourself to head to the till? Ok maybe not, but still, it is one of those things that you don’t want to be kept waiting for. Well, that dread of waiting for your bill to arrive at your table might no longer be an issue – for some 300 restaurants in London at least. Probably one of the best and most useful apps in town at the moment is the Velocity app , co-founded by childhood friends and ex Goldman Sachs employees, Zia Yusuf and Alex Macdonald. Of course, they were not the first to realize that restaurant-goers usually have to wait minutes till their bill arrives, but they are currently one of the few in the fintech world to deliver an app that is truly changing the way restaurants utilize mobile payment.

Vertu bentley. Vertu. Flag of United_kingdom

Vertu For Bentley phone debuts At Goodwood And Pebble beach

The latest release is ‘Signature for Bentley’ which has been designed with Bentley’s Mulsanne Speed in mind. Why the Mulsanne Speed I hear you ask? Vertu’s Signature is a delicate slim mobile phone with a carbon fibre pillow and if you are fortunate enough to have driven or seen the Mulsanne Speed, it’ll be obvious that the model has a similar carbon weave design pattern. The stainless steel sides of the phone are also reminiscent of the control knobs on the luxury car and the Beluga Black calf leather casing gives it an extra layer of exceptional quality. The range will be on display at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed which takes place from the 25th to the 28th of June and the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance in August.

Luxy dating app. Luxy app. Flag of United_kingdom

The app that loves you if you are successful and attractive

In a unique move, Luxy is now going to welcome businesses into this elite fold. Luxy Business Cards will allow businesses to set up a profile, with links to their social media and websites to attract users of the app. However, just as in romantic relationships, money talks and each business has to offer something to Luxy users, whether it be discounts, exclusive membership or a free gift. With a simple left/right swipe, users are able to save businesses to their online card-holder and reject those that they have no interest in. Importantly, however, once connected to a business the power is still with the user to browse the offers available without receiving hundreds of advertisement emails; a rare luxury in today’s online world.                       This is an innovative move by an already distinctive service. Instead of confining themselves to private messages between users, Luxy has become more of a ‘Millionaires Club’, with a forum for general conversations and a page dedicated to photos showcasing the activities of society’s most elite 1%.

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