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The Champagne Club

Champagne from boutique vineyards


Access unique bottles from exclusive vineyards—delivered to your door every quarter

Meet Edward,
your wine curator

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Edward was born in London and raised in Chelsea in the Swinging Sixties. After prep school in Oxford and a north London grammar school, headed into the booming city in the 80’s.

By the turn of the millennium and after spells in New York City and Monte Carlo he turned to the wine business.

What had started as a twice-yearly run to Champagne for his city friends morphed into a business importing and distributing Champagne in the UK Europe the USA and Asia.

By the age of 50, it was time for a change and Edward left his base in Mayfair and headed to his family home in a mountain village in Granada for a supposedly quieter life.

Now Edward helps you access unique bottles from exclusive vineyards, delivered to your door every quarter. His expertise helps us work with smaller producers and curate different Champagne profiles.

Grape Bush.

How it works

1. We work exclusively with smaller producers

We believe their product reflects the terroir of their land in the Champagne region—something which is often lost by the larger producer who might just be looking for product consistency.

2. Learn about the grapes in your champagne

From distinct flavours to the occasions they are best suited to, to food pairings and fun facts about the vineyards. Our curator provides detailed information on each champagne that we stock.

3. You can customise your champagne profile

which allows you to taste and order accordingly, depending on which bubbles you want when. You can customize your champagne profile quarterly.

4. Keep your favourites or try something new

from your first champagne order to your next. Have a specific request? We have bespoke packages available for whatever your champagne needs may be.