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Meet the Founder of this Popular Celeb Pilates Spot

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Meet Marsha Lindsay, founder, creator & director of Nobu Pilates; voted No.1 for pilates in TATLER for 2023.

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Discover the Secrets of Chinese Skincare with Ashmira...

Everyone wants that inner, radiant glow; for your colleague to ask you not-so-subtly in the kitchen, "have you had some work done?". And, although your skin is your largest organ, it's often the most neglected due to the everyday exposure to pollution, cold-weather and often poor-quality lifestyles many young-professionals lead (I'm talking about those of you who get 5 hours of sleep a night, eat a diet that revolves purely around Pret-A-Manger, and maybe get 2000 steps-a-day in) . Cue Ashmira Botanica. As a 21 year old social media editor who had just finished an EXTREMELY busy run at fashion week - I was gagging for some R&R, and a morning spent at the gorgeous Chuan Spa at The Langham seemed like the perfect way to unwind. My therapist, Tracey (& founder of Ashmira Botanica), explained that the treatment would be personalised to not only my skin concerns (the usual: hormonal, acne-prone, dry), but my biorhythm and current emotions, as well as being attuned to the season and time of year. When speaking in the context of TCM, the spring season is associated with new life and beginnings. It is a time for cleansing toxins from your body and negative energy from your mind; so of course it seemed only natural that the treatment and products used would focus on the liver and gallbladder.  To summarise, it's much more than just a skincare treatment. The use of natural plants, essential oils and clays balances the skins’ vital energy, intertwining your physical and emotional energies to relieve physical tension and achieve mental clarity.

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A Q&A with Soori Bali's Spa Manager

The Sybarite had the opportunity to interview Soori's Spa Manager to uncover their spa experience and their most recommended experiences.

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Back to nature: low-intervention wine is no longer just a...

In a not-totally-unsurprising-move, given the direction social change has been heading in for the last couple of decades, wine drinkers have been well and truly seduced by the philosophy of natural wine. It isn’t regulated and it’s not very well defined, but the idea behind it chimes with the modern desire for authentic, artisanal products made with respect for the earth and its resources. There is currently no one set of rules that natural winemakers have to follow in order to use the term. However, natural winemakers will almost certainly employ organic farming methods – no chemical fertilisers here thank you. They’ll probably have stripped their processes back to a minimum, as the pendulum has swung from years of highly industrialised intervention to simple, ancient practices. They may even follow biodynamic principles, which bring an almost spiritual element to working with the land. The dominant theme is individualism over industrialisation; character over uniformity. Natural wines celebrate the terroir, the climate, the fruit and the process – and accept the unpredictability that comes with that.

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Discotheque - A Bougie New Fragrance in Town

It’s bougie, it’s euphoric, it’s giving ‘70’s and 80’s dance club fever vibes concocted in a series of fragrances that are housed in a three-color gradient glass - a signature touch of the brand. Introducing Discotheque, a luxury and uber chic fragrance brand founded between Los Angeles and London where every candle is hand-poured in Discotheque’s UK atelier.

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Geroscience and the answers to ageing

When it comes to staying alive, humankind has made impressive progress since the turn of the last century. We are undoubtedly living longer – on average twice as long, in fact – and many scientists now believe our natural lifespan could be 125 years or more. But along with an increase in life expectancy we’ve experienced an equally sharp rise in disease, and the focus now is on healthy longevity: healthspan as well as lifespan. To this end, the world’s richest are pumping billions into ‘geroscience’; a relatively new scientific field of research that looks at the hallmarks of biological aging and the connections between getting older and succumbing to disease. In just a couple of decades there have been some tantalising breakthroughs, and scientists have already succeeded in extending the lives of mice. As interest grows and the best scientific minds are lured away from academia and into tech-billionaire funded start-ups, translating that success across to humans seems not just possible, but likely.

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Transform the skin you’re in: The Body Lab, Kensington

Running 15 minutes late, I had already envisioned what The Body Lab would look like - even though I had already seen glimpses of it on my social media! As I breezed down Kensington High Street, I was on the lookout for a small clinic perched amongst the big-branded stores until google maps pinged to alert me that I had arrived at my destination. I peered up to see The Body Lab standing before me, but it wouldn’t be until after I stepped foot inside that all my expectations would be far exceeded. The Body Lab is a unique, ‘new health’ concept, combining science and wellness to elevate their members' health, fitness and lifestyle. Based on three pillars: Fitness, Recovery and Nutrition, inside the lab you will find a luxury, private gym, alongside the expertise of industry professionals, cutting-edge technology and regenerative therapies.

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