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The Best Hotels to Stay in for the Rugby World Cup in France

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Explore the finest luxury accommodations strategically located near Rugby World Cup stadiums across France, promising a seamless blend of opulence and rugby fervour.

As the Rugby World Cup unites fans worldwide to witness epic clashes on the emerald battleground, France, renowned for its storied history, delectable cuisine, and picturesque scenery, serves as the gracious host. If you're planning your Rugby World Cup itinerary and seeking the pinnacle of accommodations, search no more.

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Discover the pinnacle of alpine luxury at Chalet Inoko, a stunning hideaway nestled in Val d'Isère's Petit Alaska region. Recently, I had the privilege of exploring this elegant haven and unveiling the secrets of Purple Ski, the unrivalled provider of opulent chalet hospitality in the French Alps. Join me on this extraordinary winter journey as we delve into the enchanting world of Val d'Isère and experience the finest in luxury accommodation, personalised service, and exquisite cuisine.

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Having owned many road bikes, mountain bikes, commuters, and everything in-between, as a keen cyclist for the last 20 years, I’ve watched with curiosity, amusement, and perhaps even disdain, at the coming of the “e-bike”. When the first examples hit the market, they were expensive, heavy, short-ranged, and sucked up some of your power in each pedal stroke when they weren’t contributing, in short, they barely overcome their own burden. Such has been the inexorable march of technological improvement though, that a watershed moment has been reached. As a purist and fanatic, I was a tough crowd for an e-bike, but my head has been well and truly turned by the bikes that follow, and though initially, I included them benevolently, more for completion than anything else, they turned out to be so good, and so fun, that for sure, my next bike is an e-bike.

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Founded by trained marine biologist and qualified accountant Ed Sandison, OCEANTEE is on a mission to change how the industry and golfers think about plastic use and its environmental impact. The company was the first to produce golf tees made from bamboo - one of the fastest-growing and, therefore, renewable plants in the world - and has accessories and a men's and women's clothing range made entirely from sustainable fabrics. "Over 1.5 billion trees every year, and roughly half are plastic. That's a lot of plastic. Clubs like Prince's Sandwich have banned plastic tees. Royal North Devon found tees in birds' nests, especially the coloured ones; birds were feeding plastic to their young. They've found plastic tees on the beach, too. Bamboo breaks down over time and doesn't release toxins as it does."

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