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Beauty, Health & Wellbeing

Your Bespoke Corporate Wellness Retreat

01 your country estate.

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The founders and practitioners of this programme are striving to create a new concept for corporate retreats that can ultimately boost the morale and productivity of your employees and all individuals alike. Designed around you, your clients or company, this workshop retreat aims to recalibrate your life/work balance along with gaining knowledge and tools to make sustainable choices about living healthily and enjoyably in every way.

Are you looking to escape the stress of daily life and find a lasting sense of peace and balance? If so, this retreat is the perfect place.

Based on extensive research and personal experience, its founders and practitioners have found the right blend of discovering new skills and recreation. While they take care of your personalised itinerary, you will focus on what the retreat offers you –...

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More Beauty, Health & Wellbeing

Longevity retreat. Ham run of house 1692367451. Flag of United_kingdom

Longevity Accelerator: A Molecular Science-Led Retreat

Longevity Accelerator: A Molecular Science-Led Retreat promises to take you on a holistic mental, spiritual and life-enhancing journey. You will gain a profound understanding of what’s going on in your body at a molecular level, based on the results obtained through the cutting-edge science of bioanalysis, bioinformation and genetic testing. These results will be analysed by an expert team of doctors to prescribe a truly bespoke regime for your stay.

Castelfalfi . Castelfalfi golf . Flag of Italy

Discover Golfing Magic in Enchanting Tuscany

The biggest golf course in Tuscany, with its impressive 27 GEO™ certified holes, awaits guests seeking the best grounds to practice their swing, whilst enjoying all that this Tuscan resort has to offer. Here, nature, wellness and sport take centre stage in Tuscany's largest golf course. With over 9,400 metres of fairways, picturesquely bordered by groves and olive trees, this is the perfect setting too tee off. Thanks to the architects Preißmann and Moroder, who have enhanced the beauty of its landscape, the 27-hole resort is now divided into two spectacular courses to impress expert players but also guarantee an enjoyable experience for passionate beginners.

The_dolder grand_meditation _room_35l 1920x2884. The Doldergrand swimming pool . Flag of Switzerland

Rediscover Your Everyday on this Meditative Journey

In this transformative journey, you'll embark on a profound exploration of the present moment – the here and now. Guided by Birgit's expertise, you'll be lead through a series of mindful practices that engage all five senses, leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and fully connected to the present moment.

Dimitry b twv8kwuiejk unsplash. Sussurro bathtub front 1 low res emma jude jackson. Flag of Mozambique

Revitalise Your Soul with a Captivating Mozambique Getaway

Embark on a Captivating Storytelling Adventure. The Sybarite presents a breathtaking retreat for those seeking a tranquil pace. Rediscover the tital connection between craft, humanity, and nature for collective development. Reserve your spot today!

Iceland sky lagoon 7r405059. Fw cold plunge water ripples. Flag of Iceland

Experience Icelandic Bathing Culture

Iceland at its best is an experience in nature, beauty, wonder and warmth. And while the climate is often stormy and wild, there's a quiet warmth here in Iceland that supports wellness on every level. Natural hot springs can be found in every corner of Iceland. After all, there are more hot springs here than anywhere else on Earth! Dating back to the early settlers, the Sagas tell of Icelanders taking to these warm waters for relaxation and wellbeing. Soaking in lovely warm waters in the great outdoors is just part of the Icelandic DNA.

Jared rice 8w7b4sdhogw unsplash. Hibr_d_00198545_send_web. Flag of Switzerland

Recharge & Revive Your Health with The Sybarite

All medical experiences include free accommodation in the same room and breakfast for an accompanying person.

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