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Beauty, Health & Wellbeing

Your Yoga Detox Program in the Himalayas

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Hand-crafted, luxury experiences curated by our team—speak to our concierge to learn more

Our partner's Yogic Detox programme uses different Hatha Yogic cleansing techniques (Shatkarmas) to detox in a natural and effective way.

Shatkarmas, In Yogic detoxification, elements of Asana (Hatha Yogic postures), Pranayama (Yogic breathing techniques), meditation and Yogic/Ayurvedic diet are incorporated along with Shatkarmas to give profound experiences of vitalization and harmony.similar to Ayurveda, are also used to balance the three Doshas in the body.

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Undergo A Holistic Detox Experience in the Himalayas

This program aims to cleanses the entire digestive system to optimize digestive capacity and assimilation process, metabolic activities and evacuation abilities, improving the circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems, and finally nourishing the body with essential nutrients post detox completion. The ultimate goal is to detoxify both the mind and body of harmful toxins and negative thoughts in a controlled and safe manner.

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Experience A Unique Equine Wellness Retreat in Sumba,...

Participants will be immersed in the awe-inspiring beauty of picturesque local villages, undulating hills, and majestic mountains as they embark on the retreat's versatile trekking program. They will traverse lush green paddy fields and be captivated by the azure coastline, basking in the stunning vistas that unfold before them. The experience of cantering through tranquil waves is unparalleled, and riders seeking more saddle time can opt for longer rides to neighbouring Rice Island and Coconut Cove. As the journey draws to a close, guests will indulge in a unique equine spa day featuring unhaltered liberty work, a sunrise ride, and a cliff-top breakfast at the renowned Nihi Spa Safari. Tailor-made massages will also be offered, providing the ultimate opportunity to soothe the senses and achieve mental clarity.

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Create Your Own Perfume Blend - The Luxe Blending Experience

Laboratory-based and online perfumery workshops and courses designed for everyone from enthusiasts with a passion for perfume, to individuals looking to learn more about the art of perfume creation. You'll be able to experience a unique perfume-making workshop as well as access perfumery ingredients and equipment.

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Equine Retreats With The Sumba Sea Horses

As you interact with the horses, you learn to build trust, assert boundaries, and embrace vulnerability, through a unique language of feedback from your equine companions. For over 20 years, ground-breaking equine work has helped thousands of people to overcome their challenges and lead more fulfilling lives. Now in one of the world's most awe-inspiring places, Sumba’s very own wild horses will be led by Professor Andreas Liefooghe, (founder of Operation Centaur, the UK’s leading horse therapy centre) to do what comes so naturally to them - they take us where we want to go, faster.

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Pilates Retreat in Marrakech

If you decide to join us on our Pilates holidays, you'll be contacted before the holiday to find out your Pilates background and medical history. With this information, your lessons can be tailor-made and provide you with the best possible Pilates lessons, as well as delicious local food.

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Your Bespoke Corporate Wellness Retreat

Are you looking to escape the stress of daily life and find a lasting sense of peace and balance? If so, this retreat is the perfect place. Based on extensive research and personal experience, its founders and practitioners have found the right blend of discovering new skills and recreation. While they take care of your personalised itinerary, you will focus on what the retreat offers you – learning, practising, growing and transforming together in ways that benefit everyone individually and also your company.

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