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What COP27 means for the future of fashion

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Cop27 has finally started tackling the messy business of decreasing the fashion industry’s global impact, and, addressing the environmental crisis the fashion industry has helped to facilitate over the last couple of decades.

A few weeks ago, global stakeholders gathered in Egypt for the annual Cop27 summit (United Nations Climate Change Conference), where attention quickly turned to the fashion industry.

Considered by several sources to be the second-most polluting industry after the oil and gas sector – (fashion accounts for up to 10% of global carbon dioxide output — more than international flights and shipping...

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Shutterstock_525810832. Screenshot 2022 11 23 at 11.30.44. Flag of England

What to Wear to: The Office Xmas Party

As December creeps closer & closer, so does the annual office Christmas party! Whilst you can live without the fear of HR dress-coding you, there's still a lot of uncertainty surrounding what to wear. Looking effortlessly cool can always be a challenge, and it’s one of the highest compliments in the fashion world. But effortlessness doesn’t exist, because anything good takes work. If you want to maintain your reputation as the office cool girl, keep reading along for some fashion & style inspo for this festive season!

Santa brands and revolve collab lookbook 26 1668724720. Santa brands founder yana stanislavska. Flag of Ukraine

Santa Brands’ Yana Stanislavska on Creativity and Resilience

Its founder, Yana Stanislavska, is more determined than ever to see its continued success through challenging times. “It’s hard to cope with something as gruesome as a ballistic missile landing 300 metres from your bedroom but somehow we all manage to carry on,” she says, of how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has impacted herself and her team. “Staying creative and always being on the run is a good way to stay sane in any circumstances.” The label’s partywear packs plenty of versatility and has been a hit with influencers - think Leonie Hanne and Chiara Ferragni - and members of the global style set. Shimmering sparkles, ultra-light feather cuffs, and sheer fabrics with rhinestone embellishments are but a few things that make Santa Brands garments so alluring. While it's these bold details that first capture your attention, what makes the label so successful is having perfected these best-selling designs - the sparkly dresses, skirt and trouser co-ord sets, etc. - and creating equally wearable garments and accessories to complement them, such as its “Crystal Basque”, “Moonlight Panama” hat, and single-breasted fitted “Lemon Jacket.”

Max kukurudziak qbc3zmxw0g8 unsplash. Screenshot 2022 11 14 at 17.30.31. Flag of Ukraine

Women Who Launch: Meet Authentic_UA founders Yulia...

Authentic_UA was conceived by two Ukrainian-born women, Yulia Rorstrom and Eka Kapanadze, in efforts to provide a vital focal point for the celebration and exposure of Ukrainian fashion in London, whilst also raising funds for their home country that is currently at war with Russia. The founder of Duck & Dry - Yulia partnered with fashion stylist Eka, to host & curate the event, showcasing over 20 Ukrainian brands over a four week period November 7th - December 4th in Yulia's London salons: the Mayfair Duck & Dry location until Nov 20th, and the Chelsea Duck & Dry location until Dec 4th. Not only does this encourage Londoners to directly support these Ukrainian fashion brands & designers financially, helping sustain an industry facing a turbulent future, but Authentic_UA has also pledged to donate between 30% - 50% from every sale to 'Rebuild Ukraine Together', a charity set up by Yulia supporting Ukrainians during the war and working with volunteers on the ground to directly procure and distribute critical supplies The Sybarite had the amazing opportunity to sit down & chat with Yulia & Eka about Authentic_UA, fashion in Ukraine and their personal motivations for creating this brilliant feat!

Kaai co founders ine & helga in store. Kaai founders ine & helga behind the scenes. Flag of Belgium

Women Who Launch: Meet KAAI Co-founders Ine and Helga

We discuss KAAI’s scale-up journey, celebrating the brand’s 4th anniversary, its recent Paris pop-up store, and what’s next for the Antwerp-based handbag label. Since its 2017 launch, the business has charmed a growing fan-base of women with its ever-evolving range of high quality work-life bags. A KAAI bag will never compromise on style or substance and its “Carry your life” ethos holds true thanks to its “By women, for women” design strategy. Interviews with successful modern women have helped the team identify exactly what their needs are when it comes to bags and the gripes are universal; dependable work bags pack too masculine a punch and the more stylish models are impractical and amplify chaos. As for the name KAAI, meaning “The Quay” in Dutch, which was chosen to reflect Antwerp’s vibrant energy and the ever-moving waters of the River Scheldt, it also captures the fluidity of the modern woman’s day-to-day life.

Shutterstock_1485056435. Screenshot 2022 11 04 at 12.55.21. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring What to Wear this Winter: The Sybarite's Luxury Winter23...

Winter is definitely the best season for style. Figuring out the perfect layering system, the amazing outerwear to complete your fit, and of course - the accessories! Functionality meets fashion as gloves and beanies become wardrobe staples, as well as easy ways to take your look to the next level without looking like you're trying too hard. In this style guide, I'll be going through my favourite winter fashion trends for the 22/23 season, and how you can replicate them, so keep reading if you want to add a bit of zhuzh to your wardrobe!

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Featuring Men's Luxury Christmas Gift Guide

After the success of her first luxury Christmas gift guide for women, Cherelle Mukoko is back to discuss her roundup of present ideas for the special men in your life. Join her as she explores gifts for every type of man - from drink-lovers to tech geeks, we promise there will be something in there for every guy you know!

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