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Gabrielle Chanel: A Fashion Manifesto - The Must-See Exhibition of 2023

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Explore Coco Chanel's revolutionary fashion legacy at the "Gabrielle Chanel: Fashion Manifesto" exhibition, a mesmerising journey through her iconic designs that continue to influence women's style today.

Fashion enthusiasts, rejoice! The V&A South Kensington is about to unveil a sartorial treasure trove that is set to dazzle. Opening its doors this Saturday, (September 16th 2023), the "Gabrielle Chanel: Fashion Manifesto" exhibition is a much-anticipated event for fashion aficionados and history buffs alike. This...

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Everything You Need to Know: September Fashion Month

As the leaves begin to turn and the air takes on a crisp edge, the world of fashion springs to life with the arrival of September Fashion Month. This annual event transcends continents, showcasing the latest trends and designs from the world's most prestigious fashion houses. It's a time when the fashion elite, celebrities, and style aficionados converge to celebrate creativity and innovation on the runway. Join us as we share the ultimate guide to navigating this spectacle.

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Women Who Launch: The Visionary Behind a Functional and...

In the world of fashion, with social media brands and luxury labels abound, finding a truly unique and high-quality brand can be a challenge. However, Wiggy Kit, founded in 2015 by the dynamic and sophisticated entrepreneur Wiggy Hindmarch, is changing the game with its distinctive approach to women's ready-to-wear fashion. Contributor Cherelle Mukoko had the privilege of delving into the mind behind this innovative brand.

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Sustainable Brands Changing the Fashion Game

Embracing a booming 14% annual growth, the vegan fashion industry is thriving, fuelled by a rising global consciousness and the slow living movement that has prompted a shift in shopping habits. Our lifestyle contributor, Cherelle Mukoko, has curated a list of top-notch vegan and sustainable brands that will set your shopping habits apart from the crowd.

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The Allure of Designer Handbags: A Fashionable and...

When it comes to fashion, the allure of designer handbags is undeniable. They epitomise luxury, sophistication, and timeless elegance. However, beyond their aesthetic appeal, savvy investors and fashion enthusiasts are discovering a surprising secret – designer handbags can also be a lucrative financial investment. Today we're exploring why buying designer handbags is increasingly considered a smart financial move, as they not only hold their value, but can appreciate significantly over time.

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Game, Set, Match: Wimbledon’s Iconic Fashion Legacy

Step into the enchanting world of Wimbledon, where the pursuit of sporting excellence intertwines with high fashion. Within the grounds of this illustrious tennis tournament, a captivating duality unfolds. As the pristine court becomes a stage for athletic prowess, the spectator stands transform into a mesmerising fashion runway, where timeless classics and contemporary trends converge.

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The Ultimate Wedding Gift Guide

Wedding gifts are a significant part of wedding culture, and in many cultures is how guests share their blessings and good wishes to the happy couple. Traditionally, wedding registries were set up for couples who would be moving into their first home together shortly after the nuptials, But now with some couples cohabiting long before they say ‘I do,’ we can no longer count on the newlyweds to tell us what they want. As a rule of thumb, even when a registry is not in place, guests are typically expected to bring a gift; often which at least covers the approximate ‘cost per head’ for the couple [unless the wedding invitation specifically requests gifts in another form like a charity donation]. The importance and expectations surrounding wedding gifts can vary across different cultures and social circles. Some cultures place a greater emphasis on elaborate or expensive gifts, while others prioritise the sentiment behind the gift rather than its value. Regardless of whether you’re known for being a great gift-giver or are usually the person to write their name on the card, we’ve put together a list of some of our favourite wedding-appropriate gifts, no matter your budget.

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