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The Sybarite's Origins

Founded in 2014 by CEO and Editor-in-Chief John Cofie, The Sybarite has existed as a platform for all things luxury since. But where does the unique name come from?

The etymology of Sybarite can be traced back to the Greek "Subaritēs", inhabitants of the Ancient Greek city of Sybaris in Southern Italy, near modern day Corigliano, Italy.

Known for its wealth & the luxury of its inhabitants, the ancient city of Sybaris has contributed to the modern meaning of sybarite, as well as encompassing what it means to be a member of The Sybarite community:

"a person who is self-indulgent in their fondness for sensuous luxury."

Ready for an adventure?

24. Flag of Italy

A Theatrical Dining Experience for Little Ones at Hilton Venice

Hilton Lake Como, the new-generation hotel on the shores of Italy’s most famous lake, is delighted to unveil a new interactive culinary offering in partnership with globally renowned ‘dinner theatre’ Le Petit Chef.

M21a6580. Flag of France

Attend the Longines Global Champions Tour

Embark on a global equestrian journey, from the grandeur of European cities to the breathtaking beauty of the Mediterranean coast, and witness show jumping excellence.

Bbb. Flag of United_kingdom

Kickstart The New Year With Our Exclusive Body Transformation Retreat

Looking to transform your physique this year? Our weight loss retreat combines pioneering science with restorative spa treatments to tighten, tone and instil healthy habits you can take into your everyday life, long after your stay.

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