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In Conversation with Gregory Batsleer

Samuel sianipar 4tnd3hsw3pm unsplash.

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Meet Gregory Batsleer, the Artistic Director of Classical Everywhere and the visionary behind Handel's Messiah: The Live Experience; a new-style classical music immersive experience taking place in London's West End.

Designed specifically to appeal to both lovers of classical music, and those who are new to the artform, Handel’s Messiah: The Live Experience at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, is open for one night only (Tuesday 6th Dec 2022), to launch a new style classical music concert experience. This first installment is centred on one of the most famous works ever written and the most chosen piece of music...

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Screenshot 2022 11 02 at 10.48.21. Screenshot 2022 11 02 at 11.31.09. Flag of England

Women Who Launch: Ofelia Botella

Making a career out of your passion isn’t always as straightforward as one might think. Despite the clear enthusiasm that comes with getting paid to do what you love, the path is often far from being sustainable. “Growing up, I fell into this narrative that I’d never be able to make a living as a creative and would instead need a ‘serious job’,” says artist and illustrator Ofelia Botella. This mindset pushed her to study business and put her knowledge into practice by working in art galleries, museums, and auction houses in London, Paris, and Shanghai. “After a while I realised that as glamorous as that life sounded, I wasn't feeling very fulfilled simply working in art but not being a creative myself,” she shares. She then left the art industry and entered an entirely new space—the world of technology, whilst still maintaining her art as a hobby on the side. Botella tells me that the pandemic was a real turning point for her, where she found herself painting daily. It was also during this time that she made her first sale, which encouraged her to pursue this new channel further. She then started selling more of her work, making bespoke wedding stationery and illustrations, doing murals in private homes, and hosted her first exhibition. The biggest leap of all came this year when she decided to officially take some time off from her tech job to dedicate to her new business. “I haven’t looked back since!” she says.

Screenshot 2022 10 25 at 11.38.34. Screenshot 2022 10 25 at 12.00.31. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring The Rise of Rishi: Britain's Richest Prime Minister

The UK's 3rd Prime Minister in 2022, Sunak is a relatively new figure on the political scene, emerging back in 2020 when he was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer by Boris Johnson. In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, he was popular by the standards of British politics, described by one analyst as having "better ratings than any politician since the heydays of Tony Blair", his recognition accumulating in 2022 when he participated in the Tory Leadership Race against Liz Truss. Although losing out for the role of PM originally, the following terrible 6 weeks of governance by Truss and her cabinet meant that after 49 days, Sunak was finally given the keys to No. 10. Described as the "British Establishment's version of progress", today we're taking a look at Rishi Sunak's rise to power.

Kenrick mcfarlane, a love letter to travis. Screenshot 2022 10 19 at 11.12.24. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring Black History Month: 1-54 & The Modern African

Hosting 50 international exhibitors across 17 countries, the distinction and multi-faceted quality of art within Africa is astounding. Featuring 3 different artists from 3 different countries, I hope to illustrate to our readers the profound variety of cultures, influences and creatives that have spawned from Africa and it's diaspora; spotlighting Hassan Hajjaj (a Moroccan artist), Kenrick McFarlane (a Chicago-born, Jamaican-American artist), and MoXC4 (a Brazilian artist).

Samchurchillvjfrieze22 9621. Samchurchillvjfrieze22 0141. Flag of England

Inside the Private World Suite of VistaJet’s Frieze guests

VistaJet - the first and only global private aviation company - has partnered with Frieze London to provide guests with VIP access to the exhibition with private tours by leading art curators and intimate dinners. Together with Savills Private Office, VistaJet has opened a Regent’s Crescent property as a Private World Suite which members can access throughout the course of the art fair. It’s here we chat to VistaJet’s Chief Marketing Officer, Matteo Atti, about how they’re catering to guests’ Frieze London experience, what goes into curating the services VistaJet travellers benefit from onboard and on-the-ground, and what their plans are for the future.

Nathan dumlao nbjho6wmrww unsplash. Nathan dumlao y3aqmbmtlqi unsplash. Flag of United_kingdom

Celebrating UK Coffee Week: The Coffee Politik

Since the 17th century, coffeehouses have been central to British cafe culture, depositing political importance due to their popularity as places of debate. Known as "penny universities", the crowds that they attracted were synonymous of scholars and students alike, and anyone with a penny could enter and sit in on a lecture or have access to books or print news. Coffeehouses boosted the popularity of print news culture and helped the growth of various financial markets including insurance, stocks, and auctions, as they became arenas for culture and politics.

Bjarne vijfvinkel vivfpc6bv9o unsplash. Olena sergienko jjglen7t8xi unsplash. Flag of Scotland

Featuring International Scottish Gin Day

The owners of mainland UK’s most northerly mainland distillery will be welcoming gin tourists on Scotland’s first nationwide chauffeured gin-immersive tour.  Luxury Scotland represents twenty-six luxurious and exclusive Scottish properties including the country’s floating hotel, Fingal, next to the Royal Yacht Britannia. In celebration of International Scottish Gin Day, they are offering a seven-day motorized gin crawl, starting and ending in Edinburgh.  

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