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17 Best London Exhibitions: Art To See In 2024


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As London’s vibrant art scene continues to evolve, 2024 promises an array of captivating exhibitions in London that can fascinate art enthusiasts and casual observers alike.

From photographic retrospectives to innovative sculptural displays, this year’s lineup showcases both celebrated masters and emerging talents. Look forward to the best exhibitions in 2024 across London galleries, offering a curated selection of art shows and cultural experiences.

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Jay rutland, creative director of maddox gallery min. Basquiat. Flag of United_kingdom

Reframing The Art World With Jay Rutland

A keen artistic eye is one of many attributes that makes Jay Rutland a notable figure in the art world. At the helm of Maddox Gallery as its Creative Director, Rutland has spent nearly a decade exhibiting the creative endeavours of blue-chip, established, and emerging artists. Now an industry heavyweight, Rutland’s visions for Maddox stem from a discovery made in 2004 after he acquired his first piece of art.

Padiglione centrale_giardini_photo by francesco galli min (1). Mzo_yinka shonibare_1094_ph by marco zorzanello min. Flag of Italy

Venice Biennale 2024: The Lowdown

This weekend the art world will descend upon Venice for the 60th International Art Exhibition, which opens from Saturday 20 April before closing on Sunday 24 November. This year's curator is Brazilian Adriano Pedrosa, currently the artistic director of the Museu de Arte de São Paulo. Here he has curated individual shows for artists such as Tarsila do Amaral, Ione Saldanha and Hélio Oiticia, as well as the ongoing series devoted to different Histories: Histories of Childhood (2016), Histories of Sexuality (2017), Afro Atlantic Histories (2018), Women’s Histories, Feminist Histories (2019), Histories of Dance (2020), Brazilian Histories (2022). “I am honoured and humbled by this prestigious appointment, especially as the first Latin American to curate the International Art Exhibition, and in fact the first one based in the Southern Hemisphere”, Pedrosa commented.

Annie spratt 43o1kvbowxa unsplash. Eugenivy_now 09i7_qrbqa8 unsplash. Flag of United_kingdom

Nine Things To Do In London This Easter

From traditional egg hunts to quirky events that only London can pull off, Easter in this city is an experience not to be missed. Whether you're a local or a visitor, London Easter 2024 promises unforgettable moments and unique experiences. So if you're searching for things to do for Easter in London 2024, check out our curated list.

95_tc_0127. 95_pr_0001. Flag of United_states

Inside The Glitzy Allure Of The Oscars 2024

The slew of nominations has seen some familiar titles reappear, having already taken out titles at award shows earlier in the year. Chief among them is Poor Things, Oppenheimer, Barbie and Killers of the Flower Moon, which have been nominated for a mix of best picture, best actors/actresses and best costume design. Below, everything you need to know about the highly-anticipated award show.

Shutterstock_editorial_2120521604. Shutterstock_editorial_1318726481 1709033241. Flag of United_kingdom

The Lowdown On The 2024 Brit Awards

Held at the O2 Arena on Saturday March 2, the Brit Awards is Britain's biggest night in music, making it a must-watch event. Beginning at 8:30pm, home viewers will be able to tune in via ITV1 and ITVX to experience the glitz and glamour for themselves.

Screenshot 2024 02 28 at 10.12.20. Table. Flag of United_kingdom

Inside Project Aikido At The Mandrake Hotel

Throughout the evening, guests were treated to a variety of artistic talents, ranging from awe-inspiring sculptures by Joshua Donkor and Alvin Kofi, to vibrant sets by world-renowned DJs such as Salomé le Chat and Rockin Marroccin. Over dinner, guests were accompanied by the soulful voice of South Africa's artist of the year, Msaki, whose beautiful performance brought everybody to their feet. The founder of Project Aikido, Nana Sao, also took to the stage to deliver a poignant insight into the foundation's core mission: empowering artists to share their stories authentically while ensuring they receive the recognition they deserve. 

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