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Raising the ‘bar’ for International Women’s Day

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An all-female team from Hakkasan Mayfair has collaborated with the Craft Irish Whiskey Co to create the ultimate luxury cocktail in honour of International Women’s Day: The Golden Nectar.

Individual, complex and historically undervalued: it could be said that artisanal Irish whiskey has something of an affinity with the fairer sex. What better pairing then, than the women of Hakkasan’s bar, wine and pastry teams and the Craft Irish Whiskey Co. – a creative match made in heaven and the partnership behind The Golden Nectar.

The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. is a relatively new Irish whiskey...

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Review of Alex Webb on Park Lane

Webb started his career as a dishwasher in his native homeland of Essex before honing his skills inside the kitchens of some of the capital’s most iconic chefs: Hélène Darroze, Adam Handling, Michel Roux, and Heston Blumenthal, to name a few. In the finals of MasterChef: The Professionals, Webb had to make three dishes in three hours, but working under pressure is an environment that the chef says he thrives in.

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The Ultimate Dublin Itinerary

All great cities have a distinctive vibe but none more so, perhaps, than Dublin. With a tourist trade based on its famous pub-dominated nightlife, Ireland’s capital has always had a reputation for being a fun, friendly city. But in the last few years Dublin’s star has risen even further. It was recently ranked at 19 by the World’s Best Cities committee – above all British cities bar London – who described it as ‘safe, gregarious and increasingly wealthy’. And of course celebrating St Patrick’s Day at the source is a bucket-list experience – although in Dublin, the festivities last for five days, not just one. For the week around Friday 17th March, Dublin will be even busier, merrier and more entertaining than usual. As is tradition, the St Patrick’s Day parade will kick off in the city centre on the 17th itself and after a two-year break due to the pandemic, this year’s is shaping up to be the biggest ever. New for 2023, the National Museum of Ireland is hosting a ‘day-to-night urban festival’ in the grounds of the Museum of Decorative Arts and History from the 16th to the 20th, with comedy, dance, music and ‘spectacle’. And throughout the city, venues will be entertaining the crowds with a curated programme of events.

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15 Most Romantic Restaurants in London for Valentine's Day

Virginia Woolf once said that one cannot think well, love well, and sleep well if one has not dined well, and we could not agree more. There’s a reason some of the greatest romances have been set in restaurants — from Casablanca to Chocolat. There’s just something about delicious food, good wine, and a great ambience that gets the dopamine and the serotonin flowing in overdrive.  This is why we decided to make a list of the  most romantic restaurants in London for Sybarites. Whether your idea of a romantic  dinner involves a great view of the city, a place that makes for intellectually stimulating conversation, or dinner aboard a cruise boat under a starry night sky, our guide caters to every taste to make sure you’ll know the best valentine’s day restaurants in London to take your special someone to come Feb the fourteenth.

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Back to nature: low-intervention wine is no longer just a...

In a not-totally-unsurprising-move, given the direction social change has been heading in for the last couple of decades, wine drinkers have been well and truly seduced by the philosophy of natural wine. It isn’t regulated and it’s not very well defined, but the idea behind it chimes with the modern desire for authentic, artisanal products made with respect for the earth and its resources. There is currently no one set of rules that natural winemakers have to follow in order to use the term. However, natural winemakers will almost certainly employ organic farming methods – no chemical fertilisers here thank you. They’ll probably have stripped their processes back to a minimum, as the pendulum has swung from years of highly industrialised intervention to simple, ancient practices. They may even follow biodynamic principles, which bring an almost spiritual element to working with the land. The dominant theme is individualism over industrialisation; character over uniformity. Natural wines celebrate the terroir, the climate, the fruit and the process – and accept the unpredictability that comes with that.

Nobu pool iii. Marbella spain entrance. Flag of Spain

The Nobu Philosophy on the Golden Mile

Nobu hotel group has been riding the crest of a wave in recent years. From zen Japanese designs to exquisite cuisine, Nobu has been winning admirers the world over. On the plush 'Golden Mile', Nobu Marbella is a destination in itself. It's a self-contained resort that will satisfy your gastronomy, relaxation and shopping needs. Within the same complex as Puente Romano beach resort, guests luckily share the same world-class facilities, yet Nobu guests also get exclusive access to a Nobu pool area, which coincidentally is the same arrangement as when we visited Nobu Hotel Miami Beach. You will also get priority seating and preferred access to Nobu and La Suite, Marbella’s most exclusive club. If you know how popular both institutions are, you'll appreciate this is a considerable benefit.

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Good Eggs: Caviar you can eat with a clear conscience

We’ve known for some time that harvesting caviar from wild fish is unsustainable. Sturgeon is one of the most endangered species on the planet because the traditional method for collecting the unfertilised eggs involves killing the fish, and sturgeon are long-lived creatures that take years to reach maturity. There are strict laws preventing the international trade of caviar from the Black, Caspian and Baltic Seas, but wild stocks will still take decades to replenish. Fortunately, there are alternatives. Only roe from sturgeon can be accurately labelled caviar but other fish eggs are available: trout, salmon and lumpfish to name but three. These differ hugely from the buttery black pearls of sturgeon roe – salmon and trout roe are bright orange, for a start – but they can similarly be used as a garnish, on bite-sized blinis or in a creamy pasta sauce.

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