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The Light Salon Boost LED Mask


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The Light Salon was founded by two best friends Hannah Measures and Laura Ferguson who had a shared passion for the benefits of LED treatments. They went on to found The Light Salon due to the lack of concentrated inexpensive LED treatments in the market.

Why invest in this? It’s for someone that wants the benefits of light therapy without committing to a consistent salon visit and paying for it each time. This is for someone that wants a medical-grade professional product and is serious about it. For me, it’s more than a treatment, it’s a support system for my skin.

This has become a beauty tool that is part of my religious skincare routine and I...

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Sam harris headshot christopher patey photographer 1. Making sense master podcast. Flag of United_kingdom

The Luxury Gent recommends: Sam Harris’ Making Sense podcast

The consumption of media is changing around us at an unbelievable rate. Podcasting is a phenomenon, and Sam Harris is one of its juggernauts. The beauty of the format to its makers, is that they can't be de-platformed, they control their own production, and distribution is de-centralised, effectively granting them complete autonomy over their content. And with no scheduling windows, or network timeslots to fit into, they can spend hours giving complex subjects the time and air they deserve. As listeners, we've embraced the flexibility of the content; it can be consumed in pieces, or wholesale, in often otherwise "dead-time," commutes & gym sessions for example, as well as on the sofa.

Copy of joel meyerowitz 03. Luxury photography of 2022 2. Flag of United_kingdom

Review of The luxury that is photography: a review of the best of 2022

In actual fact, my computer is thoroughly backed up, both on site and in the cloud, but metaphorically, the answer goes to the fact that my lifetime of photos is functionally my most valued possession. I've always loved the process and technology, as well as the art of photography and videography. But as my collection grows, cataloguing the events of my life, it's become more and more about a treasury of memories, and to put it succinctly, better photos make for better memories. So here are my picks of the best items for 2022 to help you make better memories. So go buy this stuff now, your future self will thank you profusely for it.

Caviar gold apple airpods. Caviar airpods. Flag of United_kingdom

Product Launch - Sony Caviar Unveils $108K USD Gold Apple...

Footballers arrive at grounds wearing them. Gamers are never out of them.  Kids communicate with their parents in sign language from under them.  Sonic ear muffs or headphones are de rigeur. We all need a hearing aid at some time in our lives.  For various reasons. To be able to hear some things some people say. Sometimes. And to enjoy music. Or silence. The sort of headphone you choose to wear over or around your ears depends largely on the size of your wallet and your head and how much you appreciate music and value silence. Gary Lineker, Martin Keown, Owen Hargreaves, Rio Ferdinand and Alan Shearer have one thing in common. They are noise irritants.  At times, they need to be silenced. Is there such a thing as high-quality, high-fidelity silence? Certainly, especially when you have neighbours who have just been granted planning permission to demolish their home and rebuild it.   If you work from home as I do – or pretend to – there is nothing worse or less conducive to getting things done than a cement mixer and pneumatic drill going full blast less than twenty yards from your laptop.  These days it is called noise pollution. I still know it as “a ‘kin din”.

3 1655455750. Moley robot kitchen_ce6i4890 edit scaled 1. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring Cooking the Future with The World's First Fully Robotic...

Making dinner has never been so easy. With their slogan, 'The future is served', British company Moley Robotics has brought the digital revolution to the table: The World’s First Fully Robotic Kitchen. The world's first smart chef-robot, that cooks and washes your dishes, is a game-changing step into the future of cooking at home and in restaurants. This luxurious tech kitchen makes gourmet food without effort from the comfort of your own home, which is especially relevant in times when extra hygiene measures are essential worldwide. Moley Robot facilitates limited contact during food preparation and integrates safe UV-disinfection of the worktop and the air in the cooking zone.

Chopard. Chopard workshop. Flag of United_kingdom

Chopard’s Latest Unique Piece Perfect to Celebrate...

February 12th 2021 marks the beginning of the Year of the Ox. An Earth sign, emblem of the twelfth lunar month, the ox represents a period conducive to both nature and agriculture. This generous animal ensures prosperity and is a symbol of strength of the coming year. To honor the occasion, each year since 2013, Chopard has created exceptional L.U.C Haute Horlogerie timepieces, with an artistic interpretation of the Chinese Zodiac. Faithful to the tradition, Chopard has consistently worked with the best Japanese lacquer artisans who craft dials using the historic Urushi lacquer technique. The result is an exquisite edition of 88 dials produced by the workshops of the century-old Yamada Heiando company and made by master lacquer artist Minori Koizumi. The unique craftsmanship of Maki-e technique is used and captured between the layers of lacquer drawn from the sap of the Toxicodendron vernicifluum tree, gold flakes illuminate a background that features a golden ox with straight horns and an abundant coat, harnessed to a wagon.

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