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Festival Hospitality Tickets 2024 - The Ultimate VIP Experience


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Attend some of the UK’s most iconic music festivals and enjoy electric performances from top artists such as Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar and Sam Fender. Fully immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of the Music Festival by exploring all the different areas from Silver Hayes to Pyramid Stage.

Attend some of the UK’s most iconic music festivals and enjoy spell-binding performances from top artists such as Billie Eilish, Kendrick Lamar, and Sam Fender. The Music Festival lasts for five days and features over 100 stages, with the iconic Pyramid Stage being the centre of it all. As more than 200,000 attendees descend upon Worthy Farm each year, the sleepy hamlet of Pilton in Somerset remains packed to the gills for five days. Having the right hospitality ticket can make all the difference to how you experience this iconic event. The Sybarite, in association with its hospitality partner, is offering hospitality tickets with two accommodation options for 2024 Festivals. Our hospitality tickets offer an upscale festival experience with luxury accommodations, exclusive access to certain VIP areas reserved for just hospitality ticket holders, preferential car parking, and top-tier amenities.

Hospitality Tickets 2024

Hospitality 5-Day VIP passes 

This ticket allows guests to camp right behind the iconic John Peel Stage, which has long been the home of new and experimental music. The John Peel Stage was where several famous acts got their first major breakthroughs. London Grammar, Mumford & Sons, and Tom Odell are just some of the musicians who were little known, under-the-radar performers before the John Peel Stage catapulted them to stardom. 

Key features of this ticket include:

  • Camp in a special area reserved for hospitality ticket holders located behind the John Peel Stage

  • Get easy access to portaloos and shower blocks

  • Bar and food vendors available in close proximity

  • Comes with a backstage pass with access to the performers’ and managers’ areas with private bars and VIP toilets, allowing guests to interact with new and upcoming musicians on the verge of breaking out

  • Close to the hospitality parking area

  • Has great views of the entire festival site and the surrounding countryside.

History of the Festival 

The Festival has a rich history spanning over five decades. It was conceived by Michael Eavis, a sailor with the British merchant navy who inherited a 150-acre dairy farm at the head of the Whitelake River in Somerset, England. The farm was located on the slope of the rolling Mendip Limestone Hills and criss-crossed by two streams, making its location unusually picturesque. 

Having left his plans to to spend a life at sea behind, Eavis conceived the idea of a music festival after attending a Led Zeppelin concert at the Bath Festival of Blues in 1969.

The festival has evolved rapidly from its humble beginnings, when 1,500 attendees gathered for a single day of music on a dairy farm in 1970, to being the iconic five-day extravaganza it is today. 

Tickets for the inaugural event, then called the Pop, Blues, and Folk Event, and hosted by Michael Eavis,were sold for £1 each. Notable performers at the event included Al Stewart and the Pink Fairies.

The next year, the festival returned in a bigger avatar, this time hosted by Andrew Kerr and boasting of an even more impressive lineup of artists including David Bowie, Traffic, and Fairport Convention. The 1971 event was also the first time that the event was referred to as the Fair.

As the event grew in fame, several notable artists from the world of music and the arts have graced its stages. These include legendary performers such as Johnny Cash, Paul Mc Cartney, Radiohead, and Robbie Williams and contemporary headliners such as Beyoncé, Coldplay, and Lana Del Rey.

With each passing year, the festival grew in popularity, such that the demand for Festival tickets today is way higher than its supply. It attracts a huge international audience, eager to experience its unique blend of music and arts. Each year, millions of people apply for tickets to the festival, but the festival can only accommodate around 200,000 people. 

Today, this Festival has become a must-attend event for music enthusiasts and adventure-seekers alike, and Michael Eavis’ once-nondescript Worthy Farm is known as the world’s most famous dairy farm.

When Do General Festival Hospitality Tickets Go on Sale?

General hospitality tickets for the festival have been up for sale since the second week of November.

There are two types of tickets available:  

  1. Ticket Packages with Coach Transportation: These include both a festival ticket and a coach seat. This can be a great option for festival-goers who wish to take advantage of affordable transportation and also reduce their carbon footprint.

  2. General Admission Tickets: These tickets grant access to the festival and its various attractions but do not include transportation.

Unfortunately, the general festival tickets are no longer available on the event’s official website. But don’t worry, the festival is soon reselling tickets. They usually resell cancelled and unpaid tickets during the spring, so keep in mind that there will be only a handful of tickets. 

Resale date of general festival tickets with coach services is April 20th. Standard/general admission tickets sale will take place on April 23rd, and accommodation tickets resale date is April 27th.

Please note that you must first be registered on the Festival’s official website to purchase tickets. You can register for free, but make sure to register fast and keep your registration details safe, as you’ll need them to secure your tickets. 

To buy normal festival tickets, follow the festival's official social media and communication channels and stay informed about any updates to the ticket sales process. 

Where Can You Buy Hospitality Tickets?

You can purchase hospitality tickets for this Music Festival with The Sybarite. All you need to do is fill up our enquiry form and provide us with your full profile. We will contact you at the earliest. 

Things to Consider When Buying Festival Tickets

Though it’s already late to obtain 2023 tickets, you can still secure them when they come up for resale in late April. So be proactive in your preparations, stay informed about ticket sale announcements, and explore alternative options if necessary. 

Consider the following tips to increase the chance of securing your tickets:

  • Understand Hospitality Benefits: Hospitality tickets provide a premium festival experience, which goes well beyond that offered by general tickets. With hospitality tickets, guests get access to exclusive camping areas, private parking, and a host of additional facilities. By understanding the benefits, you can better appreciate the value of these exclusive tickets.

  • Coordinate With Friends: If you plan on attending the festival with friends or family, make sure everyone is registered and on the same page regarding ticket purchasing plans. This way, you can act quickly when hospitality tickets are up for sale and increase the likelihood of securing tickets for your group.

  • Be Prepared With Your Payment Method: Festival tickets, including hospitality tickets, sell out in a flash. Therefore, ensure your payment method is up-to-date, and you have the necessary funds available to avoid any delays or issues during the purchasing process. Also keep in mind that See Tickets, the official ticket partner for the Festival, may have specific payment requirements or restrictions.

  • Check Resale Opportunities: If you’ve already missed out on the initial sale of the festival's hospitality tickets, you may still have a chance to secure your tickets. The festival is offering a resale of returned or cancelled tickets. Get updated with the Festival's official channels for any announcements or updates about tickets on  resale.

  • Explore Alternative Options: If you’re unable to buy tickets from the official tickets provider, consider partners like The Sybarite that can secure hospitality tickets for you. 

How Can You Apply for Early Bird Tickets?

The Festival does not offer a specific early-bird ticket information or option. The ticket sales process typically involves two main sales: the Coach Package Sale and the General Admission Sale.

However, if you want to improve your chances of securing tickets for next year’s Festival, which is to say, the Festival 2024, follow these steps:

  1. Register: You must first register on the festival's website to be able to purchase festival tickets. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. You'll need to provide your personal details, including your full name, address, and a photograph. Ensure you register well in advance.

  2. Stay Informed: Keep updated with the official website and social media channels to stay informed about ticket sale dates or any additional information.

  3. Coach Package Sale: A limited number of coach packages will be available for purchase before the General Admission sale. The package includes both your festival ticket and return coach travel from various locations around the UK. It typically takes place in early October.

  4. General Admission Sale: The majority of tickets are sold during the General Admission sale, which usually occurs shortly after the Coach Package Sale. Keep in mind that they tend to sell out quickly.

  5. Be Prepared: On the day of the ticket sales, ensure you have your registration number, payment details, and a reliable internet connection ready. To increase your chances of successfully purchasing tickets, consider setting up multiple devices and getting help from family and friends.

Is It Difficult to Get Festival VIP Tickets?

Yes, it can be difficult to get VIP tickets due to the high demand.

The Festival itself does not officially offer conventional VIP hospitality tickets. The festival organisers believe in providing a fair and inclusive experience for all attendees, meaning there are usually no exclusive VIP areas or tickets with special privileges available for purchase. 

However, you can secure a VIP ticket from a handful of service providers like The Sybarite, who partner with select hospitality specialists to provide the most exclusive luxury experiences at the festival for their patrons. 

Since hospitality tickets tend to be in short supply, you may first want to ensure you have allocated enough budget to cover the ticket costs. Next, make sure that if you’re paying for a VIP ticket, you get the exclusive privileges meant for just VIP ticket holders such as backstage access and access to performers’ arenas

For example, the festival offers pre-erected Tipis in a dedicated Tipi Village with a more upscale camping experience. You can book these Tipis in addition to General Admission tickets. However, they do not grant you access to any exclusive VIP areas or performances.

Similarly, there are off-site glamping options with a more luxurious accommodation experience during the festival provided by third-party companies and typically include comfortable accommodation, transportation to and from the festival site, and additional amenities. However, these too, do not provide access to exclusive VIP areas..

How to Buy VIP Tickets

You can buy VIP tickets for the 2024 Festival at The Sybarite. Drop your query in the Enquire Now form on this page with a full profile and we’ll contact you at the earliest. Please note that we offer hospitality tickets strictly to those interested genuinely. 

What to Expect at the 2024 Festival 

The Music Festival is one of the most celebrated music and arts festivals in the world. At the 2024 festival, expect everything from world-class food stalls to a lineup of world-renowned artists from the global music industry.

1. Diverse Music Lineup

We will share the Music Festival's lineup for 2024 shortly.

2. Performing Arts

In addition to its stellar music shows, the Music Festival is also a great performing arts festival experience that include theatre, circus, cabaret, and stand-up comedy. You’ll enjoy unique and captivating performances from talented artists from across the globe within the vibrant and creative atmosphere of the festival.

These events take place at the Theatre and Circus Field, the smallest stage at the festival. Expected lineups for 2023 include the comedy group The Doorway Cabaret, the musical theatre duo The Old Time Rags, and Bootworks Theatre Company among others.

3. Art Installations and Workshops

Each year, the Festival grounds get transformed into a sprawling canvas for various art installations and interactive workshops. This adds a unique experience for festival-goers. You’re at a great place if you also love to engage with and appreciate different forms of art, from sculptures and paintings to interactive exhibits and participatory workshops.

4. Green Initiatives

The Festival is committed to environmental sustainability and has implemented numerous eco-friendly initiatives over the years. The efforts include recycling and waste management programs, promoting the use of public transportation and carpooling, and providing reusable cups and water refill stations throughout the festival grounds to reduce single-use plastics. 

5. Accommodation Options

At the festival, attendees can choose from various accommodation options, such as camping, glamping, and off-site accommodations. The festival provides well-maintained camping facilities, including showers, toilets, and access to drinking water. 

If you seek a more comfortable experience, you can contact partners such as The Sybarite to book your VIP hospitality facilities. If you want to stick to glamping, expect pre-pitched tents, beds, and power outlets.

6. Food and Beverage

The Festival offers a diverse range of food and beverage options for different preferences and needs. From vegan and vegetarian options to international cuisine and traditional British fare, festival-goers can enjoy a wide array of flavours and culinary experiences from over 1,000 stalls with 400 dedicated to food.  

7. Kidz Field

Kidz Field provides a safe and entertaining space for children and  families attending the Music Festival. This area offers a range of activities and entertainment for younger festival-goers, including arts and crafts, storytelling, and kid-friendly performances.

Expect acts like Professor Panic’s Circus, Prof Patel’s Punch and Judy, and activities like Kidzfield Muzikademy, face painting and hair braiding,  inflatable assault course, trampolines, gyroscope and much more to ensure that children and their adults have an unforgettable time.

Final Thoughts

No doubt the Festival has become one of the most iconic cultural events of our times. This celebration of music, art, and self-expression brings together a diverse range of acts and attendees, fostering an atmosphere of unity and camaraderie. 

The festival has stood the test of time and evolved from its humble beginnings as a dairy farmer’s dream of organising a blues festival into a global cultural phenomenon. With hundreds of thousands attending it each year, tickets are always in short supply. Get in touch with The Sybarite to book yours.

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More information available upon request. Minimum duration may apply.
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