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A Q&A with Soori Bali’s Spa Manager


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14th February 2023

For those new to Soori Bali, or for those considering a stay here, you might be interested to know more about its dedicated Spa area.

The Sybarite had the opportunity to interview Soori's Spa Manager to uncover their spa experience and their most recommended experiences.

There’s no experiencing Bali without experiencing its wellbeing aspect and almost every resort offers some form of wellness treatments. Could you briefly introduce the story behind the spa and its ethos? In your personal opinion, what have you found within the spa that makes it such a sanctuary for total relaxation and rejuvenation?

At multiple awarded Soori Spa, our ultimate goal is to guide our guests towards a lasting sense of wellbeing through holistic healing and nurturing treatments. 

Our tranquil setting – on the edge of a black volcanic beach, amid stepped rice fields and under the gaze of towering Mount Batukaru – is home to deeply transformative experiences for the mind, body and soul.

With a place that is so peaceful and quiet, supported by the hands of an expert therapist and services from the heart, to make our guests towards a lasting sense of well-being through ancient healing and nurturing treatment.

What are your standout treatments and what is the ritual like? 

Our standout treatment is Ultimate Escape.

The only one of its kind, the Soori Vitality treatment suite offers a thermal spa journey combining hot and cold experiences to detoxify, replenish and rejuvenate.

The detoxifying process involves the use of fresh herbal steam bathing, an invigorating full body scrub conducted on warmed terrazzo tables, followed by a Vichy shower, scalp treatment, drenching the body in a cold power shower and a full body massage to encourage the positive flow of energy while the body’s detoxifying processes are activated. Our therapists will guide the guests journey through the various experiences in our premium Vitality Treatment Suite.

Spa refreshments will be served.

Could you tell us more about the Half Day Spa Journey and what the experience involves? Who would you recommend it for? 

Half day Spa journey is designed to restore balance, lift the spirit and satisfy palate with the holistic nurturing and nutrition’s half-day treat.

Through this package the guests can get experience yoga and meditation, 3 hours long holistic heaven and wellness detoxifying treatment at sanctuary of Soori Spa, and a healthy dinner for Soori Afternoon or Healthy lunch for Soori Sunrise.

Can guests create a bespoke treatment together with its practitioners if they prefer something highly personalised? Could you share some examples of what this might look like? 

Certainly, our skilful and attentive team of onsite practitioners and visiting wellness experts offer massage therapies and meditation procedures.

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