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How AEOS Skincare’s Sustainable Practices are Redefining Beauty St...

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By Lily Niu on 8th September 2023

AEOS might initially sound like just another name in the crowded world of skincare, but they're a standout in more ways than one. Operating from the heart of Lincolnshire, AEOS offers a blueprint of how skincare should evolve.

AEOS, which stands for “active energised organic skincare”, does take cues from its sustainable skincare competitors - take its minimalist branding and use of plant extracts, for instance - but what sets it apart is the brand's commitment to an ecologically harmonious approach, combining time-honoured wisdom with cutting-edge research.

Picture 500 acres of vibrant, untouched, nature where every ingredient is nurtured and evaluated to ensure the quality of its nutrient value. This is Shire Farm, a biodynamic sanctuary where products in the AEOS lines are born. By adhering to biodynamic farming principles, each product is free from toxic residues and endowed with a richness that comes from balanced, thriving ecosystems.

A Holistic Approach to Beauty and Sustainability

AEOS's journey is transformative not just for the skin but for the planet. Beyond offering pure, potent ingredients, its practices underscore that beauty and sustainability can and should co-exist. Given that topsoil erosion is one of our planet’s greatest threats, the AEOS commitment to ensuring the land stays fertile, healthy, and ready to offer growth for years to come should be applauded and emulated by all, where possible.  

Nature's Influence in Formulation

With nature as the primary muse, AEOS items are uniquely formulated, harnessing the power of biodynamically grown plants and herbs which are supercharged with resonances of crystals and minerals, further setting its line apart from competitors.

Notably, AEOS elevates the skincare game with its expert blend of ancient alchemy and advanced skincare insights. A key hero ingredient - spelt oil, harvested at Shire Farm - is a testament to the brand's innovative approach. Rich in antioxidants, it is a balm for weather-beaten, prematurely ageing, and sensitive skin types. But it's not just the purity of the ingredients; AEOS goes a step further. By producing spagyric quintessences tinctures, a meticulous process that transforms solid crystals into liquid, AEOS taps into the vibrational resonance of crystals, creating products that benefit the body, mind, and soul.

The brand believes in the intuitive power of colour, aligning their range with specific hues like blue, pink, and yellow, each serving unique emotional and skin needs. From soothing chamomile-infused blue products to heart chakra-supporting pink ones, each and every use becomes a holistic beauty ritual.

Purity, Potency, and Sustainability

What is impressive about AEOS's offerings is its emphasis on purity and potency. The biodynamic spelt oil, with its high absorption rates and rich constituents, ensures that skin not only receives the best of nature but absorbs it efficiently. Every product, formulated with intention and expertise, embodies the brand's promise of sustainability and efficacy.

For the discerning Sybarite, AEOS is a testament that true beauty, in all its facets, can be achieved without compromising the health of our planet. It challenges the conventions of the beauty industry and presents a path where luxury meets sustainability. As we navigate a time where sustainability is not just a choice but a necessity, brands like AEOS are at the forefront, redefining beauty standards for the better.

Shire Farm, Lincolnshire
Shire Farm, Lincolnshire

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