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Amly - Botanical Elixirs to Feed Your Skin


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By Ruth Tertilt on 13th December 2022

If Amly isn’t a part of your skincare regime it should be. This Botanical skincare brand is everything you want and more in the ingredients that it uses and in the efficacy it delivers when used as part of your skincare routine.

The additional benefit is how it envelopes the senses every time you scoop out or apply a droplet onto your face. The restorative ingredients and the therapeutic scent that it comes with makes one feel and know that they’re giving their skin the best type of treatment and vitamins for well nourished skin. 

Our most favourite product of Amly’s which has become a true staple in our skincare regime is their Nourishing Cleansing Balm and Mask. Housed in a beautiful violet glass jar which is not only recyclable but also maintains the ingredients potency, this multi-purpose balm is truly luxurious.Even after spending two weeks of testing, the result after our first use was incredibly nourishing and full of hydration. We haven’t found a cleanser quite like this, a cleanser that is able to replenish the skin’s moisture after a single use whilst also acting as a mask that can be done twice weekly. Perhaps it's because the balm contains 28 potent botanicals and 4 highly concentrated bio active's. What does this mean? Think of it as a compilation of the most potent and nourishing food-for-your-skin ingredients that are all natural and high-performing such as . Lady’s Thistle Seed Oil, Borage, Rosehip and Sea Buckthorn. Combined with the perfect symphony of bio active's to further improve your skin’s barrier. Ingredients such as Vitamin C which is known to protect against environmental damage as well as Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E for moisture and anti-ageing, these natural ingredients offer not only a nourishing cleanser but acts to detox, brighten and repair skin too. 

The texture is similar to that of a balm and can be easily scooped out into the palms of your hand. We recommend warming the balm in your hands before massaging it gently onto your face. This is also a great balm to use if you’re someone that spends time massaging your face for lymphatic drainage as it’s the type of balm that  glides easily and of course, smells divine. If you’re someone on the hunt for a new cleanser that is all natural, contains high quality ingredients, strong brand and product ethos and something that is truly effective and delivers, this is such a great treatment from Amly. It’s no wonder that it won the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022 and continues to be a winner among fans like us. 

What’s more is that Amly was founded by its owner Lisa who began the AMLY journey with their best-selling silver-rich face mists derived from the natural spring water on her organic farm in Sussex. She became familiar with the fresh captivating scents that were available to her which led her to create their next product, ‘serum-in-a-mist’. Following that, AMLY has continued to focus on delivering the most optimal products with love and care so that ultimately customers like us understand the range and the true efficacy of using holistic products on our skin and the benefits that you get out of them. A little goes a long way and at AMLY there is no reason for them to rush. Instead they let nature take the lead with their skilled blenders ready to formulate with so much care and attention to detail that you certainly feel it from the first time you use their products. 

The other product that we have grown to love is their Radiance Face Oil. Like the balm, this oil contains a wonderful concoction of antioxidant rich properties such as Pomegranate, Prickly Pear and Briti Fruit. The oil is used to nourish the skin and protect stem cells from daily sun exposure. We found it to be a great add-on to our skin regime and an added layer of moisture especially perfect for the winter months. The smell is absolutely refreshing and calming which is another great aspect about this oil, that it can uplift the senses. We have found that even applying a droplet on the insides of your wrist can really alleviate some day to day stress especially for those working in an office environment.

AMLY is a wonderful brand with wonderful products and makes for truly great gifting ideas this season. With its all natural ingredients, we feel that most skin types can benefit from their cleansers, serums or oils. Particularly this winter season, the balm has really become our skincare friend. 

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