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An evening at Blade Hair club, SoHo


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27th October 2017

From the moment I stepped into the SoHo based Blade Hair Club, I was greeted by warm and welcoming staff, who endeavoured to make my visit an enjoyable and relaxing time. The awkward small talk about holiday plans and the weather were nonexistent and it felt like I was just meeting up and chatting with old friends, all while having a wash and blow dry.

Ever since I was young I have hated visiting the hairdressers, due to that awkward small talk that makes my toes curl, and the anticipation of seeing the finished result. To combat this feeling Blade Hair Club has put an iPad in front of every chair, so you can distract yourself and search the web, or catch up on that latest Netflix show, to your heart's content.

One of the many things that made this Hair Club (not dressers) stand out was the cocktail menu I was shown on the iPad when I sat down to discuss my chosen style. After making my choice and heading downstairs I was met by the mixologist who was in the process of creating a new cocktail which I had the opportunity to try and then joined in the debate as to which garnish I preferred. After my treatment, I then sat at the bar and finished my drink and had a chat with the team and again, avoided the small talk that we all hate so much.

As far as the actual treatment is concerned, it was sheer luxury. I don’t think there is anything better than having someone else wash and dry your hair for you, no matter how much you don’t like going to the hairdressers! The team advised me on how to style my hair as I recently made quite a dramatic decision to shorten the length of it and now have no clue how to style it.

I left the Hair Club feeling completely relaxed and pampered afterwards, and with the feeling that maybe my phobia of hairdressers has been cured.  

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