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Build Your Postpartum Skincare Regime With Augustinus Bader


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By Ruth Tertilt on 23rd November 2023

As a mother of two young children, and, being in my mid-30’s, I’ve never paid more attention to the gradual aging of my skin, than now.

Throughout my adolescent years, I experienced phases of moderate to severe facial acne, so much so, that it’s left subtle scars on my skin. Had I not been attentive to my skincare regime back then, the scarring would definitely be more apparent today. The funny thing about aging is that the skin is constantly changing - because of how hyper aware I’ve always been, it’s always my mission to find skincare products that are reliable, science-led, naturally-formulated and efficacious.

One of my biggest skin concerns since I had my two children, is dealing with hyperpigmentation. I’m someone that rarely spends time in the sun, and I’m also someone that religiously applies sunscreen whatever the weather, so the fact that I began noticing a few freckles and dark spots really perturbed me. I soon realised that the hyperpigmentation was caused by hormonal changes after giving birth. After birth, some women deal with hormonal imbalances resulting in a decrease in oestrogen levels, which in turn manifests in melasma, dark spots, freckles, and hyper pigmentation. 

About Augustinus Bader

I first discovered Augustinus Bader after attending an intimate seminar hosted by Vogue. I always feel that getting to know the person behind the brand is just as important as finding the brand that works for you. Having heard Augustinus Bader describe how he spent three decades formulating creams to treat burn victims with the goal of healing the skin from within, I was fully inspired. Professor Bader really wanted to find ways to improve burn victims skin (especially in children) with less invasive procedures; with his background in Medical Biotechnology and having spent decades in researching stem cells, he continued to formulate scar-healing and skin regeneration treatments.

When Professor Bader finally created a medical-grade hydrogel cream that could help treat children’s burns, he decided to adapt the technology for everyday use. The eponymous luxury skincare brand finally launched in 2018 and has since garnered a cult following of A-Listers and Beauty Editors alike.

Since trialing three of the brand's products over the course of a month, I am hooked. The formulations are versatile, suitable for myriad skin types and concerns. With consistent use in small amounts (NB: a little goes a long way) my skin feels and appears more refreshed and smoother. Deeper than that, I feel that my skin is being protected and nourished, especially required postpartum. Below, I break down the creams I'm using and the benefits of each.

The Rich Cream

This iconic award-winning cream is one of the first product's that Augustinus Bader launched. It contains patented TFC8® technology (which supports the skin's renewal processes to bolster skin health) which is found in all AB products. This elixir is also laden with high potency botanicals such as evening primrose oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids to deeply hydrate, natural amino acids, and a cocktail of high-grade vitamins. 

The Rich Cream has a much thicker consistency compared to The Cream, its lighter counterpart. Depending on your skin texture, you can tailor your cream to your desires, without losing any of the efficacy. The Rich Cream is perfect for the winter months when skin feels particularly parched. Simply apply two pumps in an upward sweeping motion for unparalleled hydration. 

£225 for 50ml. Shop here.

The Retinol Serum

This serum is a recent addition to the AB roster after a careful process of research and testing to achieve the perfect formula, again supported by TFC8® technology. The Serum is a lightweight texture brimming with pure retinol to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It's a hardworking step in your regime, supporting the skin's microbiome whilst tackling hyperpigmentation and acne scars. I prime my skin with this silky serum, leaving it for a few moments before layering the Rich Cream on top.

£270 for 30ml. Shop here.

The Eye Cream

No skincare regime is complete for me unless it incorporates an eye cream. I feel that we tend to underestimate our under-eye area, and just because there’s no quick-fix, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect this area on a daily basis. The AB Eye Cream contains the patented TFC8® technology, in addition to a blend of skin-loving ingredients such as French Seaweed to stimulate skin renewal (particularly after sun damage, Pennywort to reduce inflammation and Arjun Tree extracts to banish dark circles. and other powerful actives. 

£170. Shop here.

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