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First Fully Robotic Kitchen


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4th March 2021

In the modern world, a truly luxurious lifestyle will always encompass some new technological innovation. If you want to eat healthy and create exquisite plates at the drop of a hat (but you don't have the talent/ time/ desire to cook) we have the solution for you.

Making dinner has never been so easy. With their slogan, 'The future is served', British company Moley Robotics has brought the digital revolution to the table: The World’s First Fully Robotic Kitchen. The world's first smart chef-robot, that cooks and washes your dishes, is a game-changing step into the future of cooking at home and in restaurants.

This luxurious tech kitchen makes gourmet food without effort from the comfort of your own home, which is especially relevant in times when extra hygiene measures are essential worldwide. Moley Robot facilitates limited contact during food preparation and integrates safe UV-disinfection of the worktop and the air in the cooking zone.

The robotic apparatus comprises two highly complex robotic hands and different types of sensors. Developed in collaboration with German robotic company Schunk, the five finger robotic hand is one of the key features of the kitchen. Moley can operate devices and hold ingredients in the same way that a person would, as well as use cookware and utensils, operate touch-screen appliances and tidy up kitchen surfaces when it’s finished. 

Since Moley’s 2015 prototype showing, many restaurants and chefs have fallen in love with this great innovative digital culinary revolution. Moley works directly with certified and outstanding chefs to compile recipes to acquire the culinary skills and experience Moley needs to make you feel like you are at your favourite restaurant.

With its library of recipes, this robotic kitchen is capable of recreating the most exquisite dishes using electrical appliances that we have in our kitchens. Its system is clever and beautifully designed. Thanks to its sophisticated GUI (Monitor Guided User Interface) touch-screen you can instruct Moley to create and record recipes, define ingredients, open drawers, manipulate tools and food.. It enables you to operate a complex mechanism with easy and simple operations.

The magic happens behind Moley’s automatic storage system. Any item can be delivered to the cooking area automatically. It allows the robot to find all the appliances needed and track their location in a matter of seconds.

It also comes with eight separate sections of refrigerator maintaining all types of ingredients at the right temperature and thanks to its smart technology, you will be aware of everything. From keeping track of your stock or even when you are running out of any ingredient! You will have a complete control of the kitchen.

When it comes to safety, you don’t have to worry, Moley comes with an automated protective screen that closes when the robot starts cooking, preventing humans from any interference.

Each Moley kitchen is bespoke, the first of its kind in the world, making sure that it gives you what you need and you deserve at all times. At a minimum cost of £248,000 this unique appliance is set for launch and arrival at our houses late this year.

Image credits: Black Edge Productions

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