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Duval-Leroy - For Champagne Lovers

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8th October 2020

Founded in 1859, the Duval-Leroy vineyards are located in Vertus, a village in the Champagne region of France. Set in a beautiful location of almost 500 acres of vines, the Duval-Leroy brand grapes produce of some of the world’s leading Champagnes, including the famous ‘Fleur de Champagne’, the Duval-Leroy Brut Premier Cru cuvee, and the ‘Femme de champagne’ which is only produced on exceptional years.

But most exceptional of all is the brand’s commitment to involving the consumer in the production of the Champagne. Their philosophy is “It is with you that we make the best Champagnes”, and this is evident from everything that the vineyard offers.

Driving this commitment to the consumer is the Duval-Leroy family themselves, who have remained an integral part of the Duval-Leroy vineyard and the Duval-Leroy champagne making process. Although educating people about Champagne is a great passion of the CEO of Duval-Leroy, Carol Duval-Leroy, where her true passion lies is sharing the creation of champagne with the masses.

Many other prestigious vineyards will look down on the process of personalisation or opening their doors to the intricacies of creating something so exclusive as Champagne, but Duval-Leroy takes a refreshing perspective, by believing innovation lies in showing people the essence of Champagne-making, a drink that is both steeped in tradition and forever ‘of the moment’. Involving the consumer in this process has not happened overnight - the house, the vineyard, the entire location has been completely transformed to work aid in the personalised champagne making process. The balance between modernity and tradition is evident in the modern, minimalist tasting rooms, which overlook the 5km of historic, beautiful, chalk cellars.

Although focused on catering for the personalised customer, Duval-Leroy has not forgotten the integrity and source of the land that makes some of the most revered bubbles seen on many Michelin star tables. They strive for sustainability, with natural winemaking processes, and do everything they can to combat water waste and minimise pollution. Solar panels heat and light the tasting room, reception and oak barrel room, and a green wall of over 2500 plants keep the temperature and atmosphere ideal for winemaking. They are also the first Champagne house to produce a cuvee from organically grown grapes.

Location, bubbles, personalisation - Duval-Leroy is absolutely worth the visit. Click here to learn more about the specially curated Duval-Leroy x The Sybarite experience.

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