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Create Your Own Bespoke Marble Furniture


Hand-crafted, luxury experiences curated by our team—speak to our concierge to learn more

Price available on enquiry

More information available upon request. Minimum duration may apply.
Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

Embark on a personalised journey with our partner as we invite you to bring your distinct vision to life. Whether you aspire to create a one-of-a-kind marble masterpiece or desire a bespoke furniture piece tailored to your preferences, we’re here to guide you at every stage of the creative process.

From selecting the perfect stone to choosing finishes and designs, to the precision of the final cut, our dedicated team collaborates closely with you, transforming your ideas into tangible expressions of luxury and individuality. Our partner's design ateliers are rooted in the heart of Paris, serving as the backdrop for the inception of your custom creation. They understand the importance of crafting furniture that resonates with your unique taste and style, and our shared commitment extends to ensuring that the final piece is a true reflection of your vision.

The Experience

Crafted from carefully selected slabs of marble and onyx, each piece is chosen for both intrinsic beauty and rarity. The commitment to uniqueness extends beyond aesthetics, as each item is thoughtfully designed to balance functionality and delicacy, embodying a harmonious blend of form and purpose.

At the heart of our collection lies the inherent individuality in both design and materials, making each creation a testament to the distinctive character of the materials employed. Exquisite details exemplify the dedication to craftsmanship, ensuring each item is a unique masterpiece.

Lead Time

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery, as each item is made to order with the utmost precision and care.

The Production

Nestled in Italy, lies our partner's factory which stands as the epicenter of artisan excellence, where their dedicated team of seasoned craftsmen imbue every creation with passion and skill. A harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, they seamlessly integrate collective expertise with cutting-edge technologies, ensuring each piece is a testament to both time-honored craftsmanship and contemporary precision.

In their pursuit of perfection, every detail undergoes scrupulous scrutiny at every stage of production. From the initial selection of raw materials to the final touches, our commitment to uncompromising quality shines through.

The factory is not merely a place of production; it is a crucible where artistry and technique converge to breathe life into each creation. Their artisans, fueled by passion and guided by skill, work in unison to elevate the essence of marble and onyx, transforming raw materials into timeless pieces that grace your living spaces with unparalleled beauty and functionality.

Price available on enquiry

More information available upon request. Minimum duration may apply.
Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

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