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Sybarite Curated Stays - Bali Cultural Immersion


Hand-crafted, luxury experiences curated by our team—speak to our concierge to learn more

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Bali is a place that, once visited, stays with you for a lifetime, and our partner on the ground captures the unseen, ethereal magic of the island’s cultural heart. Discover Bali and uncover its rich and vibrant cultural scene through this adventure-filled curated stay.

Crystal-clear waters, vivid coral reefs, lush jungles, historic cultural sites: The island of Bali is a picture-perfect tropical paradise. Find inspiration at one of the thousands of ancient temples, catch a glimpse of rare wildlife at a leafy sanctuary, or greet the sun from the peak of Mount Batur – whatever the adventure, Sungai Jungle Villas can help you to take in the best of the island.


Here on the island less than 150 kilometres wide and only 80 kilometres from north to south, day-to-day life is layered in ceremony and festival, a parade of activities rooted among the island’s 4.5 million inhabitants.

The joy of Bali is that daily life is just as memorable for its visitors. The island’s complex and endlessly renewing culture offers new experiences from morning to evening – from temple ceremonies and gamelan performances to village festivals and palace theatre. Located in the 2 heart of Bali Sungai Jungle Villas will guide you to encounter the island’s beguiling face and discover its soul.

In a country of rivers and volcanic mountains, tropical forest, terraced rice fields, sea vistas and more, there is no shortage of activities to get close to the land, its people and their culture. To help you get there, we have carefully curated an Experiences Guide. Allowing you to immerse yourself with cultural and local experiences, nature and outdoor activities, and wellness.

We will be pleased to tailor any activity or visit to your particular needs and interests to help you explore the magic of Bali.

However, the following should not be missed during your stay with our partner villa:

A Day In The Life Of A Balinese Farmer

Rice is the life-blood of Bali. It permeates every aspect of Balinese culture and has for at least two thousand years. The current system of Subak Irrigation has been in use for at least 1000 years. The fact that this ancient system is so environmentally sound, and gives such high yields are some of the reasons for UNESCO adding Bali’s Subak system to their world heritage list. Subaks are pathways that connect each paddy to the water temple or local water source. This system is much more than a simple agriculture tradition, it is a tradition that is simultaneously spiritual and communal; deeply ingrained with Balinese culture.

The very social structure within Bali is infused by this ancient tradition. You could even say that rice is Bali. It is the staple food in the Balinese diet and holds cultural and religious importance as well as being a crucial carb source for the population. Balinese rice growing is intimately interwoven into Balinese society and culture. The subak plays a central role. On the one hand it is a religious and social community. It is responsible for the rice rituals and it sets the institutional framework in which the farmers coordinate and cooperate. On the other hand it is a productive unit providing the staple food for Balinese society.

Delve deeper into Bali’s serene beauty and tradition by spending a day in the life of a local Cepaka Village rice farmer. Discover where nature meets culture at the UNESCO World Heritage subak irrigation network, which is home to historic and holy sites. Start your bucolic journey with a private guided walk from your Sungai Jungle Villa through rice fields and jungle paths leading to a rice temple in the rice fields where morning tea will be served. The priest actually is also on staff at the villas so it will make for a very personal experience. Then even help local farmers plant rice (the rice cycle season is varied from village to village so your dates will determine at what stage the rice is at and therefore what involvement opportunities will be available). Back to the villa for an authentic farmer’s lunch of nasi campur. Simple, authentic, beautiful – a true Balinese experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Balinese Temple Blessing

To cleanse and purify your spirit and relax your mind, the Balinese blessing is a lovely ceremony which involves offerings, prayers, holy water, incense and bija (consecrated rice) and takes place at the temple in the rice fields, walking distance from the villas. The pemangku (village priest) will invoke the gods to witness the ceremony. He will then consecrate offerings of flowers and rice and ask for good health and happiness for you. You will be guided in prayers, which are offered with flowers held before the forehead. Then the pemangku will sprinkle you with holy water and offer bija, which carries the blessings of the gods. The priest is actually on staff at our partner villa which makes it very personal for our clients.

Mountain Trekking

Looking for something a little more strenuous? Join our partner's preferred local guide on a trek at dawn to the peak of 1,717-metre-tall Mount Batur, just over an hour’s drive from the Resort.

Despite the relatively small nature of the island, mountain trekking in Bali can offer something quite challenging for the more adventurous, not just with large altitude gains, but also with early mornings to avoid the heat of the day. But the effort is well worth the reward of once-in-a-lifetime sunrises rarely witnessed from these lessertravelled spots on the island.

A car & driver will be arranged by our partner Villas to take you to the starting point, where you will meet your local guide. Local guides are experts of these trails and will lead you to the summit, where you can enjoy your breakfast with stunning views on the surroundings. The Villa's car will stay at the base until your return and transfer you back to the resort upon completion.

If you wish to summit for sunrise, we would advise departing no later than 2.00am. This is early, but the views are unbelievably worth it. If you do trek for sunrise, it can get very windy at the top, so dress accordingly.

There's a good reason why so many people bother to wake up in the middle of the night and hike up Mount Batur in total darkness. The views from the top are amazing. As the sun rises, you'll see Mount Abang (2.152m), Mount Agung (3.142m) and Mount Rinjani in Lombok (3.726m) volcanoes, as well as the volcanic lake. When the sky clears, you will also have some excellent panoramas of towns and villages below.

Kediri Locals Shopping Town

Off the tourist grid local town 15 minutes from the villas. Visit a large fabric shop (Toko Nyoman) that also sells and makes uniforms for police, army, and ceremonial costumes for locals. Take home your choice of batik sarongs from hundreds of designs on display. Children can also have traditional clothes made to take back for ‘show and tell’ at their overseas schools.

Recognized by UNESCO for its symbolism, culture and intricacy, Indonesian Batik infuses daily life and rituals. Infants are carried in batik slings to bring them luck, the dead are shrouded in funerary batik and couples incorporate it into their wedding ceremonies, while everyday designs are commonly worn at work.

Morning Markets

Discover the institutions of Bali: the morning markets. There is one within our village of Cepaka. Get there well before 8.00am – ideally before 7.00am – if you can. The crowds will tell you that you have arrived. So, too, will the spreading banyan tree and the modest shrine at the centre of most Balinese 10 markets. While sprawling roofs of corrugated iron or tile cover much of the market, sellers and their wares also spread out along the roadside that fronts it.

The buyers and sellers are mostly women –indeed, the Balinese market has been called ‘the ladies club of Balinese society’. As for the market fare, it is a colourful cornucopia of the expected and the exotic. Meat, fish and vegetables are displayed in great abundance. Squeeze past stalls offering seaweed and tapioca sticks, tiny toes of ginger, bright red peppers the size of small Balinese lizards, and belut – the small eels that thrive in flooded rice fields. If you get hungry, try some glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf or roasted rice mixed with palm sugar.

Balinese Healing

Bali’s traditions are deeply rooted in holistic healing, which is demonstrated through this transformational experience. This intrinsic spirituality has long appealed to divine seekers and soulful healers – individuals devoted to a mindful, conscious way of life, who in turn further enrich our island paradise. Healer visits are one of the many options for the villas’ guests.

Arts and Crafts Tour

The villages around Ubud (45 minutes from the villa) are famous for their arts and crafts. Our partner's guest services manager is an expert in exploring and discovering artists’ workshops and exquisite pieces of art. Stone masons, woodcarvers, painters, basket weavers and textile makers all call the area home.

Take a tour of galleries and artists’ workshops in the greater Ubud area to see the artisans at work.

Tours can be catered to your specific interests.

Age Old Beauty Treatments

The traditional beauty rituals of Indonesian women date back thousands of centuries, passed down through the generations for their miraculous beautifying properties. In fact, these rituals are so respected, many are now used widely in modern spas. You can’t come to Bali without sampling a traditional Balinese massage, and in local culture, it is considered a routine staple of everyday life. A Balinese-style massage incorporates traditional techniques from India and China to relax pressure points, stimulate nerve endings, and rejuvenate tired muscles with long pressure strokes.

Our partner have available a team of therapists who can provide services ranging from a variety of full body massages, body scrubs and masks, facials using natural local products, manicures and pedicures incorporating treatments that are both traditional and classic. These massages and treatments are all carried out in the comfort, tranquillity, and convenience of your villa amidst the aromas of the essential oil Bergamot which will help you relax whilst restoring your vitality by relieving stress and tension, building your immunity and restoring your physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Drift away to treatments that sooth, stimulate, and pamper. Our menu offers you a collection of deliciously pleasurable ways to relieve stress, boost vitality, enchant your senses, restore balance and experience bliss. And in keeping with our focus on our younger guests, children are catered for with shorter massages (they can experience all varieties during their stay like mum does if they like) and manicures/pedicures, so that every minute is fun, and they can then race back to the pools with their friends.

Balinese Cooking Class with Celebrity Chef Will Meyrick


Combine the joys of exploration, cycling, and culinary artistry in an unforgettable experience brought to you by Will Meyrick’s cooking retreat.

‘Cooking with Cycling’ offers a one-of-a-kind way to immerse yourself in Bali’s culture, landscapes, and culinary treasures. Whether you’re captivated by the thrill of cycling, the art of cooking, or the allure of Balinese traditions, this program promises an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Begin your adventure with a morning coffee session and a short briefing at the starting point in Belayu, Marga Tabanan. From here, set out on a cycling exploration that leads you through rice fields, alongside flowing rivers, and to the heart of Balinese culture.

Engage in the rich tapestry of Balinese life as you visit a Balinese family temple, a testament to the island’s spiritual essence. Upon departure, a signed disclaimer form ensures your safety as you traverse the picturesque landscapes. Your journey then takes you to Mengwi’s traditional market, where you’ll be immersed in the vibrant tapestry of Balinese market life.

The market tour offers a glimpse into the heart of Balinese cuisine, as you interact with Balinese offering sellers, spice and herb vendors, and local fruit and vegetable merchants. Immerse yourself further as you indulge in a staple Balinese breakfast right at the market – an experience that encapsulates the island’s flavors and spirit.

As the sun climbs higher, your adventure takes you to Villa Cinta in Canggu, where culinary mastery awaits. Led by one of our skilled chefs, you’ll delve into the world of Balinese cooking. Prepare to create two exquisite Balinese main courses, master the craft of two distinct sambals, and discover the secrets of one traditional Balinese vegetable side dish.

After your hands-on cooking session, it’s time to savour the fruits of your labour. The scent of freshly prepared dishes fills the air as you enjoy a sumptuous lunch.

Price available on enquiry

More information available upon request. Minimum duration may apply.
Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

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