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Federica De Caro of Vita / Interview


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14th April 2022

VITA, meaning ‘life’ in Latin, is exactly the choice of word that comes to mind when talking with Federica De Caro - Founder of VITA, a 6-story fitness boutique in Sloane Square.

You started your career in finance, to training and launching a pioneering brand in Pilates, yoga and barre. What inspired you to launch VITA?

Before I launched VITA I never felt as though I found a place that achieved everything I wanted in my ideal fitness experience. I was inspired to create a space that encapsulated all the aspects that made me feel motivated to exercise and happy to be at the studio. That space became VITA.

How would you describe VITA?

VITA is a fitness boutique that offers a variety of Pilates, barre, and yoga classes as well as wellness treatments in Sloane Square.  VITA aims to be a happy place for our clients as we focus on effectiveness, positivity, meaningfulness, self-indulgence, and ease. The classes are the perfect mix of core-strengthening, muscle-lengthening, and body-sculpting workouts personalised to maximise each client’s experience.

When you were in the process of launching VITA, what was important to you when envisioning an inclusive space for women?

Personally, my fitness journey began post pregnancy so I wanted to create a fitness program that would empower women to feel physically and mentally the best they can through the various stages of their life from young girls to expecting mothers and beyond.  Women’s bodies are unique considering the way they grow, function and flourish, so they deserve movement specifically geared towards them.


The 6-story studio includes a holistic 360 degrees wellness offer. What inevitable well-being trends do you predict this coming year?

During the pandemic, many people became very used to working out in the comfort of their own home. I predict people will crave more in person workouts once again. There is a powerful and fulfilling energy that comes along with exercising and achieving your fitness goals alongside a supportive and encouraging community. In addition, professional advice helps to avoid injuries or mishaps. At VITA we believe the simplest moments we share with the people we love is what makes life truly special. We believe exercising together can be one of those moments.

We've had a challenging time with the pandemic and now the conflict happening in Ukraine. How important is finding the time for wellness, now, more than ever?

Finding time for wellness is the grounding for a happy and balanced life.  Throughout life there are euphoric highs and horrendous lows. During these lows, it can feel impossible to find hope in the face of despair. Carving out time for health and wellness can give one the strength to persevere, the energy to practice love and gratitude, and the faith that there is a hopeful future ahead.  An activity as simple as drinking water, meditating, or getting fresh air nourishes your mind, body, and spirit. Wellness helps us to see the light now and in the future.

Describe a day in the life of empowering women in three words
Strength, Grace, and Beauty

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