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Frugi organic clothing


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13th September 2019

For those parents out there looking for a luxury brand of kid’s clothing that is also kind to the environment and your little one’s skin, then look no further that ‘Frugi’.

Since discovering the brand it has been a solid staple in the wardrobe of both my little angels. In 2008 the company changed its name to Frugi, meaning ‘Fruits of the Earth’ in Latin, it was at this point that the collection grew to also include gorgeous clothing for older children and breastfeeding wear for mums. 

The clothing is all organic, pure, soft and snuggly. It is kind to babies and young children’s delicate skin and there are no harmful chemicals or dangerous dyes. Plus organic cotton is durable and long-lasting meaning you can hand it down for generations. Also all of Frugi’s outerwear, backpacks, lunch bags, pencil cases and coin purses have been made from post-consumer recycled materials - using all of those plastic drink bottles that are thrown away in household waste. 

Frugi take great pride in the relationships they have developed with the companies and people who supply their goods. They regularly visit their suppliers to make sure that everything is in ship shape and working to the Frugi code of conduct.

The Frugi range includes everything from dresses and tops to swimwear and bedding. All the designs are beautiful and perfect for little ones. This summer I fell in love with their pretty polly dress set, which was a gorgeous dress covered in a strawberry pattern. My little girl looked so adorable in it. I also really like their ralph reversible shorts which have gorgeous marine blue anchors embroidered on one side with fun pops of sun yellow anchors dotted around and a classic chambray design on the other side. Handy when you are away on holiday and don’t want to take too much with you.  The quality of Frugi clothing is outstanding, an example of this is their organic cotton hooded towel which is perfect for days out at the beach. It’s super soft and lovely and thick. 

The only problem that I have with Frugi is every time I browse the site I end up purchasing way too much. Just be prepared now I have introduced you to Frugi, there will be no going back - you too will become a Frugi lover!

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