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Review: Germaine de Cappucini


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27th June 2022

Spending a day pampering yourself in a spa is, in my opinion, one of the great joys in life.

So when we were invited to try the new Germaine de Cappuccini Radiance C+ facial at the Spa at The Landmark Hotel this summer, we were beyond excited. Being a bit of a spa lover comes with advantages and disadvantages - while we jump at any opportunity to enjoy a facial, scrub or sauna, we have experienced the good, bad and the terrible, which perhaps has made us a tad critical whenever a beauty treatment comes our way. The Germaine de Cappuccini facial lived up to our expectations and then some.

The 60 minute facial is based on the new Germaine de Cappuccini vitamin C formation and skincare line. called the Timexpert Radiance C+. This new range intensifies the effectiveness of the star ingredient, vitamin C, which is known to promote collagen production, hydrates the skin and soothes any blemishes.

Scientific advances within the field of nanotechnology and the discovery of new synergies among ingredients have allowed the creation of TIMEXPERT RADIANCE C+ to fight against oxidative stress with greater effectiveness and, therefore, against ageing visible through dark spots, dehydration and dull skin tone. For the first time, a treatment that multiplies 6 times the effectiveness of Pure Vitamin C* thanks to the patented HLG nanopolymer, which nourishes cells in depth and allows a sustained release of the active ingredient.

Part of the novelty of going for a facial is the decadence in taking time to yourself to look after yourself. The spa at The Landmark is a treat simply for the location itself. The Landmark London is a 5-star London institution that first opened its doors in 1899, and is one of the most beautiful hotels that has stood the test of time in the capital. A member of ‘Leading Hotels of the World’, the Winter Garden entrance is breathtaking, and the old school glamour makes this one of The Sybarite’s favourite London Hotel.

The reception at the spa, a hidden gem in the basement of the hotel, is wonderful. My facialist, Gina, was lovely, and showed me around the beautiful facilities where Germaine de Cappuccini offers multiple treatments, from massages to facials to full day packages. The spa includes a swimming pool, private gym and multiple treatment rooms.

I would normally say that facials that last an hour are perhaps unnecessarily long. However, I was so impressed with this treatment that I actually wish it had lasted longer. What was particularly refreshing is that Gina talked me through every step of the facial, and the benefits the products and its ingredients would have for my face. I often think after I have had a facial - what was actually applied to my skin for what reason? But that was definitely not the case here - everything was explained, Gina gave me tips for my at home skin routine and the facial was even adapted based on skin concerns I had.

The facial started with aromatic breathing with sandalwood, patchouli, violet and ylang ylang oil, releasing tensions from pressure points. The face is then cleaned in a Japanese Kirei ritual with warm towels, cleansing milk with peach and mandarin and toning lotion with hyaluronic acid. Next came the renewing peel for delicate skin which was 10% lactobionic. This is left on for 10 minutes, and instead of being left alone, we got an incredible scalp massage while the peel soaked in.

Next came the Vitamin C part. Once the peel was removed with a warm towel and Essential toning lotion, a 10% Ferulic acid was applied which boosts Vitamin C action. This was immediately followed by a powerful Vitamin C concentrate to boost collagen and provide an anti-glycation effect and energy to the skin. A luxurious massage serum is used with the Germaine de Cappuccini massage ball to stimulate the skin and charge it with vitality - you could immediately feel tension being released around the eyes and mouth.

After the massage, the Illuminating Anti-fatigue Mask is applied, consisting of an extra-thin cellulose mask soaked in a serum loaded with active ingredients to firm and hydrate. While the mask soaked in, I was treated to a lovely hand and foot massage, including shiatsu pressure points to release muscular tension and improve lymphatic drainage.

The final part of the facial revolved around the final steps of the Vitamin C Timexpert product application - the Timexpert Rides Balm for eyes and lips was applied containing new BTX-Tripeptine - Dynamic wrinkle reduction ingredient.
To finish off the products, a concentrated Vitamin C moisturiser is applied, and a neck stretching with a hot towel concludes this wonderful treatment. Treatment concludes with a closing protocol of gentle neck stretching using a hot towel. Fragrance application to the shoulders with Pleasure and Calm Aromatic body spray and pillow mist (Orange Blossom, Calendula, Vanilla and Hop to de-stress and calm the mind).

Overall, this was an incredible facial. My skin was left revitalised and glowing for days after, and the products I was given to take home really (all from the Timexpert Vitamin C range) really made a difference in my skincare routine. My skin can be quite reactive and sensitive, but this was not at all an issue with this treatment. The spa, the location, the products and all their wonderful ingredients, definitely make this Germaine de Cappuccini facial one of my favourites in London. Treat yourself and make an appointment for a bright new you in the new year.

More about Germaine de Cappucini:
Over 50 years of excellence in professional skincare. Established in 1964, Germaine de Capuccini is responsible for some of the most important breakthroughs in skincare technology and remains, to this day, one of the world’s most important skincare brands, holding true to its original values of professionalism, quality, innovation and integrity.
Many of our products are designed to treat not just a specific skin concern but also a specific skin type ensuring you get the right results from your skincare. Our natural ingredients are ethically sourced, with a moves to becoming carbon-neutral. Certified as the first professional skincare company committed to compensating and reducing CO2 emissions. Nothing is ever tested on animals.

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