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Health Is Wealth: How to Live Longer

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By Lily Niu on 29th September 2022

“The first wealth is health,” once wrote American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. Here at The Sybarite, we’re inclined to agree.

Whatever your idea of a good time might be, it’s likely that vision comes hand-in-hand with a picture of optimal health.

Enter Echelon Health, proprietors of the world’s most accurate health assessments. Situated in London’s Harley Street, this clinic is at the forefront of offering proactive, predictive, and utterly personalised screenings which, thanks to superior medical imaging equipment that can detect up to 92% of the causes of diseases in men and 95% in women, could be the modern solution to prolonging one’s life.

Prevention is indeed better than cure and for those similarly minded, Echelon Health has partnered with the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park to provide a luxury comprehensive health screening experience using world-leading medical technology to identify dormant risks within the body which could result in premature death.

Echelon Health’s mission is a noble one: To detect disease in their earliest stages and enable clients to age better while leading long and healthy lives.

The Echelon Optimum package includes a restful two-night stay at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, spanning the night before and night of the assessment day. Clients who live within a 100-mile radius of London will be chauffeured to the hotel directly from their homes.

The next day, guests will be collected from the hotel and driven to the Harley Street clinic, where they’ll receive meticulously designed tests and assessments under the care and expert supervision of their personal client liaison manager.

World class scanning technologies operated by leading radiographers as part of the assessment produce the high quality images which are then analysed by internationally renowned radiologists. Detailed blood tests will also provide a comprehensive overview into the state of the body’s health.

Come the end of their day at Echelon Health, clients will be whisked back to the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park for an evening of rest and relaxation in luxury surroundings, where they can spend a £200 voucher as they wish; on in-room dining or perhaps a pampering spa treatment.

Guests will be chauffeured home again the next morning and within the following two-week period, Echelon Health Director Dr. Paul Jenkins will personally deliver a detailed health analysis and healthcare suggestions for the future.

Should any clients require treatment, Dr. Jenkins will immediately refer them to his trusted network of expert specialists or their own specialist practitioners.

This life enhancing luxury experience, the Echelon Optimum package, is available for two people at £24,000 or £14,000 for one. Clients will receive a £200 voucher to spend as they wish at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park during their stay. More information can be found on

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