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Go Cycle.

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Richard Thorpe pays his staff to come to work. His rate is 40p per mile.  There are two conditions. His employees have to come to work by bike and return home on the same one after work.

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Caviar gold apple airpods. Caviar airpods. Flag of United_kingdom

Product Launch - Sony Caviar Unveils $108K USD Gold Apple...

Footballers arrive at grounds wearing them. Gamers are never out of them.  Kids communicate with their parents in sign language from under them.  Sonic ear muffs or headphones are de rigeur. We all need a hearing aid at some time in our lives.  For various reasons. To be able to hear some things some people say. Sometimes. And to enjoy music. Or silence. The sort of headphone you choose to wear over or around your ears depends largely on the size of your wallet and your head and how much you appreciate music and value silence. Gary Lineker, Martin Keown, Owen Hargreaves, Rio Ferdinand and Alan Shearer have one thing in common. They are noise irritants.  At times, they need to be silenced. Is there such a thing as high-quality, high-fidelity silence? Certainly, especially when you have neighbours who have just been granted planning permission to demolish their home and rebuild it.   If you work from home as I do – or pretend to – there is nothing worse or less conducive to getting things done than a cement mixer and pneumatic drill going full blast less than twenty yards from your laptop.  These days it is called noise pollution. I still know it as “a ‘kin din”.

3 1655455750. Moley robot kitchen_ce6i4890 edit scaled 1. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring Cooking the Future with The World's First Fully Robotic...

Making dinner has never been so easy. With their slogan, 'The future is served', British company Moley Robotics has brought the digital revolution to the table: The World’s First Fully Robotic Kitchen. The world's first smart chef-robot, that cooks and washes your dishes, is a game-changing step into the future of cooking at home and in restaurants. This luxurious tech kitchen makes gourmet food without effort from the comfort of your own home, which is especially relevant in times when extra hygiene measures are essential worldwide. Moley Robot facilitates limited contact during food preparation and integrates safe UV-disinfection of the worktop and the air in the cooking zone.

Chopard. Chopard workshop. Flag of United_kingdom

Chopard’s Latest Unique Piece Perfect to Celebrate...

February 12th 2021 marks the beginning of the Year of the Ox. An Earth sign, emblem of the twelfth lunar month, the ox represents a period conducive to both nature and agriculture. This generous animal ensures prosperity and is a symbol of strength of the coming year. To honor the occasion, each year since 2013, Chopard has created exceptional L.U.C Haute Horlogerie timepieces, with an artistic interpretation of the Chinese Zodiac. Faithful to the tradition, Chopard has consistently worked with the best Japanese lacquer artisans who craft dials using the historic Urushi lacquer technique. The result is an exquisite edition of 88 dials produced by the workshops of the century-old Yamada Heiando company and made by master lacquer artist Minori Koizumi. The unique craftsmanship of Maki-e technique is used and captured between the layers of lacquer drawn from the sap of the Toxicodendron vernicifluum tree, gold flakes illuminate a background that features a golden ox with straight horns and an abundant coat, harnessed to a wagon.

Travel concierge bag. Travel concierge black  and white. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring Luxury luggage with personal travel assistance by Horizn go

The sleek Model M Cabin Case is the perfect size for cabin luggage with a spacious interior and a fold-able laundry bag to ease with packing on the way back. The TSA approved lock is easy to use and ensures you keep your valuables safe without needing to carry extra keys, which inevitably get lost! Forget the fuss at security; the Model M has a laptop friendly compartment at the front. Simply keep your tech stored in there and it is easily accessible throughout your travel experience. To ensure your tech stays protected the compartment is made from leather and waterproof nylon, providing enough space for a 15” laptop. It even features a Horizn Smart Charger, which can charge your mobile phone up to six times. If you get tired of walking around the airport attached to a suitcase, simply click the button and you can remove the charger to have it in your pocket or handbag. Whether it is a long or short haul flight you can have your technology charged and Netflix pre-loaded and ready to watch.

Sketch london new interactive experince. Sketch's brand new digital platform 1655733155. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring Sketch London unveils new interactive online experience

As one of the most Instagrammed places in the world, Sketch has built its brand on striking interiors, mysterious visuals, and innovative design. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that sketch's new website is a rabbit hole of playfulness and imagination. The Sybarite were lucky enough to be invited along to the launch of sketch's new interactive online experience, designed by London graphic and design studio Hato, where we explored the brand new platform's features in amongst fairy tale surroundings... Tucked away in The Glade, one of sketch's five rooms, all designed for different purposes and creating different atmospheres, we sit trialling a brand new online platform; the result of creative collaboration between sketch London and Studio Hato. You will likely have already heard of sketch London, having established itself as a must-visit for Londoners and city visitors alike, due to it's unique and diverse decor, impeccable service and delicious food.

Pks list hotel app featured. Pks list luxury  hotel app . Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring Elite travel club PK’s list launches luxury hotel app

Known for having one of the more respected opinions in the travel world, Philippe Kjellgren, known as PK, has built relationships with luxury hoteliers around the world and used his unique eye for detail and invaluable travel experience to launch the elite travel club, PK's list. Members of his exclusive club, in which membership is by referral only and elite membership is by invitation only, include royal families, dignitaries, and celebrities from all over the globe. PK is now using his years of travel knowledge to create an exclusive travel app, launching in May 2018. Members of the new mobile app will have access to not only PK's private information on luxury hotels worldwide but also unique travel benefits such as spa credits, hotel upgrades, gift vouchers, and even late check-out at certain hotels.

Porsche huawei huawei mate 10. Porsche huawei huawei mate 10. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring Porsche and Huawei partners up to launch Porsche Design...

With built-in dedicated AI processor and machine learning, the Porsche Design HUAWEI Mate 10 is an intelligent device. As well as functional design, it delivers performance at lightning speed, responding to real-world situations and learning from the user. This includes a camera which features the best lenses, self-adjustment, intelligent feedback and AI enabled photo applications as well as a PRO mode to deliver unparalleled photography for users of all levels. Moreover, with a combination of 6GB RAM and 256GB ROM it is the high-end device in Huawei’s current product range. The smartphone features the largest memory cortex of the whole HUAWEI Mate 10 Series, ideal for storing numerous photos, videos and documents. Co-engineered with renowned professional camera maker and optics expert Leica Camera, the Porsche Design HUAWEI Mate 10 guarantees professional style photography. Top quality 12-megapixel RGB and 20-megapixel monochrome with the world’s largest f/1.6 aperture dual lenses in the new Leica Dual Camera, along with Huawei’s AI features, enable state-of- the-art photographs.

Americas cup boat race. Americas cup boat race mikekidder. Flag of United_states

Featuring America’s Cup: The latest technological boat race

In recent years, the world’s oldest and most prestigious global sailing event, America’s Cup, is as much of a technology race as it is a sailboat race. New film, “Surface to Air” looks beyond the luxurious sport and into the innovation required to build one of the fastest sailboats to ever exist. The film shows how the Altair and Artemis Racing’s technical teams have placed a great deal of emphasis on perfecting the use of the daggerboards – foils that lift the boat out of the water to break the drag barrier. Viewers are able to see how this technology has a significant impact on a boat’s performance. “Technology plays a huge part in the America’s Cup,” said Iain Percy, Team Manager and On-Water Tactician for Artemis Racing. “It’s been said the fastest boat has won the America’s Cup for the last 160 years and I’m not sure that is about to change. The daggerboard is the appendage that we fly the boat off and also transfers side force into driving force. Millimetres of difference make knots of difference so the optimal manufacturing and design of the daggerboard is absolutely critical.” The teams have focused much of their effort on optimising the strength, shapes and thicknesses, and how water and wind interact with daggerboards using a simulation-driven design approach.

Luxury smartwatches. The bulgari magnesium wrist vault. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring Luxury smartwatches: old glamour gets a digital update

The coolest wrists in the world right now are wearing luxury smartwatches. Translation? A watch that connects to the Internet - in addition to other devices like smartphones or tablets - in order to deliver real-time information to your wrist. In the increasingly digital world that we live in, it’s no longer enough for a watch to simply tell the time. That may have been acceptable circa 2006 but fast forward to 2016 and we expect more - much, much more - from our timepieces. We want a watch that can do it all - from taking pictures to tackling emails and texts, recording our heart rate, sleep and stress levels, checking our stocks and giving us real-time driving directions - something the booming sales of the Apple smartwatch help demonstrate. What’s more, owning and wearing a smartwatch reduces the need to keep checking your smartphone, tablet, laptop et al - a life saver for time poor Sybarites. A cursory glance at your wrist will reveal who is reaching out to you and whether the request demands immediate attention, or can be delayed until a later date.

Immersive and gunn. Immersive and gunn. Flag of United_kingdom

Featuring Beer goggles: Innis & Gunn virtual reality taste of beer

Scottish Brewer Innis & Gunn are unveiling the first ever virtual reality experience: Immersive & Gunn. Head to the Beer Kitchen in Edinburgh or the Brewhouse Highbury (due to open in a couple of weeks), order the brewer’s Original or Lager, and be transported to the Scottish countryside and the home of Innis & Gunn. With a VR headset and the push of a button, customers will find themselves gazing out at the cliff-tops and seascapes of Scotland as they drink, heightening their senses and in turn bringing a whole new dimension to after-work beers. The team at Innis & Gunn have worked with cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Jacob Jolij, who explains how virtual reality impacts our taste perception: “Immersing the drinker in this virtual reality world created by Innis & Gunn, is a very powerful way of enhancing the taste experience. It will change the way your brain processes and interprets the signals coming from your taste buds, drawing on personal memories of sight and sound to create a unique experience of the beer for every drinker.”

Velocity. Zia yusuf. Flag of United_kingdom

Hot Dish - an interview with Velocity founder Zia Yusuf

It was a particularly patience-testing restaurant experience which saw former Goldman Sachs man, Zia Yusuf, and his childhood friend Alex Macdonald forced to wait 45 minutes for the bill - that led the Londoners to create Velocity. The smartphone app which - despite only having launched in January 2014 - has already changed the way we dine out. In a nutshell, Velocity lets you find a restaurant, reserve a table and pay the bill, all from your smartphone, granting us a little bit more of what is arguably the biggest luxury there is in 2016: time. Yusuf - a magnificent mix of boldness and guts - is clearly passionate about the project and has his eyes on America. “We’re launching in several hundred restaurants across numerous cities in America ,so it’s all systems go! I am very excited by the take up of great restaurants - we’ve only really got great restaurants. And that creates expectation. Customers know that they can have a world class experience regardless of price point. It’s about a world class meal. We actually founded the company on the principle that human interest is the bedrock of hospitality. What we have set out to do, is to use technology to make even the most mundane parts of hospitality - like paying for the bill - memorable. We’re not about discounts; we’re about allowing customers to have a very personalised experience and get treated like a local regular.”

Bloon image. Bloom aircraft. Flag of United_states

Featuring Experience spectacular views of planet Earth by Bloon

It’s a near-space flight that takes you to the edge of the atmosphere, now bookable at a price tag of €110,000 and lifting off as early as 2016 (or 2017 at the latest). The journey takes approximately four hours, commencing with a countdown to vertical lift-off lasting about 10 minutes, as the bloon begins its ascent from the Earth’s surface to an altitude of 36km. At this point the bloon cruises at a constant altitude, providing spectacular views of the planet. Finally, there is the venting phase, which enables the bloon to descend onto its predefined landing area for sail separation. So, why use a balloon for this exciting flight experience? According to the company, there are three reasons: ‘Safety, experience and environmental impact. The oldest type of flying machine known, the balloon, is inherently safer than other forms of high-altitude flight. By using a pod with a balloon we create a softer and more pleasant journey.

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