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Valentine’s Day with To’ak Chocolate


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13th February 2021

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, a wonderful time to treat yourself and your loved ones. At The Sybarite we couldn’t think of a better way of celebrating this special occasion than with some high-quality luxury chocolates.

Chocolate is the absolute way to our hearts and ours belong to To’ak Chocolate. To’ak’s (pronounced Toe-Ahk) mission is to transform the way the world experiences dark chocolate, elevating it to the level of vintage wine and aged whisky.

Known as one of the most exquisite fine chocolate companies in the world, To’ak crafts chocolate like you’ve never tasted before. Sourcing their cacao from family-owned organic farms in Piedra de Plata, a valley deep in the hills of the province of Manabí in Ecuador, they use the world’s oldest, most valuable and prized cacao variety, Ancient National. 

Believed to be extinct, To’ak co-founder Jerry Touth found the last surviving Ancient National groves and established a rainforest conservation foundation called Third Millennium Alliance in the heartland of Ecuador, to help preserve this most historic cacao variety. They are one of the few tree-to-bar chocolate-makers in the world. Their work starts on the farm, paying the farmers the highest price per pound in the industry—up to 700% above the local farmgate price and ends with a bar of chocolate. 

Since then, the Ecuadorian company feels about their pure cocoa the same way as the French province of Burgundy feels about their wine - it is sacred. And like French wine, every year, To’ak releases a single Harvest edition—an expression of the unique growing conditions of that particular harvest year. Their aim is to sustain these aged flavors for generations to come and make the world aware of how valuable this certified organic and fair trade type of chocolate is. 

To’ak Chocolate wants to make this Valentine’s Day extra special for you with their ultimate range of To'ak chocolate tasting kits. They come with everything you need to make this day memorable including tasting plates, bamboo utensils and a written guide. 

Let’s immerse ourselves in the magic of To’ak exquisite chocolate this Valentine’s Day.

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