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Our lifestyle expert reviews Brow Bar

Brow bar.

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By Ina Yulo Stuve on 17th August 2021

I’ll start things off by saying that I fall into the “very lazy” camp when it comes to wearing make-up.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a full vanity in my bedroom with all the tools I want and need, I just value having more hours in bed in the morning and am forever rushing before heading out of the house. This is why I fell in love with lash lifts a few years ago—they make me feel confident, beautiful, and replace the need to curl my lashes and put mascara on. 

Because lash lifts involve having chemicals near your eyes, it’s extremely important that the procedure is done by trained experts. Brow Bar is an international beauty group with salons in Moscow, Paris, Baku, Monaco, and London. The team is made up of talented therapists who offer a variety of treatments that help transform the face such as waxing, make-up, facials, eyelash extensions and lifts, and their game-changing eyebrow packages. 

Brow Bar London is tucked away inside Eccleston Yards, an open-air hub for creatives and entrepreneurs in the heart of Belgravia. From the moment I walk inside, the salon feels like a place to disconnect from the busy capital.

The space is artfully divided into different sections so nothing feels crowded and there are areas to relax whilst not disrupting the customers having their treatments. A sign, encouraging guests to “hygge”, glows above a lounge area where a variety of beauty products are also on display.

I’m offered a beverage—matcha lattes and chai are some of the drinks on offer—led to my seat, and introduced to my therapist. Though Brow Bar is best known for their brow laminations, I opted to try their eyelash lift because it was a procedure I was more familiar with having done it multiple times in the past. My therapist was extremely accommodating; she asked if I was fine with the room temperature, went over the different steps of the treatment and how long it would take (roughly an hour), and discussed the options for my final look. My therapist used moulds to curl my lashes upwards so that she could attend to each lash individually. Throughout the treatment, she explained the unique characteristics of my lashes, such as those that were a result of hormone growth and the areas she chose not to touch. I always find having a lash lift allows me time to disconnect; first timers may find the feeling of having your lashes turned up for an extended period uncomfortable, though the procedure itself is not painful at all. Once my therapist announced that she was finished, she brought over a mirror so that I could see my new look—immediately my eyes were more bright and open, my lashes looked healthy, and I could see the change this seemingly simple treatment had on my whole face. 

Lash lifts are a quick and effective treatment that you can do over your lunch break but the results can last for up to five weeks. For those like me that enjoy low maintenance days, it’s the perfect alternative to having to apply mascara and make-up on a regular basis. If this sounds like it’s up your alley, head on over to Brow Bar London, to get an expert consultation based on your unique lashes and face shape and discover the power that this one-hour treatment can have on your overall look. 


Brow Bar London

Address: 20-21 Eccleston Yards, London SW1W 9NF

Phone: 07341 613540



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