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Survive Christmas - Vegan Hangover Kitit


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10th December 2015

December with all its Christmas parties is peaking. Several weeks of late nights, indulgent food, mulled wine and lack of exercise will have taken its toll on the waistlines and wellbeing of even the most seasoned party animals.

Redemption, London’s first vegan and alcohol free restaurant, has reliably informed us that on Friday the 11th of December - at 9.35 am to be precise - the UK will have reached the pinnacle of the festive hangover. Therefore they have teamed up with SUPPER, the world’s first Michelin-starred delivery service to bring Hangover Survival Kits straight to your office or home throughout December. All to have you back in top form in no time.

Catherine Salway, founder of Redemption, says: “When the clock strikes 9.35 am on Friday, we will be ready to soothe sore heads and cleanse overworked livers!”

“Sometimes December can feel like an endurance test and you arrive back at the family home by falling through the door in a gouty, shivering mess.

Redemption is designed to allow you to ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’ with a menu created with nutrition and wellbeing in mind, in a glamorous fun setting, so you can pace yourself and make it through silly season intact.”

To order your Survival Hangover Kit, go to Supper London, click on the Redemption logo and you will be taken to the menu. Browse around through freshly squeezed orange juice, smoothies, raw goddess salads, maki rolls platters and zucchini pastas. Decision anxiety may occur. Add your final choices to your basket and proceed to checkout. It couldn’t be easier.

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