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Sybarite’s beauty edit 2018


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By Ruth Tertilt on 20th July 2018

Following an arduous hand-picking skincare extravaganza, we at The Sybarite have narrowed it down to these fabulous products for their efficacy in the current skincare environment.

The focus: antiaging and hair care. Two diverse sectors but two equally important areas of concern. These are the ones to watch (and invest in) now.

MZ Skincare

Rest & Revive Serum

There’s a reason we opted to review a serum for the evening time – we wanted something that could restore, re-energize and replenish lackluster skin caused by lack of sleep and pollution. We wanted a product that knows what they’re talking about when it comes to restoring skins elasticity, ultimately meaning a results-driven quality product backed by very certain ingredients. We also wanted to find a product that felt great on the skin once applied.

MZ’s rest & revive fit that particular scope. After about a week of usage, skin was noticeably more refreshed and revived. The recommended duration however is 30 days but by the first week, we could already feel the suppleness starting to improve.

The star ingredient of this special formula is the ovine placenta which is actually sheep’s placenta. This is known to contain a good source of nutrients and a high level of unique proteins, which have been scientifically found to promote cell growth. On top of that, there is the Hyaluronic acid which, as most beauty geeks know, is a valuable ingredient by way of hydration and moisture-locking ability. The bottom line to this serum is that it promotes collagen and elastin production whilst giving the skin that added boost of hydration to ultimately steer the skin away from fine lines and wrinkles.

Top tip for this serum is to store it on the shelf of your fridge. Keeping it cool makes for applying it on the skin not only comfortable but also beneficial, as it keeps the ingredients cool and confined to the same temperature.

Depuff & Define

One of the most important concerns of the face and one of the first areas that is prone to the apparent signs of ageing are the eyes.

After one week of applying a very small pump of Depuff & Define, the under-eye area has become less puffy with an improved brightness, however, the dark circles haven’t completely gone away, and it will take a couple more weeks for results to fully deliver.

Peptides are known in skincare to contain special types of proteins which are essentially, the building blocks of skin. Without it, our skin becomes a fragile state, losing its ability to remain intact. With peptides, they act as a mediator, helping to regenerate these building blocks, which can help renew ageing skin. What is so unique about MZ’s eye formula is that it contains a mixture of complex peptides and a powerful dose of caffeine to counter the build-up of fluids and fats, the cause that leads to that puffy, dehydrated look. The formula works into the deep layers of the undereye skin to promote cellular production so that the undereye becomes lifted and tightened giving for a more youthful appearance.

If you are looking for a product that focuses on depuffing the under-eye area, then MZ’s Depuff & Define is worth storing in your skincare cabinet (or fridge). Like its serum, we have kept this product in the fridge for a more comforting application. For faster results, apply this in the morning and evening after your cleansing and moisturizing routine.


Hailing from Budapest is a high-end skincare brand inspired by the unique properties of thermal baths in Hungary. Founders and couple, Stephen and Margaret stumbled upon the benefits of the thermal baths on their first trip to Budapest, and eventually wanted to incorporate the benefits derived from the particles of the water into the layers of the skin. In time, they enlisted a Nobel prize-winning laboratory (the first one to discover the benefits of Vitamin C) to understand the science behind these thermal waters and eventually created the ‘Hydro Mineral Transference’. 

The beauty of Omorovicza are the ingredients and minerals extracted through bio-fermentation, breaking down the structures of particles so that the skin is able to fully absorb the beneficial properties. What’s more is that all their products are paraben and silicone-free and fragranced with natural scents from Grasse.

Rejuvenating night cream

We love this stuff. It is super rich, applies comfortably on the face and really leaves the face hydrated and plump throughout the evening. We wanted an intense cream to give our skin that hydration boost during our resting hours, and after a week of usage, we have been waking up to a plump face of sheer vitality.

The star peptide in this cream is the hazelnut which provides ample amounts of vitamin E and solid hydration. Among that are wonderful results-delivering oils such as carrot oil and plum almond oil. Carrot oil has crucial benefits for the skin – it provides a soothing ability but also improves collagen production. Furthermore, the oil contains a good level of Vitamin A, which stimulates cell production and when absorbed into the skin, aids in the signs of antiaging. With plum almond oil, you’ve got a great amount of omega fatty acids (always good for the skin) as well as Vitamin A and E and is a natural soothing oil. Finally, the unique ingredient in this night cream is their signature Healing Concentrate, minerals that have been broken down from the thermal waters and absorbed easily through the skin for a rejuvenated appearance.

This is a really rich cream but when applied on the skin, is silky smooth and buttery. The cream is suitable for combination/dry skin and has received good reviews from the public. If your prone to dry skin, give this cream a go.

Gold Night Drops

Awarded ‘Best Serum’ by Vogue Beauty, Gold Night Drops is a cream like serum that contains colloidal gold – a healing metal that is known to fight off inflammation on the skin. It also works as an antioxidant and assist in the prevention of ageing sometimes caused by free radicles. Combined with Vitamin A and C and Omega 6 ceramide along with their signature Hydro Mineral Transference, this is one intensive serum that only needs a drop or two during your evening skincare routine. It is the perfect combination to go with the Rejuvenating night cream.

Gold Eyelift

Like Gold Night Drops, this eye lifting formula also contains colloidal gold. Think of this eye formula as a nightly hydration boost for your undereye area. It gets even better with its particular mix of Polypeptides to promote elasticity and collagen.

After one week of application, we found this eye formula to be packed with nutrients and witnessed noticeable results in the overall hydration of the eye area. Using Omorovicza’s combination that we’ve hand-picked for this review, really works well when used in parallel.


If you’re looking for a no-frills hair-care brand that steers itself away from over-promoting its product and rather lets the customer decide for themselves, than Sachajuan ticks those boxes. It’s product more than branding. It’s ingredients more than claims and above all, it’s simple but quality-focused. This is some straight-forward haircare.

All of its haircare products are made in-house in Sweden with the exception being other countries requesting that the product be specifically made in that country due to national legislation.

The algae extract: rhodophycea and chondrus crispus – two types of cold water algae naturally harvested from the ocean is what differentiates Sachajuan from other haircare brands/products out there. These two algae’s work for both the inside and outside of the hair follicles to deliver health and vitality to the hair.

 As haircare products become more complex in the sense of long-winded ingredients and product extensions, Sachajuan cuts through that noise to deliver haircare products that are simple, concentrated and easy to use so that both customers and stylists can rely on a performance driven shampoo, conditioner or treatment that is easy to navigate.

Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Since we’ve got colored dry hair, we naturally went for their moisturizing range. We could have gone for their color-protect range but because of the dryness, we needed a range that could assist in giving hair that shine and vitality, but more than that, its health back.

Sachajuan’s moisturizing shampoo contains the algae extracts previously mentioned as well as argan oil to further moisturize strands. If your hair is exposed to daily blow-drying or heat styling, then the moisturizing shampoo is an option for you. A gentle formula that is sulphate-free and still maintains the natural oils of one’s hair. Couple this with their moisturizing conditioner and you’re good to go.

Protective Hair Perfume

 A wonderful add-on and compliment is Sachajuan’s glorious protective hair perfume. It’s the ideal and perfect spritz for a hair refresh during the day with its calming scent and special anti-odor technology. The perfume also acts as a finishing touch to your hair care routine, as it helps to repel static, promotes shine and delivers nutrients through its protective extracts. Its won awards too.


Pronounced ‘SU-KU’ and hailing from Japan, is a luxury skincare and cosmetics company with an ethos to skincare that is streamlined and effective. Suquu takes pride in underpinning their theory to skin based on three elements: muscle, skeletal framework and flow of lymph and blood. By combining the three properties, they have developed products that deliver moisture and suppleness, resulting in a dewy complexion.

As with most things made in Japan, particularly skincare, quality never seems to disappoint and within their minimal packaging, you’ll come to find that Suquu bears skincare products that you can use over again – at a cost, no less.

Light Solution Lotion

This light fluid almost asks like a toner but is actually a moisturizer in the form of liquid. Instead of applying a few pumps onto a cotton pad as instructed, we applied this into the tips of our fingers before quickly padding it onto our face. We wanted the product to seep deeply into our skin and the result is actually quite wonderful. The skin is left feeling plump – just bounce your fingertips from your cheeks once you’ve applied the fluid and you’ll see what we’re talking about. The aim of the product is so that it can also prepare the skin for better permeation.

The solution contains lactic acid whey which thanks to its PH neutral balance, is able to help soothe and protect skin from drying out. It’s a good product for those with sensitive skin and for something simple yet highly effective, giving skin that ultimate moisture boost.

Moisture Serum Cream

Japan’s population is known to have one of the world’s longest life expectancy and its no surprise that their diet, plays a large part. A fruit of which their known to eat, Citrus depressa or to them, known as shequasar or harimi lemon, is proven to contain a chockfull of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, of which Vitamin C remains in high content.

In Suquu’s Moisture Serum Cream, one of the ingredients it contains is the Citrus Depressa, helping to promote cell production whilst boosting skins elasticity from within. In terms of texture, this moisturizer is definitely heavier if not a bit oily, and we would therefore recommend this for dry/combination skin as opposed to oily skin. This product can be used as a standalone moisturizer as it’s enough to give your skin proper hydration but should you want to go even further, use this in combination with their Light Solution Lotion.

Moisture Rich Mask

If you’re looking for a good face prep, Suquu’s Moisture Rich Mask is a staple. Anytime you need a hydration/calming pick-me-up, take three pea sized amounts and smear this mask evenly across your face. Leave it on for about ten minutes for good penetration before softly wiping it off with a cotton pad/muslin cloth.

Containing pear juice ferment, an ingredient known to retain moisture, Royal Jelly Extract, coming from bees and known to improve skins regrowth, Ecotine a natural type of substance that protects the skin by way of stablising the skin’s proteins as well as Glycyrrhizate and Adlay Extract known to contain anti-inflamtatory compounds to soothe skin, this is quite the all-rounder mask.

Nude Wear Liquid SPF 15

Besides Skincare, Suquu also delivers a great range of cosmetics one of them being their foundations.

We’d say this is a good foundation to use if pairing up with Suquu’s skincare. It is not ideal to apply this when skin is prone to dryness. Ensure your skin is moisture-prepped and then this foundation glides quite wonderfully. The best thing you will notice about this foundation is that it provides full coverage without looking like full coverage. It’s breathable, light and easy to apply without being heavy.

Do ensure that you shake this well, to gather all the fine pigments before applying a single droplet onto the top of your hand.


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