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The Body Lab in Kensington


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By Cherelle Mukoko on 25th January 2023

Cherelle Mukoko introduces The Body Lab, a unique, ‘new health’ concept, combining science and wellness to elevate their members' health, fitness and lifestyle.

Running 15 minutes late, I had already envisioned what The Body Lab would look like - even though I had already seen glimpses of it on my social media! As I breezed down Kensington High Street, I was on the lookout for a small clinic perched amongst the big-branded stores until google maps pinged to alert me that I had arrived at my destination. I peered up to see The Body Lab standing before me, but it wouldn’t be until after I stepped foot inside that all my expectations would be far exceeded.

The Body Lab is a unique, ‘new health’ concept, combining science and wellness to elevate their members' health, fitness and lifestyle. Based on three pillars: Fitness, Recovery and Nutrition, inside the lab you will find a luxury, private gym, alongside the expertise of industry professionals, cutting-edge technology and regenerative therapies.

As I entered the clinic, I was greeted with an airy, chic and minimalist aesthetic - instantly calming my nerves after rushing to make my appointment. After a seamless and friendly check in, I was then greeted by my personal trainer Calum. A confident and amiable guy, I knew immediately that he was going to provide me with an incredible experience as an industry expert. His knowledge was astonishing and he really made the experience fun and informative. Your journey at the Body Lab begins with a 360 degree fitness assessment, as well as a 3D body scan. Then, a bespoke plan is designed for you, moulding to every one of your individual goals and needs. So, after an intense one hour full body training session, I happily submerged myself into the -110 degrees celsius cryo chamber. Now, you may be thinking to yourself… why on Earth would you willingly endure that? But what you probably don’t know is that cryotherapy has been proven to decrease inflammation in the body, as well as optimise your training. My experience at The Body Lab ended with a very satisfying protein shake, setting me up for a healthy start to the day. I left wanting more and quite frankly, needing more. It's a place I see myself spending a lot of time; a place for escape, a place for relaxation and to be at one with yourself. 

So, is the investment for a Body Lab membership worth it? I can say that, without a doubt, yes it is. I truly believe The Body Lab is a place where you can effectively heal from the inside out. As a lifestyle blogger, I have ventured to many health retreats, but with your Body Lab membership you will feel like you're at a health retreat everyday. They’ve truly designed it to set you up for success!

The Body Lab

Address: 151-153 Kensington High St, London W8 6SU


Instagram: @thebodylablondon

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