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The Colour Red, Jo Malone


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By Ruth Tertilt on 15th February 2021

The colour Red has an auspicious meaning in Chinese culture, symbolising joy, happiness and good fortune. T

This is why it is the colour that is widely celebrated at weddings and festivals. Red is also the most prominent colour seen at Chinese New Year festivities - from the decorations that have been hung up to the beautifully adorned red envelopes (a monetary gift) that relatives hand out to its younger generation.

This year, we are excited to share that Jo Malone London has introduced a new edition to its Cologne Intense collection and we couldn't think it more fitting as an ideal gift to celebrate this Chinese New Year if not a keepsake for 2021. The first spritz for us oozes notes of vanilla, musk and hints of spice which tells us that it definitely leans towards a sweeter and slightly more opulent character. Named Scarlet Poppy, this edition is also inspired by Asia, incorporating ingredients such as iris, barley, tonka bean and fig. The almost maroon-like bottle is further inspired by the flower used to reference this Scarlet Poppy edition and is absolutely beautiful and fitting for this wonderful occasion.

“Scarlet Poppy is a grand, ravishing, deep floral, and the volume grows and grows as you wear it. It’s a larger-than-life fragrance but still very sophisticated and refined.”
Celine Roux, Global Head of Fragrance.

The wonderful thing about Jo Malone London is that you can easily pair different scents from their collection to get something truly unique in character and that is why they recommend pairing Scarlet Poppy with their Poppy & Barley, enhancing the poppy note. If you're looking to gift someone this Chinese New Year, perhaps consider Scarlet Poppy as not only is it a mesmerising scent but it also makes for the perfect trinket to remember the Year of the Ox. This luxurious red bottle can even be something that can be passed down from generation to generation.

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