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Game, Set, Match: Wimbledon’s Iconic Fashion Legacy

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By Niamh Walsh on 3rd July 2023

The hallowed grounds of Wimbledon; the tennis tournament that serves up a grand slam of fashion statements.

Step into the enchanting world of Wimbledon, where the pursuit of sporting excellence intertwines with high fashion. Within the grounds of this illustrious tennis tournament, a captivating duality unfolds. As the pristine court becomes a stage for athletic prowess, the spectator stands transform into a mesmerising fashion runway, where timeless classics and contemporary trends converge.

Timeless Elegance

Picture this: a lush green court, a racket in hand, and an impeccable all-white ensemble that oozes class. Wimbledon's standards have always been as strict as a line judge's call, with players swathed in pristine whites, paying homage to a bygone era of elegance. The likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams epitomise the tournament's timeless style, showing us that elegance never goes out of fashion. Described as “the Holy Trinity”, we particularly loved the 2019 collaboration between Williams x Nike x Off-White. 

Rafael Nadal playing on the centre court at Wimbledon
Rafael Nadal playing on the Centre Court, Wimbledon 2008

Fashionable Spectators

While players are bound by the whites, it is the fervent spectators who emerge as vibrant beacons of individuality, dazzling us with their unparalleled flair. The stands of Wimbledon unveil a treasure trove where the rich and famous converge, from the illustrious Beckhams to the esteemed members of the royal family. All patrons ensure their presence is an ode to sartorial excellence, embracing the challenge of bringing forth their ultimate fashion A-game to SW19.

Here, tailored blazers artfully unite with ethereal summer dresses, with brands like Ralph Lauren and Alessandra Rich favoured by many. As the sun-drenched stands transform into an enchanting fashion runway, the spectators at Wimbledon craft a tale of style, grace, and sophistication. The allure of Wimbledon extends beyond the white lines of the court; it transcends into a realm where style reigns supreme, inspiring fashionistas from far and wide.

Kate Middleton and Prince George at the Wimbledon Men's Final
The Princess of Wales and her son, Prince George, attending The Wimbledon Men's Singles Final in 2022.

Designer Collaborations

When it comes to the perfect fusion of style, tradition, and sporting elegance, one collaboration remains iconic – the partnership between Wimbledon and Polo Ralph Lauren. For over 16 years, these two iconic brands have joined forces to bring a touch of timeless fashion to the tennis tournament. The collaboration between Wimbledon and Polo Ralph Lauren seamlessly merges the rich heritage of the All England Lawn Tennis Club with the classic American aesthetic that defines the Polo Ralph Lauren brand. Both entities share a commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and a passion for timeless elegance.

As the Official Outfitter of Wimbledon, Polo Ralph Lauren also designs and creates the tournament's stylish uniforms for the on-court officials, linespeople, ball boys, and ball girls. Each year, the renowned fashion house introduces fresh designs that perfectly capture the essence of the tournament, while staying true to the brand's iconic preppy style.

Polo Ralph Lauren Striped Stretch Twill Shirt - Blue
Polo Ralph Lauren Striped Stretch Twill Shirt - Blue

Accessorising with Panache

Let's talk accessories, the cherry on top of any fabulous ensemble. At Wimbledon, it's all about those finishing touches that exude sophistication. Luxury timepieces from renowned watchmakers like Rolex grace the wrists of players and spectators alike, mirroring the elegance and precision on the court. But sunglasses, designer handbags, and bespoke jewellery also add that extra oomph, elevating the outfits to a whole new level of panache. We love the Rolex Datejust 41, a true icon in the realm of luxury watches, revered for its classic aesthetics and exceptional performance. With its 41mm Oyster case, this timepiece strikes the perfect balance between sporty and refined, making it a natural choice for an event like Wimbledon. Crafted from Rolex's signature 904L stainless steel, the watch exudes durability and elegance.

Rolex Datejust 41, Oyster, 41mm, Oystersteel and yellow gold
Rolex Datejust 41, Oyster, 41mm, Oystersteel and yellow gold

The Influence of Athletes

Just like a perfectly executed drop shot, the fashion choices of tennis stars at Wimbledon send ripples of inspiration throughout the style universe. Iconic players such as Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic have seamlessly transitioned from the court to the catwalk, becoming style icons in their own right. Their fashion-forward choices ignite the passion for style in fans worldwide, serving up a dose of sporting elegance that's hard to resist. As a Dior ambassador, tennis star Emma Raducanu’s wardrobe has never looked better, and has even earned her invites to Vogue’s Met Gala, and front row seats at fashion week.

Emma Raducanu at the Met Gala, 2021
Emma Raducanu at the Met Gala, 2021

Wimbledon isn't just about the fierce battles on the court; it's a love story between tennis and fashion. From the players' timeless whites to the audacious ensembles of the spectators, Wimbledon is a fashion extravaganza that captivates the hearts of style enthusiasts everywhere. With collaborations between luxury brands and the tournament, the fashion spectacle reaches new heights, leaving a lasting impression on the style landscape. So, grab your sun hat and get ready to indulge in the glamour and grace of Wimbledon fashion – it's an English summer affair that's simply irresistible! 

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