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Yoga for bros


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12th July 2015

What do you call a fitness class where you do not have to twist like a pretzel or “feel like a hippo tiptoeing through tulips” in a room full of men?

Enter, Broga – yes, that is right, yoga for men but rather than having to achieve flexibility and tone by touching your toes, Broga focuses its programs on “yoga from a male sensibility”, think strengthening and toning the body all the while implementing clarity-enhancing yoga postures for an amazingly fulfilling workout for the athletic man.

The athletic man is by all means athletic but what happens when it comes to flexibility? Men may not be as flexible as women in that department and especially as the majority of yoga classes are female dominated, men may not want to be in a room full of women who can so effortlessly touch their toes when they struggle to do even just that or to even hold their downward-facing dog poses for so long without looking like they are in pain. Thankfully, one such yoga instructor found the solution to this yoga-boggling situation – that man’s name is Matt Miller, a former American heavyweight bodybuilding champion who developed Broga in 2012 and is currently instructing at Gymbox in Covent Garden.

Testament to this trend is the fact that Broga has now reached other major cities including of course, London, and it is defying how we generally see yoga. Broga is now helping men achieve flexibility on their terms engineered for the male athlete and even welcomes women as it is proved to be an excellent workout.

The Sybarite truly recommends Broga for the gents who want to gain the benefits of achieving flexibility but using methods that are not dance-y and instead manly or shall we say, macho-ey.

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