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A Holistic Approach to Aesthetics at Lound Hall


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By Cherelle Mukoko on 30th May 2023

With an increase in celebrities reversing their cosmetic procedures, we at The Sybarite are intrigued to know, what’s the next best thing? So we had contributor Cherelle Mukoko set out on a holistic adventure to Lound Hall in Northamptonshire; an experience tried and tested by celebrities such as Pixie Lott and Amy Jackson.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am easily convinced when trying the latest beauty crazes. But as I’ve gotten older and become more attuned and comfortable in my own skin, I’ve wanted a more natural appearance and approach to ageing. Gelida is a family-owned wellness and aesthetic experience dedicated to revolutionising the aesthetic industry through a holistic approach to initiating treatments. I was curious to find out how the terms aesthetics and holistic could coexist, because I for one, was not entirely convinced.

Driving down the rolling hills of Northamptonshire by a member of the Gelida team in a very classy Range Rover, my curiosity piqued as we swerved into the long country road that led us up to the stately Lound Hall; my eyes wide in amazement. Lound Hall is the home of Gelida, as well as the home of its founder, Susan Mills. As I entered my senses awoke; potent incense sweeping past my nose, my eyes met with warm smiles, and my ears erected at the crackles of a roaring fireplace. I relaxed and sunk into the grand sofa, soaking up the aura that surrounded me, while indulging in an impressive selection of cakes and sandwiches for afternoon tea.

Upon meeting Susan, learning about Gelida, and witnessing the results she had achieved through the technology on offer, it was evident that maybe there is a safer, more non-invasive approach to aesthetics that is just as effective. Gelida’s innovative devices offer treatments that enhance external beauty, while promoting internal wellness and rejuvenation. From pain-free fat freezing and muscle stimulation, as well as non-surgical eyelid lifts. I chose to have a treatment that targets cellulite, after seeing outstanding results from previous clients, and I was comfortable knowing there was no downtime or nasty side effects following the treatment. The process was comfortable and soothing, as the music and tranquil surroundings allowed me to disconnect from the noisy interferences of life.

What does it mean to have a holistic approach to aesthetics?

When we look at the body as an integrated system, we begin to understand that aesthetics alone may not get you the results you want or need. Take the skin for instance; breakouts are not solely cured by the latest laser machine, or chemical peel, but through a diet that allows the body to work together with your treatments to gain optimum results. Many things contribute to skin concerns, diet, stress, not having access to the knowledge needed for your skin type, the list could go on. It's fantastic that Gelida is offering a game-changing service, and setting standards in the industry. Holistic aesthetics is a combination of revolutionary machines and effective treatments, combining science, ancient medicine, spirituality, and an understanding of the human body.

Am I convinced that holistic aesthetics are the way forward?

Absolutely! The beauty industry has come such a long way. One size doesn’t fit all; we are all uniquely beautiful, and more people are accepting and embracing their differences. I think we would be in denial to think people are not constantly finding ways to preserve their youth through toning, lifting, and smoothing, but we can do that safely and in an environment that uplifts us and caters to 360 wellness. 

Admittedly, the results may not be as instant with a holistic approach, and you may need a package of treatments to reach your personal goals. But you can be reassured that results will be achieved, even if the process is slower, and that you are safe, healthy, and revitalised from the inside out. The bottom line is, how can we look like the best versions of ourselves in an ever-evolving world of beauty standards? How can we regain and maintain a naturally youthful appearance while honouring aging? I don’t believe this approach will be a trend; I think this protocol is here for the long haul.


Lound Hall,

The Lound Hall Estate,

Bothamsall, Nr Retford,


DN22 8DF

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