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Behind Dior’s J’adore Jasmine

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21st November 2017

Have you ever thought about where those floral scents contained in the bottles of your favourite perfumes originate from?

Vogue Fragrance recently covered the jasmine harvesting process in a video featuring Dior's perfume creator, François Demachy. In the film, Demachy describes how Dior's iconic 'J'adore L'Or' is created using the finest flowers from Domaine de Manon.

Carole Biancalana's family estate Domaine de Manon, in the Grasse area, has reserved its jasmine harvest exclusively for Christian Dior since 2006. Grasse, which is considered the world's capital of perfume, is a commune in the Alpes-Maritimes department on the French Riviera in the hills north of Cannes. The heritage of its long-established perfume industry is celebrated at the Musée International de la Parfumerie, in the town centre. 

The jasmine flower blooms between July and late October, and each year the Biancalana estate's entire centifolia rose and Jasminum grandiflorum crop is reaped for the benefit of Dior Perfumes.

J’adore L’Or is the quintessence of the J'adore floral bouquet series. Being from the Grasse region himself and having grown up with the scent of roses and jasmines all around, Demachy expresses his attempt to "convey the opulence and the profusion of colour in Dior fashions with scent." As described on Dior's website:

Combining Jasmine and May Rose Absolutes grown at our exclusive estates in Grasse, with the oriental charm of Vanilla and Tuberose. Jasmine Grandiflorum shines with intense, enveloping floral power and fruity accents. The May Rose reveals its sensuous strength and immediate beauty with touches of spice. Intermingled with these two absolutes, Vanilla entices and embraces while keeping its slightly rugged charm, and Tuberose – a vision of beauty in white – destabilises with its relentless fervor.

"As precious as the most beautiful of jewels worn on the skin, J’adore L’Or comes to life, sensual and carnal like the liquid gold that flows through it," Dior says about its floral pride.

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