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Luxe Skincare & Fragrances That Should Be On Your Radar


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By Cherelle Mukoko on 23rd May 2023

Summer: a time for beach days, pool parties, and vacations. It’s also a great time for a skincare makeover, so here are lifestyle contributor Cherelle Mukoko's favourite products for the upcoming months.

In a rather over-saturated market, it can be difficult to know what luxury skincare and fragrances are worth the bang for your buck. Here's a rundown of The Sybarite's favourite products for you to get your hands on this summer.

Clé De Peau Beauté Intensive Fortifying Emulsion

After seeing some of my favourite influencers raving about Clé De Peau Beauté skincare, I was convinced it was just another overhyped luxury skincare brand, but boy was I wrong! I have been testing various products from the range, targeted at dehydration, and not one product has left me disappointed. However, the real hero from this range is the Intensive Fortifying Emulsion, this is a staple product in my evening routine, which leaves my skin feeling fed with goodness.

Retails in Harrods for £130

Pai Rosehip Oil Cleanser

I’ve never seen the benefit of an oil cleanser, but when the Pai team told me it was one of their bestselling products, I had to try it for myself. There aren't many brands that can convert me to a paying customer, but Pai has succeeded because this product is worth that extra step in any skin care routine. I was not only shocked by how affordable this product was, but also how effective it is, the beautifully packaging and the fact that it smells incredible. Pair it with the Rosehip Bio Generate Oil for optimum results.

Retails at Cult Beauty for £33

Perricone Chia Oil

I recently joined a zoom event with the Perricone team for the launch of the Chia Range. As a writer, a perk of the job is that I do get to try a lot of skincare products (a lot which don’t live up to the hype and expectations), but then you discover products such as those within the Chia range from Perricone. Embarrassingly, I got through this range at the speed of light. I absolutely loved the longevity of moisture it provided throughout the day, and is also beautiful addition to finish off your night time routine.

Retails at John Lewis for £79

LilaNur Parfums Vettiver Mousson Eau de Parfum

A unique fragrance that gets better with time. Transport yourself to the faraway plains of India with this one of a kind fragrance from LilaNur. When I first applied this to my skin, I admit I wasn’t 100% sold. Although I love deep & dark, woody notes, I wasn’t sure if it was too masculine for me. But after letting it develop, I was pleasantly surprised. The smell was absolutely out of this world; a ‘WOW’ moment, and I can guarantee that there is no smell like this fragrance on the market. This fragrance is inspired by the transitional period between summer and the monsoon season.

Retails at Harrods for £225

This Is Silk Overnight Oil

During my studies as a herbalist, I’m finding out just how effective Rosehip Oil is, and trying to opt more and more for products that contain this very effective ingredient. Although this product is specifically for the face, I love to lather this oil onto my body overnight, specifically in the areas where I have stretch marks After a long hot bath, this product finishes off your routine and makes you feel like you’ve left the spa to hop straight into bed.

Retails for £49 at This Is Silk

Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert Hydraluronic Moisture Cream

This product is my after gym/sauna hero, adding an overflow of moisture to the skin that replenishes any moisture lost through sweating. The texture is exquisite (I have never felt such a thick and luxurious consistency as I have with this cream), and it also has a wonderful soothing/cooling effect. This brand is a hidden gem and should most definitely be on your radar. Pair with their hyaluronic serum for incredible 24-hour moisture. 

Retails at £61.40 at Germaine de Capuccini

ESPA Optimal Skin Instant Facial

If you’re looking for a range of skin benefits, but don’t want multiple products and steps within your skincare routine, then this product is for you. Its 3-in-1 formula hydrates, plumps and illuminates. Perfect as a dewy finish to your makeup free day or as a makeup primer. I love the blur effect this product gives to minimise the appearance of blemishes and pores.

Retails for £60 at ESPA

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