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Wellness Gifts for Health & Happiness


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By Lily Niu on 23rd November 2022

Wellness comes in different forms and to support and nurture our nearest and dearest, see The Sybarite guide to gifts for health and happiness.

Be it a Christmas gift, birthday present, or something special for another occasion entirely, our gifting edit below is composed of the best and latest items and experiences spanning health, fitness, beauty, skincare, and more.

Our lineup of thoughtful, high-end, and wholesome gift ideas will save you time, energy, and headspace, so your schedule outside of work is freed up for quality time with loved ones, as opposed to trawling through generic gifting roundups elsewhere on the web.

Read on to learn which wellness gifts are worth it, how best to use each one, where to buy them and, of course, what they'll cost.

Access to The Yoga Library 

LA native Jamie Hepburn, now based in London, launched The Yoga Library, an online platform with a collection of 250+ classes, in September 2020, following an impressive 2500 hours of teaching experience. 

Yoga has transformed Hepburn’s own life experience. Through her practice, she has cultivated a life easier to love and feel more comfortable in and now, she is passionate about helping others to do the same. 

Having led a successful series of IG Lives throughout the first nation-wide lockdown in the UK, Hepburn created The Yoga Library to continue connecting with people. What makes this collection of pre-recorded and live classes special is that Hepburn has made conscious efforts to return practice back to its roots; Prioritising what’s good for people and not what creates the “perfect” yoga aesthetic. 

The library comprises nine different yoga and meditation styles, including Vinyasa, Slow, Power, Rest, Yin, and Still, which students can choose from based on emotion-led titles such as “Homeward”, “Reflection,” and “Relinquish.” 

You can purchase a gift card or a monthly membership - at £19.99 a month - on The Yoga Library website.

The Mindful Garden Yoga Mat by Liforme

This next item would be the perfect accompaniment to a gift card for The Yoga Library. Brought to you by Liforme, a newly B Corp certified yoga mat trailblazer, the Mindful Garden Yoga Mat will suit yogis both new and established. 

Measuring 185 cm long and 69cm wide, this 4.2mm thick mat consists of a natural rubber base and an eco-polyurethane non-slip surface unique to Liforme.

A high grade, non-toxic, and eco-friendly ink is used for the floral “AlignForMe” Guide; This design system creates intelligent cues that work intuitively with the body, allowing practitioners to remain aligned, balanced, and centred. 

The Mindful Garden Yoga Mat is £140 and comes with a complimentary yoga mat bag. It can be purchased from the Liforme online store

Phyto Nectars, a superfood supplement drink

Help loved ones supercharge their daily wellbeing practice with superfood supplement drinks by Phyto Nectars, dubbed “Blends”. These functional blends of plant and mushroom powders are disruptors within the worldwide healthy drinks space and fuse ancient Chinese and Ayruvedic traditions with scientific approaches to transform and enhance people’s health.

The Phyto Nectars range is made up of “I AM RESILIENT”, “I AM RESTED”, “I AM RADIANT”, and “I AM FOCUSSED”. These serve to improve immune function, aid sleep and reduce anxiety, help people look their best, and increase cognitive function and concentration, respectively. 

Created by co-founders Katia Narain Philips - best-selling author and wellbeing expert with an allstar fan base including supermodel Kate Moss - and Michael Isted, a phyto-therapist, nutritionist, and acclaimed author, Phyto Nectars is also the gift of choice for anyone seeking to consume sustainably, thanks to its work with small community-based cooperatives and farmers.

Phyto Nectar blends are £14.95 for a box of 5 x 10g sachets. To choose from and purchase any of the blends, visit the Phyto Nectars website.

“Tapping In”, a transformational book by Poppy Delbridge 

If you’ve ever told someone you’d give them “the world”, handing them a copy of Tapping In by Poppy Delbridge equals a gesture of that exact magnitude. Delbridge is a celebrated manifestation coach and tapping expert whose results-based and science-driven method helps people to change their mindsets and manifest their dream lives, whatever that may be. 

Harvard research has shown that “Rapid Tapping” can quickly lower stress levels and remove mental blocks. The practice serves as an emotional freedom technique and involves using one’s fingertips on certain meridian points on the face and body to clear emotional tension, change habits, cure phobias, and even release physical pain. 

As a qualified Energy Psychologist, tapping specialist, and motivational speaker, Delbridge is a pioneer within the wellbeing space. Her techniques have been praised by Fearne Cotton, Caroline Rush CBE, and Laura Whitmore. 

Tapping In, released September 2022, is an easily digestible book that introduces a step-by-step beginners guide to Tapping, showing people how to harness the power of the technique with bespoke affirmations to create the life they want and deserve.

You can order a hardback copy of Tapping In, published by PIATUS, at £13.75, from Amazon.

Skin serums by ilody, a beauty brand pioneer

New on the beauty scene, ilody may not yet have reached everyone’s bathroom cabinets but it has certainly impressed Team Sybarite. This new brand creates products that blend traditional Eastern practices with Western modern conscious luxury.

Its modus operandi is aligning the modern-day beauty ritual with holistic wellbeing and its name, “ilody”, meaning “garden of the gods” in Sanskrit, promises a simpler way to care for skin without losing out on results, comfort, and luxury.

The brand has launched with two innovative serums, both available in 30ml. “seres'', an age-defence emulsion serum, targets fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and slackness with pro-collagen ingredients like bakuchiol - natural retinol sourced from the Indian babchi seed - and Centella asiatica, a herb which helps to repair UV damage. “luxmi” is a hydrating and lightweight serum intended to treat dry, dehydrated skin; its bio-actives enhance radiance and improve skin tone, texture, and reduce dullness. Key ingredients for this serum include black tea ferment (kombucha) and tremella mushroom (snow fungus), which increases skin volume and a natural hydrator, respectively. 

Give the gift of eternal youth with the “seres” and “luxmi” serums, priced at £70 and £72, respectively, via the ilody store online.

KÄLLA, powerful probiotic powders that cater to individual needs

Pronounced “shell-ah”, KÄLLA is the Swedish word for “source” and its three science-backed probiotic formulas - “For repair”, “For immune health”, and “For relief” - all pay homage to the gut as our most powerful source of overall health. 

KÄLLA is an alternative to the mass of one-size-fits all products in the probiotic market; its potent range of formulas are bioengineered to address unique needs and target the gut in different ways to help people feel their best. “For repair” targets damage caused to the body by long-term stress, “For immune health” aims to mitigate the frequency and severity of the common cold, and “For relief” reduces symptoms of IBS, gas, bloating, and stomach pain.

Each formula comes in a box with a 30-day supply of individual, ready-to-use, sachets which can be used mixed with water, added to a smoothie, or sprinkled over food- nothing hot, however. All of the products are suitable for vegans, have no artificial colours, and are free of sugar, soy, gluten, and GMOs, making it ideal for sensitive stomachs.

To top it all off, KÄLLA is committed to sustainability. Whilst most of the packaging is cardboard and 100% recyclable, its sachets are made of foil and a thin layer of plastic to keep the live bacteria intact but this can be recycled. You can use the prepaid envelope that comes with each 30-day supply to send all of your used sachets for recycling, thanks to the “Zero Waste” system at TerraCycle®.

A 30-day supply of each formula costs £39 (one-off) or £29 a month via its subscription service. You can buy either on the KÄLLA website.

Super Greens for Women by Pippa Campbell

Pippa Campbell, a nutritionist and nutrigenomics practitioner, has pioneered a new approach within her specialist area of female health. 

Super Greens for Women is a new generation of greens powder that not only helps women get their greens each day but supports them through hormonal fluctuations, stressful periods, and protects against environmental aggressors. 

The blend contains alkalising greens packed full of antioxidants to help balance mood, improve the skin, protect against harmful free radicals, prevent disease, and slow ageing but additional benefits - making this no ordinary greens powder - include its use of Bilberry, which is full of phytonutrients like anthocyanins. These are typically associated with blue-skinned fruits and favoured for their anti-inflammatory properties. 

The blend can be consumed at any time of day; simply mix 1 scoop into a juice, smoothie, or protein shake.

Super Greens for Women can be bought from Campbell’s website at £29.75 for a tub of 200g (10 servings).

A multitasking skin soother, Menthoderm

Perfect for ski and winter sports enthusiasts, this skin saviour is a healing salve using the power of menthol to soothe dry, irritated, and cracked skin. 

Whether it’s too much time spent out on the slopes or the icy winter air wreaking havoc on sensitive skin, Menthoderm is a wellness must for jet setting loved ones with a soft spot for cold and snow. 

Loved by doctors, its hero ingredient, menthol, is a natural healing aid and plant derived compound obtained from peppermint, corn mint, and other mint oils. Menthoderm’s formula also gives the skin barrier a double dose of protection against the elements without exacerbating skin conditions. 

The Menthoderm® range is available in 3 strengths and a variety of sizes including 100g- perfect for travelling. Tubes are available from £5.76 and can be requested via prescription or bought direct from

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