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Create Your Dream Life With Poppy Delbridge

Poppy delbridge.

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By Lily Niu on 16th December 2022

The Sybarite speaks with tapping expert, Poppy Delbridge, about how Rapid Tapping helps people to create the life they’ve always wanted.

Wherever you are and whatever the state of your inner world, there is power in acknowledging the feelings attached but knowing it’s possible, should you wish, to transform them into something else entirely and have only the best and most rewarding aspects reflect tangibly in your lived experience.

That’s where “conscious manifestation” comes in and where motivational speaker, energy psychologist, and tapping specialist, Poppy Delbridge, excels.

For the uninitiated, “tapping” is a science-backed “emotional freedom technique.” This results-driven method involves using the fingertips on meridian points, such as on the face and body, to dissipate and remove emotional tension. The practice - with Harvard research to back up the benefits - has also been known to eliminate physical pain, change poor habits, and even cure phobias.

Supported by clinical trials, this form of cognitive therapy has been shown to enhance energy and have positive impacts on brain health.

As a coach and strategist, Poppy has worked with thousands of clients, including A-list celebrities - think Fearne Cotton, Laura Whitmore, and Caroline Rush CBE - and Fortune 100 chief executives, on mindset and manifestation.

Now, her new book, Tapping In, released in September 2022, shares her knowledge and expertise with anyone and everyone with an interest and desire to change their lives for the better. The new, insightful, and easy-to-navigate book is a beginner’s guide to tapping, offering step-by-step guidance on what changes can be implemented to help properly manifest, through combined tapping and bespoke affirmations.

“I have always been interested in human potential and feeling joyful,” says Poppy. “Ever since I was around 8 years old, I’ve been using affirmations. My parents were really good role models for me in that respect; they journaled and were into mindset work.” 

It’s not without a hugely profound experience showing the power of what Poppy learned that informs everything she continues to practise. “My dad had a serious health issue - a very rare form of cancer - and he was told he had days to live,” she says. “I watched him and my mother completely turn this around. They focussed on all of the work that I now teach, which had an incredible effect, which meant that my dad actually got a lot better.” 

In Tapping In, Poppy teaches what is essentially a two-fold healing practice which facilitates a journey of growth in tandem with manifestation. The book is split into two parts, “Clear” and “Create.” However, she does acknowledge it’s the rewards and specific outcomes of conscious manifestation people desire which entice them to learn this method. “You’re not really here to learn about tapping, are you?” reads the opening line. “You’re actually here to discover how you can manifest your wildest possibilities.”

While asking the universe to make your dreams come true is all well and good, for those who don’t understand the mechanics of conscious creation - which is most - wins will occur but not necessarily consistently, nor are results always stable. That’s when practices like Rapid Tapping can help.

“If we want to create something in our lives, we need to first clear some stuff out,” Poppy writes. “Logic tells us this but it also applies to our energy system and the emotions we carry.” The beauty of Poppy’s method, which doesn’t rely on the traditional EFT pattern of unlocking the memories holding you back, is that results aren’t dependent on pinpointing specific events causing pain or distress. Her method does some of this but she’s of the belief you don’t always need to be aware; “Sometimes, it’s just a feeling you have and you can start by how your body feels…the body - as well as the mind - keeps the score.”

The clearing aspect of Rapid Tapping is hugely impactful; practitioners might be struggling with something culminating in overwhelmedness or burnout but the release of this trapped, turbulent, energy offers immediate respite while laying the foundation for good things to come.

“Like anything in life, you’re gonna have a rollercoaster of emotions,” Poppy says, elaborating on the challenge people have with maintaining the peace and calm of initial practice. “That’s just called being a human being and we can’t penalise ourselves for having that ‘flip flop’. The way to get a really sustainable result in your life and the way that you feel about yourself, your wellbeing, and your achievements, is, in my opinion, to make tapping a more consistent practice.” In Poppy’s experience, having tapped with so many women and organisations, there is a payoff to the compound effect of continued tapping.

Additionally, a technique she tells clients to employ is focussing on key themes. A big one for people, she explains, is the lack of self confidence. “‘Can I do it?’, ‘Am I enough?’, and ‘Am I qualified to do this?”’, she says, are common thought patterns that fall under that very category. “It can be debilitating because it’s part of a theme that plays out repeatedly in someone’s life. If you tap on that theme, and tap around the energy you are holding and disprove it, then you start to loosen the stuck energy around that and begin letting it go.”

As for the results she’s witnessed as a coach, Poppy couldn’t be more thrilled at how those she’s worked with have completely changed their way of being. “It is a real joy. That’s why I do what I do because over time, you see the change - the complete transformation - in someone’s inner world, which then shows on the outer.”

To learn more about tapping, how to employ Poppy’s technique, and create the life you’ve always dreamed of, grab a copy of Tapping In.

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