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Brasserie des Prés: The Culinary Jewel Of Paris’ Latin Quarter

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By Lucy Cocoran on 16th April 2024

For an evening of great food and fun decor, this venue is a Parisian standout.

When we arrived for our dinner reservation at Brasserie des Prés, we found a lengthy queue had already formed outside. It was 7pm and the restaurant was gearing up for its dinner service. Inside, waitstaff could be seen bustling about in preparation, moving through their respective tasks like a well-oiled machine.

Located in a bustling laneway in the fairtytale-esque Cour du Commerce, there are plenty of dining options around, but this restaurant is by far the most popular, (as proven by the packed outdoor tables of people drinking cocktails and enjoying the freshness of the near-spring air).

The venue 

Brasserie des Prés was brought to Paris’ Latin Quarter by the Nouvelle Garde group, with interior design led by London-based design studio, B3 Designers. At the time of launch, the group already owned multiple brasseries across Paris, including Charlie, Dubillot, Martin, Des Prés & Grouvie, Bellanger and Campion, each spread out across multiple arrondissements.

Since opening in June 2023, des Prés has proven itself a welcome addition to this already bustling portfolio. 

De Prés' interiors alone have caught the eye the TikTok influential, who have waxed lyrical about the venue’s energetic vibe. A vibrant colour palette is complemented by lush greenery, decorative tiling and antique decorations, which create its very unique charm. Even the bathrooms are aesthetically pleasing, with mirrored doors and moody lighting providing yet another entrancing experience. 

The outpost spans three floors, with Grouvie, an incredibly vibey bar, taking up the top one. Here, interiors are just as fun (if not moreso) than its downstairs counterparts…think a chandelier made from disco balls, neon lights and plenty of pink furniture. Side note: this is the perfect place for a nightcap if the bill arrives and you’re not quite ready to leave. 

From the moment we stepped inside the ground floor entrance, we felt completely immersed in a new world. Our table was on the second floor, next to the staircase, which offered an ideal vantage point for enjoying all the going-ons within the restaurant. 

The food 

At Brasserie des Prés, the food offering is inherently French, with a modern reimagining of traditional brasserie fare. 

Ordering escargot felt like a rite of passage, with the delicacy swimming in deliciously creamy garlic butter. Where possible, the menu includes details on where certain produce has been sourced, with its pages revealing that these French Auvergne escargots were bred by Michaël Vial at the foot of the Bourbonnaise mountains. Bursting with flavour and expertly cooked, they melted away in the mouth — a wonderful introduction to the French dish for anyone yet to try them. The basket of bread we received on arrival was perfect for soaking up the excess sauce to ensure every last bit was savoured. 

Our second entrée was a dish of smoky chorizo and tender cooked Marinière mussels, cooked with butter from the Basque Country. The presentation was rustic and the portion size was generous for a seafood dish.

For the main course, we chose the ‘Le plat en sauce du chef’ which translates to ‘The chef's dish with sauce’. Our waiter praised our choice of dish, revealing it to be his own personal favourite. After a few mouthfuls, it wasn’t difficult to see why. Atop a bed of creamy potato mash lay slow cooked beef with mushrooms, caramelised onions and smoky bacon. The beef cut like butter with unbelievable tenderness, complimented by a rich red wine jus which provided a delightfully beefy tang. 

Classic steak frites came perfectly cooked and salted, made better only by the addition of a garlic parsley butter which was beautifully herby and smooth. Perfection. 

Sweet tooths will be pleased to know that desserts are very generously sized. We ordered the crème brûlée which had a lovely, crispy skin that cracked open with the tap of a spoon. Inside revealed a creamy centre with a good amount of wobble. Our second pick was the dark chocolate cake with three layers; crunchy biscuit, a decadent dulce ganache centre and a whipped topping which was both light and rich. 

Despite the noticeable busyness, service was friendly and didn’t feel rushed. There was a good amount of spacing between dishes to ensure we didn’t have multiple plates on the table at once, or worse, felt too full from the last course to enjoy the next.  

The verdict 

Whether for a special occasion, date night or evening spent with friends, Brasserie des Prés has cemented itself as a must-visit venue in Paris. 

Brasserie des Prés

Address: 6 Cr du Commerce Saint-André, 75006 Paris, France

Reservations made here

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