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Castelfalfi - An Enchanting Tuscan Escape

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By Ruth Tertilt on 17th August 2023

This breathtaking destination sits on 2,700 acres of unspoiled Tuscan countryside. One almost feels as if they're in a self-contained enchanting town, without the need to go anywhere else during their stay.

Think never-ending hills as far as the eye can see, acres of greenery throughout the vicinity, medieval structures with its walls eager to tell of its past, little luxury boutiques dotted around, and of course the cherry on top, its five-star establishment combined with its 27-hole golf course begging you to stay for some much needed R&R.

Upon arrival at Castelfalfi, we could tell it was nearing peak season given the number of guests from abroad, convening in its alluringly modern lobby. We were warmly greeted and checked-in before being escorted to our family suite. 

On first impression, the suite was appropriately laid out for a family of four - as you enter, there’s a separate walk-in closet to the left, with a living room attached to it, which doubles as its own room with a sofa bed (already prepared for our six year old). Towards the right, a spacious ensuite master bedroom bathed in earthy tones. The suite felt untouched, you could tell that the rooms were relatively new. Given that Castelfalfi only opened its doors in 2019, this Medieval property has been given a new facelift that had us in endless admiration. In terms of room size, the family suite offers 120 square meters of space which is ideal if you’re traveling with small children. There’s ample sleeping space whilst offering a high level of comfort thanks to the quality of linens and sheets in addition to the modern hardware throughout the room. 

What caught our attention the most was the character of the property - there’s a sense of contrast that is celebrated; the old and new interplay with one another ultimately offering guests the option to choose between a contemporary or traditional Tuscan style type of accommodation. For a larger party size, or for those eager to have their own privacy and exclusive use of the property, Castelfafli offers a range of stunning villas that are dotted throughout the estate. That’s the great thing about this Tuscan resort; not only do you get to appreciate one of the best views in Tuscany but you’re in such a vast space that it makes holidaying here feel private, secure and mesmerising. In addition to that, whichever accommodation you opt for, the five-star service is guaranteed so that you’re literally able to enjoy and relax in one place without the need to leave the establishment unless of course you decide to take up an activity that requires you to go further afield. 

Castelfalfi panoramic
The panoramic views of Castelfalfi
Lobby Castelfalfi
The Lobby
Junior Suite
The Junior Suite
Grand Suite
Castelfalfi's Grand Suite

As we only got to spend two nights here, we still had time to enjoy all that Castelfalfi has to offer - and that’s the thing here, even if you’re only here for a short amount of time there’s plenty to experience. Whether that’s an activity you’d like to take up or to simply bask in the endless views, the choice is yours. In our case, we were lucky enough to undergo their Olive Oil experience whilst our son underwent the Sensory experience. Castelfalfi being a self-sufficient resort means that they tend to their own agriculture and in doing so are able to produce truly authentic olive oils, wines, spirits, honey and even vegetables. With our Olive Oil tasting experience, we were guided by the most friendly of experts to visit both the oil production site as well as their wine cellar, giving us an understanding of the processes and the meticulous effort it takes to produce such a variety of oils, wines and honey. Having our kids see a different side to hospitality really intrigued and sparked their curiosity, and we’re so glad that Castelfalfi involves children in such a sensory way - understanding where some of the produce comes from, how they’re made and what they taste like in raw form. I highly recommend these experiences for young children if you happen to stay here. Other wonderful things for children to explore at Castelfalfi is their kids club conveniently located next to the hotel. The kids club implements a Montessori approach, so kids are having fun whilst learning. There’s also the Adventure Park which unfortunately we didn’t get to experience this time as it was closed, but surely worth the adventure. 

We spent the majority of our time savouring the rolling hills and valleys that are best enjoyed at the resort's incredible terrace, Ecrù bar. Sitting out here feels like sitting in an outdoor cinema, only instead of a screen you have what feels like an otherworldly view of the horizon that has you spellbound. Enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine out here suddenly feels like time is standing still, and there’s a sense of appreciation that comes with it. 

Golf course
Castelfalfi's immaculate golf course
Ecru bar
Bar Ecrù
Bar Ecrù
The terrace at Bar Ecrù

The culinary options and quality of food did not disappoint at Castelfalfi, and anyone who is into their pasta, steak, seafood or vegetables will find something to whet their appetites. We dined at their modern bistro, Olivina, offering exquisite and generously portioned Tuscan fare. This is the restaurant that also serves its daily semi-buffet breakfast between 7:30 am to 11:00 am. For those meat lovers, Il Rosmarino is definitely one to sample. This steak-house restaurant serves the best cuts of meat whilst also serving an extensive pizza menu with a great selection of wines. There’s even the resort’s own poolside dining at Gilgo Blu, where we were served by the most heart-warming of waitresses who didn’t hesitate to strike up a conversation that had us lingering happily with our caesar salad and (more) pizza. 

One doesn’t just come to Castelfalfi to appreciate the five-star resort, they also come here to play at one of the biggest and pristine golf courses there is in Italy. Spanning over 9,400 meters of fairways surrounded by olive groves and trees, nothing would please a golfer more. The best part about the golf course besides its immaculate beauty is the preservation behind it. “Each golf course, according to estimates by the European Golf Association, consumes an average of 2,000 cubic meters of water per day. The Golf Club of Castelfalfi, always attentive to sustainable behavior towards the environment, is engaged in an important grassland conversion operation that will increase the quality of the course and its sustainability, as well as a significant water saving that allows to reduce water consumption up to more than 60%. Starting in June, the fairway of the second nine holes of our Mountain Course will be converted into Bermuda grass, an exotic herb that needs a much lower amount of water than today and guarantees better resistance to disease and drought. Until the accomplishment of the conversion, scheduled by the end of August, 18 holes will remain open to play golf in a unique landscape”.

Fun fact: The Mountain Course is among the most challenging and difficult in Italy. With its steep slopes, this course offers players a very strategic game amidst the verdant views of the estate. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, Castelfalfi is worth coming just to experience its amazing courses. 

Olivina Lounge
Olivina Lounge
Olivina restaurant
Olivina restaurant
Castelfalfi's golf course
Castelfalfi's golf course
The country clubhouse
The country clubhouse

All inclusiveness is an ethos that Castelfalfi abides by - it welcomes not just hotel guests but visitors who wish to explore the vast area for example. It also welcomes those wanting to play a round of golf for the day or even welcomes locals to its public swimming pool. You don’t necessarily notice this but it is something we learned whilst staying here - Castelfalfi is a welcoming place to visit, stay, eat and play. It is an altogether family-friendly escape allowing togetherness and a chance for respite especially for city dwellers such as ourselves. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay made more pronounced by the warm and friendly staff who did not disappoint. If you’re looking for a Tuscan escape that has everything you need in one place, with enough space to explore and activities to experience, Castelfalfi is the place to seek. 

The swimming pool and Gilgo Blu
The swimming pool and Gilgo Blu
The breathtaking Castelfalfi
The breathtaking Castelfalfi

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