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Embark on Your Exclusive Island Retreat in Finland’s Vast Archipel...

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Price available on enquiry

More information available upon request. Minimum duration may apply.
Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

Experience the serene symphony of the sea and wind, and take this opportunity to reserve your exclusive private island in the captivating Finnish Archipelago. This is your moment to exist in pure tranquility. Act now and secure your retreat.

Discover the Archipelago Sea, Finland's unparalleled expanse of islands, boasting an impressive count of approximately 40,000. Nestled within its heart is the remarkable Archipelago National Park, adorned with petite rocky islets and sprawling pine-clad islands.

Within this enchanting national park, you will find a distinctive island that resides far from the beaten path, providing an off-grid haven. Embrace self-sustainability while luxuriating in the modern amenities of a contemporary abode.

Here, design harmonises with the captivating landscape, seamlessly blending into its natural surroundings. ‍

About the Island

Our esteemed partner has undertaken a noble endeavour to construct something truly extraordinary, honouring both the majestic landscape and the inherent character of the island. Here, design seamlessly follows the contours of the land, allowing nature to guide its path rather than imposing upon it. This is a place where emotions and experiences hold greater significance than mere words or images. To genuinely grasp the essence of the island, one must witness it firsthand.

Spanning across 2 hectares (5 acres), the island extends its three arms gracefully towards the north. The structures, the beach, and the jetty reside in the northeastern corner, yet the entire island is easily traversable, with duckboards and steps thoughtfully placed in the more challenging areas.


Although far out in the Finnish Archipelago, and off-the-grid, the island comes with all the comforts of a modern home. Everything you actually need, if not beyond.

Master bedroom

With sea views to two directions, a high ceiling, an AC and black out curtains, you are bound to get the best sleep in your life.

Master cabin loft

With skylights above the bed, you can observe the stars or the clouds in your own peaceful nest.

Workshop Extra Bed

If you don't mind hanging among the tools, the workshop is a great space to sleep in with an AC, water faucet and complete privacy.

Workshop loft

The loft in the workshop is a comfortable little nest with a reading lamp.

Main Cabin Kitchen

The kitchen in the cabin has tableware for six and all necessary cooking utensils, as well as a table for four.

Outdoor Kitchen

Located between the covered outdoor area, the house and the sauna, the outdoor kitchen is a great spot to bbq, make pizza or smoke fish. And enjoy the food in the terrace. There is also a table for four.


The pavilion works as the restaurant space of the island. There is a professional level kitchen big enough for social cooking. Tableware and seating for 12 people.


if you want to do open fire cooking, there are several campfires are positioned throughout the island so you can find a peaceful spot whatever the wind direction.


Indulge in the freedom of choice when it comes to dining on the island, where there are no fixed rules or limitations. Whether your palate craves wild delicacies, vegan delights, or the classic allure of Neapolitan pizza, you have the flexibility to bring your own provisions and cook to your heart's desire. Explore the art of open-fire barbecuing or savor the rich flavors of smoked fish. Alternatively, allow our esteemed chefs to pamper you with exceptional locally sourced cuisine, crafted with expertise.

The island's culinary maestros have fostered strong bonds with numerous nearby suppliers, ensuring that every ingredient they utilize is obtained as locally as possible. They embrace foraging and employ traditional preservation methods, such as fermentation and smoking, to capture the essence of the archipelago's summertime. Their culinary creations epitomize clean flavors and showcase the finest quality ingredients.

If you desire a change of ambiance, there are excellent restaurants in the vicinity where we can arrange transportation for you. Immerse yourself in a delightful dining experience beyond the island's shores.


Your only job here might be to light the logs for the sauna, and to switch off from time. To disconnect from the world. But… when you’re done with that, the island offers plenty of ways to reconnect with the nature – and with yourself:

The beach

Sandy beach is bordered from two sides by dramatic rocks that reflect the shimmering water, also making it calm with most winds. The shallow end is shallow enough for kids to play safely.

Boating & Kayaking

There is a rowing boat with a 4hp engine and a kayak for the guests to use freely to go around the nearby canals and islands.  For longer boat trips, we can organise a rental boat with a skipper to take you around.

Island hopping

Allow our esteemed partner to curate unforgettable boat excursions throughout the captivating archipelago. Immerse yourself in a multitude of remarkable destinations, perfect for day trips or even overnight adventures. Among the well-known highlights awaits Bengtskär, a mere 20 minutes away, boasting the title of the tallest and most exquisite lighthouse in the Nordics, accompanied by a captivating history. Discover Örö, a former military island just 10 minutes away, now transformed into a welcoming guest harbor. Experience its remarkable natural beauty, relish in its restaurant and array of services. Aspö, a charming little island approximately 60 minutes away, offers a delightfully picturesque village where you can acquire freshly caught seafood straight from the bountiful sea. Let our partner guide you through these enchanting island treasures.


If you feel like doing some handcrafts, the workshop has a wide selection of hand- and power tools and there is a good stock of materials. We can also arrange for someone to help you on building a souvenir for yourself.

Hot tub, sauna & the sea

Engaging in the delightful ritual of heating the hot tub and sauna sets the tone for a truly tranquil day. The possibilities for relaxation are boundless, as you can freely alternate between refreshing dips in the sea, indulging in the sauna experience, and unwinding in the soothing ambiance of the hot tub. There are no restrictions or limits imposed on the number of times you can partake in these rejuvenating activities. Embrace the serenity and enjoy the therapeutic benefits at your leisure.

The best time to book this island is between April to September. The Sybarite recommends booking for 3 nights or more.

Price available on enquiry

More information available upon request. Minimum duration may apply.
Please read our terms and conditions before booking.

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