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Is this London’s Best Rooftop Bar?


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9th November 2017

Located in the heart of east London, and hidden behind the entrance to a car park is one of London’s most magical winter rooftop experience.

Boasting the city's first rooftop ice rink, as well as an ice hockey penalty shootout and a wide range of street food and drinks, Skylight at Wapping's Tobacco Dock is THE place to be this winter.

Gather with old friends in the fully enclosed and heated bar and snack on both cheese and chocolate fondues, sample the delicious greek street food whilst blowing off some steam with work colleagues or go on the best first date possible, with stunning views across the city.

The food menu is extensive, and despite being quite a niche one, has something for everybody! Whether you want to indulge on a cheese fondue with crusty bread accompanied by pears, apples or tomatoes, or you want to go all out and have the chocolate fondue with fruit (you know, balanced diet and all that) or you can steer clear of all things fondue and go for the Greek Yiros food, which boasts the traditional Greek Yiros, as well as burgers and Bibimbaps or branch out and have some of the sides which include Yiro Fries, which are left with their skin on and topped with teriyaki mayonnaise, fried shallots, Japanese pickled red onions & fresh parsley.

We absolutely recommend you try one of the cocktails on offer: The Apple Crumble was such a hit when we visited that we had to wait for more caramel syrup to be made! Combine this with Bacardi Oakheart, lemon juice, and apple juice and you on to a winner!

In-the-know Londoners may remember Skylight from the summer where rooftop cocktails and lawn games could be drunk and played in the summer heat, however now it has had a complete transformation and if it wasn't for the iconic skyline, you would struggle to remember you were actually in London.

The DJ’s, ice rink and ceiling of fairy lights transport you far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, just a stone's throw away, and take you somewhere that could resemble a lively ski town in the Alps.

Out of all of the rooftop bar in London this winter, we recommend you go to Skylight, we liked it we're going back again this weekend!

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