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Women, Art & NFT’s

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By Niamh Walsh on 21st September 2022

On Thursday 8th September, Niamh Walsh visited The NFT Gallery in Mayfair to witness an extraordinary, feminine venture into the medium of NFTs.

Situated on the historical Dover Street famed for its parade of London clubs, hotels and contemporary art galleries, The NFT Gallery is Mayfair’s first physical NFT Gallery to open. One of the first of its kind in Europe, the female-founded and female-first gallery is an exciting new physical space for art collectors and creators alike to purchase, produce and learn about NFTs and digital art. Existing to make NFTs more tangible, from the moment you step inside the gallery you are thrust into an immersive experience. The mirrored floor functions analogously: refracting and reframing its digital and colourful surroundings, where one can enjoy the curated selection of NFTs in a physical space, as well as online.

Female-Founded & Female-First

Located in the heart of London’s flourishing art scene, The NFT Gallery Mayfair is a conduit between the legacy art collecting world and the new digital era of creative expression. Traditionally, women have been underrepresented in the worlds of art, technology and investing, and so the NFT Gallery is an important space for female participants to showcase their talent and work more broadly in the digital art sector.

The Founders

Lynn Rosenberger

Lynn's passions lie in the art and fashion industry (having founded two start-ups in the fashion-tech and art/web3 industries). Gathering experience from various companies such as Chocolate Films, Choice, Vetements and Subdued, she has built and expanded upon her knowledge in marketing, PR, buying and sales. A passionate entrepreneur, this fervour is reflected in both of her companies' missions, with her goal to ease consumers life and support women in the industry. She is also a mentor at Istituto Marangoni where she graduated with Honours in Fashion Business.

Lilien Hornung-Mary

Lilien is also an entrepreneur as the Co-Founder of The NFT Gallery and Vite, two tech-enabled companies primarily focusing on Art/web3.0, fashion and consumer goods that engage with the digital world to maximise client experience. She has worked in the fashion industry for companies such as Tomorrow, Wunderkind and Pepper across marketing, public relations, social media, sales and distribution. Describing herself as a "self-confessed tech geek", with an insatiable interest in blockchain and its impact on fashion and the arts, she is also part of the Dior Mentorship Program, a mentoring scheme for young women pursuing a career at the intersection of fashion and commerce. Lilien holds a Bachelor of Fashion Business with Honors from Istituto Marangoni, London and believes that leading with female power and driving to create transformational change across industries, will create an innovative and bright future that drives impact.

Kate Daudy & If There Are No Questions?: An Exploration of the Medium of NFTs

Visual artist Kate Daudy has a rich history of exploring different media. Working with film makers, musicians, writers, cosmologists, doctors and even the Egyptology department of Oxford University, she considers the human condition via different ideas and materials. The Evolution Project is her collaboration with digital artist James Viggers and Nobel prize-winning scientist & artist Professor Sir Kostya Novoselov. It is a thoughtful exploration of NFTs as an artistic medium, linking the real, virtual and future worlds.

This exhibition spans established fine art practice through to NFTs. Curator Yasmine Datnow traces a clear path through to Daudy|Viggers|Novoselov’s new digital collaboration via textile, pen and ink, ceramic, collage, cast bronze and aluminium sculpture, even film stills from Daudy + Novoselov’s ‘Alternative Random Number Generator: The Sheep of Mr. Charles Platts’ commissioned for Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

As a visitor to ‘If There Are No Questions?’, I was invited to trace how Daudy’s ideas have been used to seed the broad and deep generative digital artwork ‘The Evolution Project’ – translating Daudy’s ideas and fine artworks into the NFT space.

This generative breeding mechanism extends Daudy’s history of artistic collaboration to include her collectors, handing them the power to shape the direction of the resulting collection. It also uses some of the unique possibilities of NFTs as a medium (in this case artistic “DNA”, metadata and bespoke genetic algorithms) to encode new dimensions of conceptual meaning and emotion into the network of artworks created. The resulting technical, artistic and emotional framework can then also serve as a platform for future NFT collaborations with other digital and physical artists.

Wholly novel, conceptually interesting and beautiful, the exhibition serves as an initial exploration of the true possibilities of NFT art.

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